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Comment 18 Sep 2018

I wish our local media had balls big enough to ask the tough questions that need asked rather than be so scared to death of getting on the bad side of anything tOSU.

"So coach Meyer, now that you're back, what are your immediate plans to fix the absolute train wreck shit show that has become our LB unit?  Are you going to admit hiring your best man was almost as dumb as hiring zach smith and fix it or are you going to wait until that unit officially costs us another spot in the playoffs before you do anything?"

Comment 11 Sep 2018

im on my cell phone and watching tv, not preparing a presentation for work. commas, capitalization, 4th grade grammatical errors [Mod Edit, nope, nope and nope]

Comment 11 Sep 2018
i heard Mowins voice and immediately turned the channel. i refuse to watch anything, any game works. aside from the fact that her voice makes me want to blow my brains out, shes simply shitty at her job. the next time she does one of our games, count how many times she calls out the wrong player and mispronounces a players name. more times than i can count i heard her call out a defensive guys name for making the tackle but she called out the offensive player that wore that same number. shes garbage.
Comment 07 Sep 2018

2015 MSU was the most miserable game I've ever attended, Urban's brain-dead game plan aside.  40 degrees, wind and rain almost the entire time.

Comment 06 Sep 2018

I have been on 11W almost from day 1.  There's been a lot of turnover and for the most part they have managed to replace talent with talent over the years.  They have not, nor will they ever, replace Birm and DJ. (sorry if ya dont like to hear it but 2 Andrews never equaled 1 Birm) Those were 2 huge losses.  Ramzy is my last remaining sole reason for living when it comes to 11W.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

Unfortunately, we are not wrong.  He is hot garbage and there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence to back it up.  If Urban doesn't do something about the LB play, it will cost us a season again.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

I have openly bitched since day 1 that Bill Davis was a garbage hire.  I've been told by the scarlet homer army from day 1 "trust urban, it will get better".  As we've plainly seen, Urban is far from perfect and we don't don't have to go through the list of horrible hires and his own mistakes to validate the proof.  At this point, I am simply holding out hope for a miracle and that he shit-cans defensive Tim Beck before his unit costs us another season.  Sadly, it will not happen until the off-season.  Just as Urban asks his assistants to give him 2 year commitments, he's going to do the same, despite how shitty the results are.  While that may be admirable, it damn sure don't win championships putting up with turd coaches and shit results.  Saban would have put his ass on the street last year with a bus ticket back from Iowa.

Comment 03 Sep 2018
tells you all ya need to know about the kid and what kinda teammate he is. if lsu can teach wrs to actually catch the ball, jeaux baller is gonna have lsu in the hunt in december. i stopped counting drops at 4 last night.