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Comment 04 Apr 2020
Watched the entire season in 24 hrs, love the show. - weakest season from a storyline standpoint of the 3 season's but still good. - Ruth is amazing - LOVED the lawyer, hate that shes gone. Curious to see how they write Navarro's motives for that move. - Wendy allowing her lifelong bipolar brother to hang around her family while unmedicated while trying to survive a mexican drug cartel is simply not believable in any universe. Horrible writing on that part. I mean seriously, give me a fucking break. - naked Darlene can not be unseen
Comment 21 Mar 2020
I hope your daughter is ok. Aside from that, every other country can eabod for all I care right now. We got enough trouble here to start worrying about another country that wouldnt piss on us if we were on fire.
Comment 14 Mar 2020
Ham and 15 bean soup, cornbread today. Tomorrow is looking like garlic butter chicken thighs, quick sear in the cast iron then baked in the oven, with parmesan garlic roasted green beans/mushrooms.