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Comment 12 hours ago
02 Michigan game, freezing cold that day. Up in c deck start of the 3rd quarter. Dude comes stumbling up the aisle, clearly 20+ beers deep and headed for an "I'm never drinking again" level hangover tomorrow. Apparently couldn't make it through the line at the pisser in time and pissed himself, and I mean soaked from waist to toes, both legs. Because it was so damn cold, his pants were literally steaming like he was a walking smoke machine only it was piss smoke lol. Within minutes he was wearing a frozen piss-cicle for pants the entire 2nd half. And through it all, zero fucks given!! Truly my hero lol
Comment 12 Apr 2019

The last 2 were so bad it cant even be put into words.  It's a shame what they have done to that franchise.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

take the top 3 odds-to-win out, and bet on #4 through #13 and the winner will come out of that group 9 out of 10 times.  (I just made this same bet again this year in Vegas last week at $40x10)  This year that rules out Rory, Tiger and DJ.  Back to back Masters is practically unheard of, so that rules out Reed.

Speith can absolutely destroy Augusta when he's on as long as he can avoid his Tin Cup moments.

Thomas will win a major this year, that kid is scary good.  Fowler is due, but he's BEEN due.  I'm not sure he has it up top.

I guess Speith, Thomas, Fowler