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Comment 21 Mar 2018

1. Funny how the remedy to every bad loss begins with "run the ball more".  Earth shattering shit right there!!

2. The coaching staff, including Urban, should have been decapitated for this loss.  All week long all we heard from Urban was "We will be ready for Iowa" and "This game will be tough, our job is to have them ready".  Not only do they come out and look like complete dog shit, by the grace of God we tie it up 17-17.  From that moment on, there is ZERO chance I'm letting Sir Wobblearm throw a pass beyond 5 yards.  Bill Davis should have been duct taped to a pink locker at halftime.  It's hard to determine the bigger coaching failure, this game or MSU 2015.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

I can't speak to your house, only to the many people I know that have the systems and where my ROI had been had I not screwed up and installed one as I should have.  Regardless the # of years you want to assign to the ROI, the undisputible fact is that it not only pays for itself and continues to save you money for the life of the house after the break even point, it also increases the value of your home should you ever sell.  My house is 2100 sq ft main level and 1500 sq ft basement and 8 years was the number I was calculated at.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

I did not.  We went over on land cost and about $100K+ over on house than what we initially planned.  My geothermal estimate was around $27K.  The day we moved in I kicked myself in the ass for not doing it and I'm still regretting it today and I'll regret it til I die or build another one with geothermal.   The house my old man built while I was in college had the same type of system you mentioned under a pond.  He dug his pond for the sole purpose of installing the system.  My neighbor has another version where the lines are laid out horizontally, like septic, and there is another vertical system as well.

Your ROI is based off of the size of your house.  The larger the house, the quicker you get it back, 8 years is average.  Another guy I know down the road from me, monster house like 8k sq feet.  AC on all summer, never has a $200/mo electric bill.  His system paid for itself in less than 5 years.

Comment 07 Mar 2018
their oline will get bettet, zero doubt. i just hope they let the man call some plays and we'll call it a draw.
Comment 06 Mar 2018

...and prepare your anus when it comes time to buy lighting.  Holy shit I had no idea what light fixtures cost nor do I understand why they cost what they do now that I know.  Are they filled with cocaine and I just haven't found the hidden compartment yet?

...and putting in your lawn.  Talk about something you've taken for granted your whole life hehehe.  Wait until you see the amount of work or $ it takes to have a flat yard with good grass.  I think I'd rather start over and build another house than start over on the yard again.

Comment 05 Mar 2018

Price per square foot, it can actually be cheaper, it all depends on how you finish the house.  Do you want $5/sq ft tile or $35/sq ft tile?  Do you want to spend $2000 on your kitchen cabinets or $12000?

Concrete, lumber, drywall etc all costs the same no matter what builder buys it.  It's the finish work that takes a house from $90-100/sq ft to $150+/sq ft.  Most custom builders are more expensive only because the owner chose to finish with higher end materials, options etc.  But if you go base model plan/materials/features you'll be pretty close to same cost. 

Comment 05 Mar 2018

Schumacher is just like Wayne or any of the other mass-builder.  You get what you pay for and they are building 100+ houses per year.  They have a MASSIVE list of subcontractors they use.  Who is on that list is determined by cost and who actually shows up to do your house is based on availability.  Maybe your friend and football coach got lucky and had good quality.  Maybe they just don't know shit about construction and don't know what to look for.  I don't know, I've never met them.

A true custom home builder does not operate like that.  It's a couple dollars more but the quality is much higher.  I'm not telling you to use Monogram, use whoever ya want, I'm just using them as an example because that's who I just used.  They build 15 or so houses per year, not 150.  I could walk you through your friend's house and football coaches then walk you through mine and you could be construction ignorant and still see the difference if all we did was walk the unfinished basement.

Meet with your builder, more than once, prior to signing with anyone.  You'll be able to tell very quickly what you're getting into.  At a mass builder, who do you meet with?  A sale person.  At a true custom builder, who do you meet with?  The owner.  If you need to know more than that, you're on your own.

Comment 02 Mar 2018

That’s disappointing. He is a freak athlete, it’s a shame he couldn’t ever be fully healthy  cover my dead grandmother in space.

Comment 23 Feb 2018
ive spent a decade in columbus in recruiting, many years in IT. message me your email address and ill help ya.
Comment 22 Feb 2018

Watch his decision making, then think back to JT sitting back there for an hour and a half trying to figure out wtf to do.  Haskins has more confidence in his arm today than JT has after being here since 1974.  Haskins is going to be special.