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Comment 21 Jul 2017

burrowed in the ground, that's yellow jackets, nasty lil fuckers.  I've been rampaged twice in my time.  Once as a kid I ran a weed eater over top of a nest in the ground, 13 stings before I could make it to the pool and get under water.  2nd time was under a building with no where to run, 16 stings before I got away.

Fire is the only answer, and those lil bastards deserve every bit of hell that comes their way.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Lane Kiffin at a school that doesn't even pretend to care about rule book don't and give give a fuk who knows it.  That would be AWESOME!!

Comment 18 Jul 2017

- JT Barrett is overrated, HUGELY overrated.  (don't say a single word to me about stats, he's had 1 good game against 1 good defense in 3 years, MSU in 2014)

- I'm not sure this is a confession as much as evidence that I'm not willing to put up with inferior product simply out of loyalty, but I have not watched an entire OSU mens bball game in 3 seasons.  seriously, how could anyone?

- I can not stand to watch OSU football games with 90% of our fanbase because quite frankly 90% of our fanbase are morons.  If you don't understand this, or agree with this, I hate to inform you but you're not in the other 10%.  Despite your highly valued opinion, (which why shouldn't it be, you can't argue with a grown man wearing a osu jersey from speedway) this will not be the year it clicks for Dontre Wilson, Urban Meyer should not go for it on 4th and 7 and no, those jean shorts aren't acceptable just because you've paired them with white tennis shoes and your favorite buckeye t-shirt.

Comment 12 Jul 2017

absolutely can not stand mayweather, for numerous reasons.  Huge MMA fan and a fan of Macgregor.  there's zero chance Macgregor wins a single round.  Ffloyd is arguably the best defensive fighter in the history of the sport.  Floyd might be an illiterate woman beater, but there's been A LOT better boxers than CM try to land clean blows on Floyd only to wind up swinging at air for 12 rounds and get pointed to death.

Comment 12 Jul 2017

honestly, I don't use it for 1/10th of it's capabilities.  mine sits in the kitchen and I use it to play music when i'm cooking and the hands free capability is awesome.  I also use it when I stumble home drunk and want to hear some temptations, sam cooke, marvin gaye, etc.  Alexa has a PhD in understanding drunken jibbersh, it's amazing.

Comment 12 Jul 2017

love mma, but boxing blows.  I wouldn't watch this fight if it was in my front yard.  this fight is no different than paying $100 to watch tom brady and clayton Kershaw have a free throw shooting contest.  wtf is the point?  Anyone that pays to watch this is just contributing to the stunt/sham of this entire thing.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

park at the Kroger at Lane and North Broadway.  It's free, your car wont get door dings or screwed with since it's in a lighted parking lot not on campus.  For $1.25 the Lane Ave bus will stop by every 15-20 minutes and drop you off at Lane and High.  Biggest pimp move for parking in the city, hands down.  ignore all of the previous advice ;)

Comment 11 Jul 2017

dont buy those, junk.

think of golf clubs like cars, new model year, they have to practically give away last years models even though they are still brand new and in the plastic.  if you don't golf a lot, waiting until Feb wont hurt you in the least bit and you can get a much higher quality club for about $200 set.

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Anyone that puts Terry McLaurin on a football field as a WR at the elite D1 level needs fired immediately.  Sorry, but we've seen enough.

McLaurin - horrible, can't get open

Campbell - drops too many balls when he does get open

Give me KJ Hill and Ben Victor, McCall in the slot and I don't give a shit who the 3rd WR is.  Mack, Grimes, Urban's daughter, I don't care.  But I'll be damned if I need to see any more of McLaurin and Campbell.

Comment 29 Jun 2017

Im guessing by him generating this post he hasn't done much construction.  The minute you begin turning that stainless nut onto the stainless anchor it gets surface of the sun hot and will actually begin to weld itself together at the threads.  You can get by without greasing the threads with a lil wd40 and turning slowly but there's no reason to even go there.  The zinc coated will be sufficient and cost about 1/3 as much as the stainless.