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Comment 14 Jun 2018

I went there in 2012 for a Cowboys-Steelers game, sat in the 400 level.  For anyone still buying tickets, I don't care if they are $1/ticket, don't sit up top.  Spend the extra money and don't go any higher than 200 level.  That place makes the horseshoe look like a high school field.  It's so big it's ridiculous.

Comment 11 Jun 2018

You and your jury can keep waiting all you want.  When you're waiting on a senior for the switch to flip, that should be your sign it's time to cut bait.  Neither can run a route for shit and Campbell has to catch the ball with 5-7 yards of the line of scrimmage or you may as well throw it in B deck.  They might be great blockers but they're shit for wr's.

I'm perfectly fine with Hill, Mack, Dixon and Victor*.

*still too many drops but too much raw talent to give up on just yet. 

Comment 11 Jun 2018

Did you read the original post?

"For grind and giggles, I thought it might be interesting to see where the eighth best Ohioan was ranked nationally in the composite in past classes:"

Comment 05 Jun 2018

This is taking a BIG leap and assuming our LB unit is fixed and playing at the level it should be.  Right now, blind optimism and the raw talent of the unit are the only things feeding that assumption, not Bill Davis' coaching prowess.  But if the LB play goes back to normal....

1 loss regular season, B1G title game win, 1st round playoff win.

Comment 31 May 2018

that's ballin for a joe schmoe.  I played at a 4 one year, lowest I ever got mine.  1.8 is filthy!

Comment 30 May 2018

I like to play 50+ rounds a year but this year will finish at about half that.  Stupid hand surgery for a torn ligament 6 months ago still creeping along slowly to being healed 100%. Typically shoot 77-78 on a normal round but this year I'm up in the mid-high 80's with this messed up paw.  Very frustrating.

Comment 30 May 2018

I'll take Ramzy over Samuel Clemmons, Hemmingway, Shakespere or Dickens 7 days a week.  But I can not bring myself to read this and relive '17 Iowa again.  It's officially stored away with '15 and '98 MSU in the "it never happened" portion of my brain.