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Comment 12 Apr 2019

The last 2 were so bad it cant even be put into words.  It's a shame what they have done to that franchise.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

take the top 3 odds-to-win out, and bet on #4 through #13 and the winner will come out of that group 9 out of 10 times.  (I just made this same bet again this year in Vegas last week at $40x10)  This year that rules out Rory, Tiger and DJ.  Back to back Masters is practically unheard of, so that rules out Reed.

Speith can absolutely destroy Augusta when he's on as long as he can avoid his Tin Cup moments.

Thomas will win a major this year, that kid is scary good.  Fowler is due, but he's BEEN due.  I'm not sure he has it up top.

I guess Speith, Thomas, Fowler

Comment 27 Mar 2019

'10 and '12 were certainly very frustrating and had the "omg we got robbed" feeling.  '15, '16, '17 and '18 were 100% on the coaching staff and Urban getting soft.  His staff was never the same after '14 and his willingness to make the tough decisions, both on the field and on his staff, were gone.  The under-performing coaches were allowed to linger around on the staff FAR too long.  FAR too much rope was given to players on the field that should have been replaced long ago for reasons I still cant fathom somehow trumped winning.  Dabo and Nick both showed the stones to make those very decisions in the past 2 years and both have a trophy to show for it.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

i ordered the snickers pancake once and took every swing i had in me to finish it. i lost, badly.  and yes, pancake, singular, not pancakeS.  the god damn thing is the size of a trash can lid.