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Comment 4 hours ago

Distribution won't play a factor, they're already here.  Ability to attract talent will and Columbus is top 3 in retail in the country and top 10 in IT.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

I like the kid but seriously, he's got 53 catches for 705 yards and 3 td's......IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER.  You guys act Jerry Rice is coming back.  I was hoping he went pro and McLaurin transfers.  Cue the massive replies of "but this is the year it all comes together for him".

I'm over our dwarf squad of cant get open/catch, bring on the youngins!

Comment 11 Jan 2018

So Birm's 12 year old dick pick is now on par with Jerry Sandusky molesting 12 year old boys?  And you don't see the difference in this incident 12 years ago and the current Hollywood garbage with Moore, Hoffman, Franken, Spacey (and Louis CK that you left out) that was ongoing yet never brought to light?

Jesus Christ some of you take delusion to a whole new level?

Comment 11 Jan 2018

The amount of moral superiority in this thread is sickening.  The man made a dumb mistake 12 years ago.  He has been punished for said dumb mistake.  Yet 99% of you want to continue to pile on and roast him as if it happened yesterday and he needs "re-punished" because this is now becoming news to the rest of the world.  Let it go already, the crime has long been committed and the punishment long been served.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Couldn't find anyone willing to go to Tempe, wound up watching it at BW3 in Mansfield, drunk as hell.  Also the last time ever drinking Jagermeister.

Comment 27 Dec 2017
"What made Miami so hard to play were all the guys named Blake who went to private school:" Lol, perfection!
Comment 26 Dec 2017

Never said my say was final, those are your words.  But if you disagree, you're either lying to yourself or a fool.  Denzel Ward has fulfilled his commitment to his team in every way from the day he got here.  If he wants to put his family's future first, he's earned that right.

Comment 26 Dec 2017

There's a whole lotta people in this thread that would be eating their words if Denzel Ward was their son.  (your denials after this post are pointless, save your keystrokes)

He has represented tOSU with nothing but class.  He has been nothing short of stellar on the field.  He owes us nothing.  I can assure you that his teammates do not feel like they are owed anything.  His entire family's financial future relies on him being healthy 5 months from now at the draft.  He is a lock first round pick right now.  The team is not in the playoffs.

Rest up young fella, you have nothing to gain nor prove.  Thank you for your time here and go get that $.  Anything else is foolish.