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Comment 14 hours ago

Saw Heart (Autograph opened for them) in Cincinnati way back in the day.   They were pretty awesome live.  

Comment 14 hours ago

Just remembering this now for the first time in forever but I actually saw Vixen play at a park somewhere in Columbus way back in the day.   Like around 1984 or so.  

Comment 17 hours ago

I almost wish that some unheralded QB would have balled out at the E11 and be the unquestioned MVP yet see them give it to Williams, because Junior Film...

Comment 23 hours ago

In this day and age it's hard for me to understand why some channels are still part of a tier or bundle as opposed to being forced to carry their own weight.  I get that good and crappy channels are owned the same companies (Viacom, etc) but with Google as the potential platform behind YTTV I would hope that someday each channel can subscribed to individually as part of the service.  There are maybe 20 channels on TYYV that I actually watch.  

(In the meantime, I do find the YTTV feature where you can hide channels to be very cool, and useful).  

Comment 23 hours ago

There was a pic posted here a while ago of McCord and McCaffrey together and Kyle looked to be about 3 inches taller than JJ.   How JJ is still a 5-star is beyond me..   His upcoming season at IMG will be extremely important for him.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Yes, trying to get my oldest daughter interested in doing that.  Think she'll probably jump in it after her wedding in Sept and move to NC.

I thought I had read that they are going to be able to prevent sharing of logins soon though.   Or maybe it was Netflix that said that ..

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Well shit.  This is really disappointing.  I can understand an increase, but 30%????   These streaming services are all going to be $100/month before we know it.