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Comment 05 Nov 2019

Or you could just do away with divisions like the Big 12. Conference championship games being the 1 and 2 best overall record would be far more compelling than what you get at times with divisions. BIG West, Big 12 North, and SEC West had some years that had some lower level division winners competing for the conference crown.

Comment 11 Dec 2018

All in all I agree with the premise of this post.

I've said it before and will keep saying it. The 4 team playoff was a half measure to a systematic way to decide the champion. If you want the "best" teams that is fine but that means you are okay with the subjectivity of it all. We went from the old bowl system (completely subjective), to the BCS (subjective to whatever team of people came up with the formula), to this 4 team system (back to complete subjective thinking but we have a "playoff" now). I think the criteria has always been the biggest issue. If you weren't going to take the subjectivity out why did we create the BCS and now the playoff? We essentially went back to the old way and let people's opinions decide. People are bias. So if you are going to create a playoff to determine a champion ON THE FIELD, then you need to determine the participants by ON THE FIELD metrics and results.

Every other sport figured out they could not determine who was best so they put a system in place in which every team has a chance every year to win the title.

4 teams could work but there needs to be a structure in place pin pointing the guidelines on how 130 teams can win the thing. I always liked 8 teams and think that is more than fair. 5 conference champions is an on field metric. Win the conference, you're in the field. If conferences want to do away with divisions go for it. Otherwise you might have 9-4 Northwestern in field which is fine by me. They would have to beat a top team to get in so whatever. It goes back to on field stuff though. Then have your best group of 5 conference winner in the field (this can be determined by record and you can put in place tie breakers such as Opp W/L percentage or some statistical data to separate teams; not people or a committee). Same for the 2 at large teams (the at large teams would satisfy those who want the "best" for teams that finish 2nd in a conference but might be better than others). If you make the 2 at large power 5 teams whatever. Just come up with a way to statistically separate the teams without a committee being involved.

I really do not care how many anymore, I just want something in place that tells ALL 130 teams what they need to do. 

Comment 30 Nov 2018

To this point I agree. But he certainly has more than Day. I think Fick can incorporate the positives from both Meyer and Tress who are all time great coaches. Add that along with his recruiting prowess, his ability to pin point under the radar talent and develop them, and I believe his potential is quite high.

Is he Meyer great? Probably not. But who is besides Saban? I think Meyer and Tressel's Columbus runs have been about equal with maybe giving a slight edge to Meyer. I think Fick has a chance to win consistent like both have.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Not saying Day cannot be successful. I think Fick has shown more up to this point. Hell Day might be a home run but I just like Fick better at this point. Day was a fill in for 3 games against some of the worst competition out there. Minus TCU group of 5 teams are better than Oregon State and Rutgers.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Maybe I am just too big of a Fickell fan and want him to get a chance to redeem his 2011 season, but I am not completely sold on Day as he has only been a coordinator. Day very well could be great and I would be happy to eat crow, but I believe Fick could be great as well. Imagine if you put Day in Fick's situation. No Dwayne, Tate is a frosh and say he had a statue like Bauserman. Then take away Dobbins and Campbell. Also, put a dark cloud over the program of possibly no bowl that season and more sanctions potentially coming down the line. How does he do then??

I think either one is a toss up but I do not like the coach in waiting whatsoever.  Why not open it up to further interviews and dive into the candidates more. I think Fick has done wonderful at UC so far and like the idea of bringing a nice up and comer like Freeman with him. I just feel he will be a very good blend of Tressel and Urban.

Maybe the early signing period is forcing the universities hand??

Comment 27 Nov 2018

Or something like this would be wonderful...

Comment 27 Nov 2018

Wasn't the point... But I get what you're saying 

Comment 20 Nov 2018
I'm a nerd and rank teams based on a given set of my own rules. If these were implemented (or any set of universal criteria) and teams knew what to do to get in, ceasing any and all debate, I'd be game. I'm getting to the point I don't care what the criteria is, just come up with something universal all teams can look to and understand. I go by the below: 1. Record (Power 5 must be a conference champion) 2. OPP Winning % 3. OPP w/ Winning Records *Outside of power 5 must be a conference champ, have a better record, AND a better OPP winning % to jump a power 5 school **Independents must have an equal record with a better OPP win % and must schedule a minimum of 8 power 5 teams to jump a power 5 conference champ (This would be 9 but conferences have different rules with 8 being the lowest). -Independents who have not scheduled 8 power 5 teams are subject to the non power 5 rule Now if you implement this or any other set of rules then the debate and drama go away with the weekly rankings. Which I thought the weekly rankings were a sham to begin with and are simply to draw in viewers. The committee consistently changes the rules to justify the 4 teams they want in and that's that. The NFL isn't as exciting as college to me but their post season is far superior. Forgot about figuring out who is "best." No other sport does that. Put together rules and universal criteria so everyone knows what to do.
Comment 17 Sep 2018

I guess I just don't understand why you would want someone to insert themselves into the middle of this by reaching out to Courtney directly. At this point he needs to leave the situation alone. Re-inserting himself would be totally out of bounds. Let the police, courts, and others determine Courtney and Zach's fate. I do believe he was trying to help the entire family by trying to help out Zach. Again, he needed to let Zach go awhile ago because sometimes tough love is what is needed. Then, if he were to let Zach go awhile ago he oculd still try and help console him and the family personally. He simply should have removed Zach, he's admitted as much and is allowed that mistake, and then tried to help him personally once he was removed and no longer associated with OSU.

Comment 08 Sep 2018
I like the look of them. Are these edited pics or "drawn" on the computer? I got a buddy that paints sports art but he also "paints" or "draws" on the computer as well from scratch. Just kind of curious how that works if so. I would hate not having the feel of pencils, charcoal, etc and paper when drawing.
Comment 28 Aug 2018

They dismissed Storm and then brought him back. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct. Now granted, they were not shown to be universally incompetent as Zach Smith has shown to be over and over. The card situation, missing  appointments, never showing up to recruiting assignments was well worthy enough for a suspension of Meyer in my opinion.

As other have mentioned, we can move on as can Meyer and the program. He made a mistake by giving someone too many chances. It happens. He is gone now and everyone should let the Smith situation be handled by those families and the court system now.

Comment 27 Aug 2018

Prince will be RT, Knox at RG, Jordan at C, Pridgeon at LG, and Munford/Alibi at LT

This is so dumb on my part but it kills me that you have the right side of the oline listed on the left side of the sentence and the left side listed on the right. I just had to get that off my chest. My brain can't take it.