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Comment 15 May 2013

Pendleton is all Clemson. This is their backyard, and we took it right from them.  I grew up here, and all anyone talks about is Clemson football.  This was a huge get for this class.  The only thing that concerns me is the level of competition Pendleton went against.  I went to a rival high school, and there really isn't very much talent that comes out of this region at all. I think it will take some getting used to transitioning to the college game, but you can't teach his size.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

Never thought I would see a Preston Brooks reference on a Buckeye site...well done.

Comment 03 Dec 2012

"Fortunately for myself, one of good high school friends is a second-year student at Duke Law School, making the decision to venture down to Durham an easy one."

Weird, this is essentially the same way I got to go to the game, except my friend is a 3rd year law student there.  From your picture I was about 30 ft to the right of you on the sideline.  

That place is nuts though.  Completely worth driving 4 1/2 hours there during the middle of a work week.  Received pretty much the same reaction from Duke fans as you.  Got a few looks, but no one really said anything other than asking how I ended up in the student section as a Buckeye fan.