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Comment 27 Nov 2019

The challenge for Arkansas is recruiting.  They used to benefit from being the SEC option for Texas players.  With A&M joining the SEC, their pipeline of higher rated Texas recruits has dried up.  Throw in Oklahoma being good and even Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU having more success recently and they are in trouble.  They aren't beating Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Fla, etc. for recruits from the gulf states.  It won't be easy to build the program back up to where they can compete in-conference. 

Comment 27 Nov 2019
They arent sharing the wealth. They have been getting a fraction of the payout the rest of the B1G receives since they joined. That'll start to ramp up in a couple years but they wont get a full payout till the late 2020s. From what I've read, they are pretty much broke from an athletic department standpoint.
Comment 21 Nov 2019

Some of it is just facts though.  He was here a long time.  He was our backup.  He graduated from Ohio State.  His former teammates still seem to love him.  At one point one of the DL here at tOSU said Joe Burrow was the next Tom Brady based on what he saw in practice.  Now people in the national media are saying that as well.  According to Joe himself, JT Barrett, Urban, etc. he got a lot better and more mentally tough while he was here.  None of that means that he didn't continue to progress and get better at LSU.  It just means some amount of what you see in him as a college QB was shaped here.  It means Ryan Day had a hand in the development of 2  first round QBs, which will matter to future recruits.   That's why some of us are still happy to claim Joe Burrow as a graduate of The Ohio State University and a former buckeye player. 

Comment 20 Nov 2019
Except Burrow spent 3 years being developed as a QB at tOSU and graduated from the university. You could argue the reason he is different from all the previous LSU QBs is because of his development and the coaching he received at tOSU. Fields spent maybe 1 semester at Georgia.
Comment 20 Nov 2019

People forget that until Burrow broke his hand he was getting the 2nd team reps and on track to be the next starter.  Without that Joe might be our 2nd year starting QB today.  He did everything right while he was here, graduated and stayed until he thought he had no choice.  He and Haskins are obviously both NFL level talent, they both deserved a chance to play.  I can't hold it against him for the way things went down, I'm sure even he wishes it happened differently. For me, he's a Buckeye every day until he steps on the field against us.  Then after he loses to us, he'll be a Buckeye again.  

Comment 18 Nov 2019
This. Let Rutgers get to the same level of finances, facilities, coaching salaries, etc. as most of the B1G and they have a chance to be as good as Purdue, Indiana or almost all of the B1G west. You cant really evaluate them until then.
Comment 17 Nov 2019
On the flip side, LSU is probably only trying this offense because they have Burrow. I'd argue that their scheme last season held him back and they changed this season to take advantage of what they had in Joe. Imagine Haskins in the LSU offense last year - 2 receivers running slow developing routes and no blocking. That wouldn't have been pretty either.
Comment 17 Nov 2019

I think you're right.  Fields 300+ yards with 4 passing touchdowns in a half + 1 drive is finally getting some attention.  People are realizing OSU sees so much garbage time and short fields that the stats are skewed for the offense. Lots of talk on the broadcast yesterday about projected full game numbers.  It'd be interesting to see stats for the contending QBs broken down by drive (opportunity to score) - yards, attempts, completions, TDs.