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Comment 19 Mar 2020
Agree, when Payton Manning went to Denver he pretty much installed his own system.
Comment 01 Mar 2020
For me, the key point is that coronavirus deaths will be additional to other causes. There will still be flu, pneumonia, etc. but now there will be another, additional set of deaths attributable to this that are largely preventable. It's worth taking steps now if it can save millions of lives just in the US. The other concern is the scale. Our healthcare system today is superior to most other countries. But it still relies on having available beds and medicine. You don't design the system for pandemic. This is another reason to take serious preventive steps early. As long as the number of critical cases are low, it should be manageable within the healthcare infrastructure in place in the US.
Comment 07 Feb 2020

Agree.  Pre-CFP the big bowl games stiff felt meaningful.  For a program like tOSU the Rose, Fiesta, cotton, Sugar, etc. were big time games.  You were disappointed when you got to the second tier like the gator, citrus, etc.  Now anything not in the CFP feels like a consolation prize.  I'm sure its the same for the players.  Look at all the comments in this thread on the bowls being meaningless exibition games.  10-15 years ago they were a huge deal, a chance to put school and conference pride on the line and show midwest vs. south, or midwest vs. west.  

I think people like the playoffs but I think that, overall, they're bad for college football.  They're bad for the teams that won't make the playoffs, they're bad for the post season.  Obviously they're increasing the gap between the haves and the have nots which reduces parity.  People used to complain about split championships and debate the 'true' national champion every year, but they watched all the games including the bowls.  I don't think that trying to make college football more like pro football has been good for the sport.

Comment 04 Feb 2020
I dont get going from the #2 school in a talent rich state to the #2 school in a poor recruiting state. I know money, P5. But it seems like there are lots of places where you could succeed more easily. Even a G5 job in Florida or TX would be easier recruiting than MSU. If he stays at Cinci and does well he could have a shot at ND in a year or 2.