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Comment 12 Aug 2016

Chuck that 9.9 in the lake and get a real motor, or you will never go fast enough to stop sweating.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

I have a 20' pontoon with a 90 hp Yamaha Four-Stroke on it. We hit around 25 mph in the spring and get down to around 15 mph by the end of the summer, due to the algae. The newer four strokes are masterpieces and have had no problems in five years. The most maintenance I have is keeping the mold off the seats. Love this boat, but would trade it for a TriToon with a 150 hp right now if I could. We tube and knee board behind ours. The new TriToons can easily pull a skier.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

My sons boxer kept running into the neighbors yard and the neighbors called the Sheriff each time. My ex-wife was ticketed and fined on five occasions for allowing the dog run loose. The sixth time, the neighbors claimed they were threatened and shot the boxer and another dog while in their yard. No charges were ever filed against the neighbor by the Sheriff. Make sure you have adequately reported the issues to the Sheriff and they have responded to your complaints, and make damn certain if you shoot the dog, it is in your yard and remains in your yard until the Sheriff arrives. You would be best to video the occurrences for evidence.

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Two years ago week parked in an office building parking lot just past the golf course, on the main road. We probably got there 3 hours before kick off and there were plenty of places to park. Luckily, they opened the building for people to use the restroom. The game came down to the last play, so the whole stadium left at once. The traffic was slow but moved a lot better than getting out on Ackerman Rd. Plan on a slow ride to the highway and you won't be upset.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Favorite show on right now!!!