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Comment 08 Jan 2020

I actually attended that 1988 MSU-Rutgers game.  I grew up in Michigan, and that season opener at MSU was the high school band day, where a whole bunch of high school bands would perform the halftime show alongside the MSU marching band. I would've been a junior in high school that year, and ours was one of the bands that got invited to come.  We had the worst seats in the stadium, of course--field level and behind one of the end zones.  But it was still kind of a fun day.  I bought my then-girlfriend (now wife) a Diet Coke in one of those stadium collector cups.  I think she still has the cup.  Which is good, because it probably cost something like $5, which to a high school student was a small fortune back then...

That was back when MSU still had the old artificial turf.  It was like marching on concrete.  It's a wonder that more players didn't get hurt playing on that stuff--good riddance.

Of course, they only schedule events like that when they figure that they're going to have a tomato can opponent, so nobody present was expecting much of a game.  Our high school band members (like pretty much everyone in Michigan) were about a 50/50 split between MSU fans and Michigan fans.  The MSU faithful had to endure a really long afternoon that day.  If I remember correctly, MSU was ahead (though never by very much) for most of the game, but Rutgers came back and picked them off late.  Lot of stunned Sparty tears in evidence.

Comment 25 Sep 2019

While it would be hilarious if it were all genuine, it's obviously been at least spliced together from different game feeds.  When they actually show the fumble, that's not from the UW game--see how the opposing players are wearing black uniforms?

And going by the names on the uniforms, I don't think the actual game footage is from 2019.  Isn't that from their bowl debacle against South Carolina a couple of years ago?