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Comment 16 Jan 2018

This institution and program are bigger than any individual. I have zero problem with people having an opinion about a young man who couldn't keep his mouth shut and seems to have a pretty high opinion of himself.  There have been hundreds of kids who dealt with the same pressure and said nothing. He ran his mouth the whole time then cried about pressure but now it the lesson the fans should learn?  Good grief!

Comment 08 Jan 2018

I'll take the Bama D vs a freshman QB.  

If if the frosh gets it done he will live in college football lote forever even though he played the entire season...... Car-dale MF'ing Jones on the other hand had a month to prepare.

fuck this game.... fuck the CFP

Comment 11 Dec 2017

There is some serious talent in the QB room right now.  I would love to see Joe Burrow win the job and be successful but to me,  Haskins is everything that we had in Cardale except with much better accuracy and touch.  He has the potential of being a multi-year starter and that should scare the bejesus out of the B1G.  What he brings to the table means a damn good shot at a National Title in the next 2 -3 seasons IF he can keep his head on straight.  Hopefully JT's example made a mark on this kid.  

Comment 10 Dec 2017

The Band is incomparable.  Such and incredibly talented collection of artists.  I will never buy that Robbie Robertson was the primary songwriter and arranger of their music.  His solo material exposes how significant the other members contributions were in both arrangement and emotional content.  Robbie Robertson couldn't carry Levon's drumsticks.