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Comment 4 hours ago

I am not easily impressed when it comes to our beloved buckeyes.  There is still a ton of room to grow but based on my observation through week 4, this is the most complete buckeye squad in a handful of years.  They need  the test where they get knocked down to the mat and still prevail before we know what they are.  Could this be the week? possibly but I feel that they will go to Lincoln and win.  What the game looks like largely depends on whether Nebraska brings its A-game but make no mistake, this is a good buckeye team.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

I don’t known how Harbaugh recovers from this one. The fact that they had 2 weeks to prepare is the most perplexing.  I don’t understand why so many in the media had them ranked so high considering what they lost on defense last year. I live outside Ann Arbor and to be honest most of my buddies that I talked to this week said they were going to get drilled.  It’s possible that the team has something to motivate them after being embarrassed but I think the Harbaugh thing is coming to an end.   They would be better off with Traitor Ed calling the plays.

Comment 14 Sep 2019

We still wont know anything about this team until they get punched in the mouth , put down and have to get back up and climb back into a game.

Adversity will show us what this team's ceiling really is.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Had scrambled eggs with fresh salsa avocado and cheddar cheese on english muffins and a shot of JGB.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

62-39 vs a top 5 defense in November. Same playbook different package so your comment needs some context.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

I see at least two positional coaches from that family.  Each of the Borens created their own stories at Ohio State with each of them dripping with excellence and the embodiment of what it means to be a buckeye.   The Borens are unparalleled in their collective contributions to the program essentially making them a first family of the current state of the program.   The fact that Justin transferred from There just makes a one of a kind story that much more incredible.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I think the running game makes a leap this year from another year with Ed at the helm of the O-line and what I expect will be a better mix of playcalling.   That being said, I understand some of the optimism but I don’t get the hype considering what they lost on the defensive side of the ball.  Don Brown is a good coach but he can be had and he certainly isn’t a magician.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

The gushing over patterson reminds me of Suckenberg.  He can obviously do more with his feet but that can get him killed against a team with a stout DL that allows the LBs to run free.