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Comment 12 Feb 2020

I’m with you on all of that. My only point on that is if someone is going to cosplay as a victim, they are still going to go through absolute hell with a lot of risk that they won’t gain a thing when the dust settles. Someone would have to calculate that the risk of all of this justified whatever benefit they would get. If they’re really really hellbent on revenge, then maybe they might decide to roll the dice. But that’s a big risk to take for a personal score against players who haven’t established any professional earning potential yet. The payoff would be strictly personal. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Thinking these two did something awful and wondering about the impact on the football team are not mutually exclusive. 

Agreed, but when I think of impact on the team, I'm thinking of lessons learned from a program and culture standpoint.  IF these two really did this, the team has a bigger problem to address than filling spots and moving on. 

Yes people can make something up as some type of act of retribution, but there is little indication that these guys were headed for the 1st round at this point.  People who make stuff up like this have little to gain from targeting these two specifically unless there is some deep personal score to settle.  And if anyone ever has experienced what the victim claims to have experienced or is very close to someone who has been through that, it is very clear that the last thing they want to do is talk about it with anyone much less put their story out there for public consumption.  Cosplaying as a victim has very little upside at all.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

Do you think that the CFP Committee didn't pick the 4 best teams to compete for a championship this year?

Comment 15 Jan 2020

If he's a troll, he sure is dedicated to his craft.

I lurked a bit over there prior to the Fiesta Bowl.  The answers are Yes, and very much Yes.  He was one of the ringleaders of their "Be Nice Day" where they were way over the top with fawning praise and friendliness toward OSU fans (in a belittling way) after they got reprimanded by their mods for not being welcoming to visiting fans.  The community there is one that doesn't suffer people who take themselves too seriously, in the same way that we make jokes about certain fan bases that complain about players who take online classes.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

I don’t agree that all Ls and Ws are equal. In a sport where over a dozen 0 and 1 loss teams are fighting over 4 spots, a quality loss is better than having your ass handed to you, even if it is your last game of the season. Whether we like it or not, the bowl games generate the narrative for the next season. And whether we like it or not, the narrative influences the polls.  And whether they admit it or not, the polls influence the committee. 

2019 is much preferred over that shit show in 2016. 

Comment 31 Dec 2019

I've run the gamut on this since Nolan Turner's interception.  I still think that the Buckeyes could have won this game in spite of the officials by capitalizing on the things they could control.  And yet, there is something about this that really burns, and it is bigger than just this game.  I really feel like officiating and other political aspects that we saw play out here will be the death of the game we love before CTE or National Anthem protests or other things will be.  I started to post here and it got long so I moved it to a blog post instead.

I had no predictions or expectations for the rematch with Clemson in the first round of the 2019 playoffs.  Ohio State was playing better, more consistent football than I've ever seen them play in my life.  They were doing it week after week.  They were flying around the field, having fun, and getting the job done.  But so was Clemson.

Clemson had played a soft schedule.  Some counted that against them but I didn't.  I knew what they were capable of.  They were defending national champions who had gutted the much vaunted Alabama Crimson Tide enroute to their 2018 title.  Most of those players had returned this year.  Their new players were from top 5 recruiting classes.  Their soft schedule allowed them to stay healthy.  OSU had run through a meat grinder the last three weeks of their season to become Big Ten Champions.  We were the team with more question marks than Clemson.  

  • Would Justin Fields be healthy enough to run?  Trevor Lawrence would be.  
  • Was Ryan Day up to the task in front of him, playing on the biggest stage when the stakes were the highest?  Dabo Swinney would be.

It was a great game, and yet I'd started to sense that the football gods were not on our side with the way things were playing out in the replay booth.

I'm torn between watching the NCG because I love Joe Burrow, and not tuning in because of what is happening to the integrity of the game.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Well I see my original comment here aged really well. I don’t know what I’d call that officiating but it was somewhere on the spectrum that is on the opposite side of good. 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

19 Clemson players tested in 2018, 3 test positive. Crickets from the media. Then Andrew Booth Jr flies into a roid rage on Trenell Troutman (what is it about Louisville that triggers these guys so much??) this season. I guess Dabo held him accountable by making him ride the equipment bus home, but probably only because he potentially blew Clemson’s cover on PED use By being so blatantly violent out in the wide open like that. 

Can you imagine if 3 players from OSU, USC, Florida State, Miami (FL), or Penn State tested positive in 2018?  None of those programs would be bowl eligible this year. Anyone who says otherwise has had way too much Kool aid. 

Comment 24 Dec 2019

Well I’m hopeful that blatant and obvious stuff will be called but I’m also thinking that they won’t want to be littering the field with flags on every snap. It’s a delicate balancing act for sure, and some things are going to go uncalled. But the game needs to be called or uncalled both ways. 

Comment 23 Dec 2019

In my limited viewing of SEC games vs B1G games, my impression is that SEC officiating is head and shoulders above B1G officiating. The zebras in the B1G are an absolute clown show. The amount of targeting calls have gotten a little less ridiculous, but the blindside block earlier this year was just another example of something that ruins the game.

I think the tone will be established early, and the SEC officials are going to let these guys play. This may mean some no calls for holding Chase Young. But it could also mean Damon Arnette will have to behave himself somewhat in my opinion since he has a tendency to do extra curricular things that even permissive officials want to make an example of to maintain some control. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

That was last year.  I don't see anything this year that would make anyone think there might be an issue with ster........

Comment 15 Dec 2019

Ah fair enough. Vitamin C, we barely knew ya. Will pour one out for ya and be sure to mention you in my victory toast on the 28th. 

Comment 15 Dec 2019

Ya know, I’m having an epiphany. Vitamin C has asked that we look at his actual technical points and I’ve decided to reread this and have now concluded that since the Clemson Tigers football team has a practice of chipping with their RB, that we just need to call off the game and congratulate them on their win. That’s some serious next level shit that we won’t be able to handle. I will be calling the staff tomorrow morning during working hours to express to them that this game should now be forfeited.