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NE stands for New England. Grew up in Connecticut where Huskeymania made me a college basketball fan. Went to college in Ohio where the Buckeyes made me a college football fan.


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Comment 09 Aug 2017

I've never been an apologist for the Beck Warinner offense, but I've never thought they were so bad as to deserve all of the blame for the devastating loss. For most teams dealing with that level of roster attrition and youth, being in the playoffs wouldn't be a realistic expectation. While I don't think Ed and Tim were the right fit for the program, the argument from a lot of fans is that a different coach could have squeezed a lot more blood from that turnip. At the end of the day prior to the playoffs, they were able to (barely) overachieve but when going up against the heavy weights, they were exposed for their lack of offensive development and no playcalling was going to hide the fact that this emporer had no clothes. There were many canaries in the coal mine prior to this and Dabo is just pointing that out. Just hoping that the souls have been adequately cleansed and the much needed growth is there this year. 

On another note, while early departures are theoretically great for recruiting and the players who collect paychecks without risking additional exposure to injury in pro-bono service, it really will set a team back against competitors stacked with 4 and 5 year players who bring their experience, leadership skill, and hunger for a natty back to their team.  Hopefully the Buckeyes can build more of that back up and to read the articles on this site, it sounds like they are.  But we'll see soon enough. 

Comment 12 May 2017

Several teams concern me going into 2017.  My biggest concerns are:

-Oklahoma: likely looking for payback and will spend Fall camp preparing to come to the Shoe.  

-Lincoln and Iowa City are tough places to play for anyone and OSU is no exception to this.  

-PSU: If I had to characterize them with one word right now, it would be cajones.  They don't care if they're behind and if you've been beating them for an entire quarter or half, they don't consider themselves beaten until the final score says so and it won't stop them from taking big gambles for the play that swings the momentum their way all night long.  You can't sleep on them at any point in the game.  

-MSU: Very beatable, but for some reason (except 2014) Meyer dials the offense back to ultra conservative and becomes a predictable pushover against Dantonio, leaving MSU within striking distance all the way to the end.  I'm tired of watching the better team try to escape MSU, and the Buckeyes have been the better team since the 2013 loss.  2015 and 2016 were inexcusable coaching failures.  Hopefully this year is different.

-UM: Will not match up talent or experience wise this year, but when has that ever mattered in The Game?  This year, we will find out if bitter disappointment is enough of a motivational X factor to get them what they've been missing out on since 2011.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Time to reboot to The Chase 2.0.  Get the right personnel, and bring back Tim Kight to help get staff alignment if needed.  Beating Alabama once does not mean your program is doing the right things to sustain.  They played hungrier, angrier, and altogether better when they had the "Chase" mentality.  

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Looking at it in bracket format, it also looks like a bunch of games that I don't want.

1. Is anyone remotely interested in watching Wisconsin get clubbed by Alabama for their 4th loss of the year?

2. Clemson vs Oklahoma?  Why?

3. OSU vs Michigan?  Objection your honor.  Asked and answered already.

4. Washington vs Penn State?  Mildly interested.  I'm not that interested actually.

Not only does this not make college football better, but I think it actually hurts the ratings they so desperately desire by diluting interest.  Clemson vs Oklahoma is not going to generate the kind of ratings that the 2014 playoff did on New Years day.  And it will only water down or diminish interest in the following games especially if the no 1 teams end up with injuries to their star players while getting a win that was a foregone conclusion against a no 8 team.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Not sure if this is directed toward my earlier comment about Franklin, but my issue is with what he said after beating OSU about how this starts a healing process. I have a problem with anyone who talks about healing from the horrible things done in terms of winning football games and rebuilding their program, and the announcers did it when the clock wound down to zero tonight.  It is way off the mark for Franklin or sports pundits to talk about healing that way, even if it wasn't intentional, it is horribly tone deaf at best and reopening other peoples' wounds at worst.

If this was directed toward something else, then I apologize for my misunderstanding. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

First Franklin after beating OSU, now the announcers tonight. I really wish that people would stop talking about the healing process as though the football program was the victim. I don't comment often and I may end up getting in trouble for the first time in my experience on this board, but whenever they talk about healing, I think of people who have never gotten an apology and don't feel the least bit better because somebody won a football game. They'll have my respect when they own that and not a moment before. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Exactly. And for me, the last thing I want is to turn college football into March Madness part deux where we are looking for the Gonzaga of football to blow up our office brackets. One of those kind of sports is enough. 

College football is special because it is the only sport where the regular season IS the playoff. No mulligans. No do-overs. No rematches. We go to 8 teams, and there will be rematches and sleepers beating much better teams due to uncontrollable circumstances. I understand that happens during the season, but there are no fluke championships. There will be once we start expanding the field. Let the 4 most deserving teams fight for it and leave it at that. There aren't 8 teams equally deserving of a national championship and there never will be. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I don't know what to say other than youth. Prince was gettin his ass owned by Taco all day long. Prince went to school today, but he was the best option the coaches had personnel wise. Taco is done in college. Prince has a future filled with opportunity to get better against big ten competition. 

I'm just getting tired of the blame beck and Barrett for this when there isn't much pass protection. And I don't blame the coaching or play calling for this. It just needs time to get there. And in the meantime, our boys are still finding a way to win. So people can piss all over a win against a better team, or they can complain. But blaming the coaches is nothing more than scapegoating. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

So we're almost there with  Bama and we play in a much tougher conference than they do right now. Not a bad position to be in with a bunch of youngsters. And they are not enjoying the streak against their rival that we are either. I'd rather be us than them. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

The game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. OSUs OL did not match up with TTUNs DL. OSUs DL wore down TTUNs OL which allowed them to pressure The Wilted one. That allowed them to create turnovers and stop their offense. 

Offensive scheme changes won't make a difference until the OL gels as a unit better than it did this year. It takes time and they did the best they could do under the circumstances. And that was good enough to give them a chance to win which they did. Enjoy it. 365 days of not having to deal with insufferable TTUN fans talking shit. We won whooooooohoooo and thank GOD. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I wish that I could give more than one upvote to this. Thank you!

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Would any other team be in the playoff discussion if they sent 16 starters to the NFL?  

Folks need to appreciate what they got. 

OSU beat a way more experienced team with exceptional talent in a game that they had no business winning with an inexperienced O line that was getting beaten all day and receivers that are learning the game at a new level. 

Blaming the coaches is like saying that they didn't make a million dollar vase with clay that they are still working on. 

Comment 30 Oct 2016

All very good points and no I don't think they're good enough now.

My question is whether there is still opportunity to get good enough. One more loss will shut the door. But.......IF (very big IF) they mange to win out, two years of precedent indicates the eye test shifts to who looks the best among the P5 conference champions.

If OSU is a conference champion with a very ugly body of work compared to how the others win theirs, they'll be left behind. But if I were predicting the P5 conference champ slate today, there aren't any dominant teams that I can say look the part that much more right now other than Bama. 

Now, with everything I just said, if they make it to Thanksgiving with 1 loss, I don't think an ugly win vs ttun is possible and they will have to have their issues very well resolved by that time. And if they do, then somebody is in trouble in Indy and I like their chances from there.  But our slate to Thanksgiving has some tough ones. Going to be a grind to the finish line.  

Comment 29 Oct 2016

We're spoiled. Replace 16 starters on any other team. How much drop off would there be?  The problem is early success and high ratings gets people talking about how good they are and they don't have the experience to know better. Now they're getting that experience while they scratch and claw for every yard.  It's gonna be a grind to the finish line.  The early run got some of us thinking the Buckeyes skipped the growing pains phase. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I don't care if you're an OSU graduate or a fan of that team or any other team. You could be an SCLSU Muddawgs fan for all I care. It will not make you're posts interesting or compelling so it is completely irrelevant to your post quality or relevance.  Lots of luck accomplishing whatever it is you hope to accomplish by bringing it up though. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Whether it is Beck, Warinner, or Herman calling the game, the philosophy has been the same which is to take what the defense is giving you.  The defense was giving the deep pass and some intermediate routes (although they were congested) and the zone read.  On the speed option, jet sweeps and screens, the defense was cheating to stop the runner in the backfield.  The way to make them pay for that is to 1) run the qb since they were breaking on the runner, 2) short intermediate passes (dropped by Baugh and Wilson, coupled with poor blocking by Baugh and receivers), or 3) deep pass (badly thrown, missed timing).  Of those 3, the only thing working was zone read where the QB keeps.  Some others stated above something to the same effect.  I don't believe Meyer and Barrett are blowing smoke when they say it is fixable.  They know what to work and where the sloppiness and inexperience were showing.  The question is how much it improves this week.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I agree.  It's not new, but it was effective again.  In 2014, there were some playmakers that overcame it fueled by the frustration of that loss.  The only explanation that works for me about IU is that even though stacking the box isn't new to the team, it was a new look to most of the playmakers on this offense this year. The reluctance to dial up pass plays?  Who knows.  Maybe wind?  Receivers have to catch the ball too which they struggled with under the pressure (not all of the passes were off).  They have to fix it or stacking the box is effective, whether new or not. Hopefully these playmakers treat it with the urgency that the 2014 squad treated it with.