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Comment 22 Mar 2013

He looked to kick out a lot this game. Iona was smaller and our other guys matched up well. If it comes down to him, he'll get the points he needs to help this team win.

Comment 08 Dec 2012

That commentary was terrible. I thought he was about to say "Boom goes the dynamite" for a minute.

Comment 23 Mar 2012

I have a man crush on Craft. I sat around with SEC fans all night and they were gushing about how he was the most underrated PG in the NCAA. 

Comment 14 Feb 2012

I was on a testosterone shrinking group date with my girlfriend and her friends during the Miami game. By the time I was able to usher everyone into the nearest Mexican restaurant for dinner and catch a glipse of the game, Ohio State promptly began screwing the pooch and bauserbombing balls into the stands. The following conversations ensued:

"Oh no, I'm not mad about that play. Though you know, a 4th grader could've made that throw."

"No I'm not mad."

"No it's okay, you don't have to leave."

"Please take me home so I don't break things in public."

"You pick the movie."

Worst night ever. I thought the Miami game was punishment enough for my sins, but nooooooo, some asshole wrote and produced The Notebook.

Comment 25 Jan 2012

I read ESPN's report of the Senior Bowl practices and they've been saying that Brewster is getting his ass handed to him. It's hard to imagine that when other sports reporters are saying his battles in the trench have been fun to watch.

Comment 24 Jan 2012

Ryan Leaf was a huge talent, but was a terrible teammate and had no work ethic. Peyton Manning had all of those traits, that's what differentiated them as QBs in my mind. Peyton is one of the best because he's coupled a tireless work ethic and natural talent.

Luck isn't a great prospect just because of his raw talent, but his mental capacity and work ethic. It's not everday you have a guy with that kind of athletic ability and was smart enough to study Architectural Engineering at Stanford.

Comment 24 Jan 2012

I think it was missing a certain measure of subtlety.

Comment 23 Jan 2012

All I have to say is this...


"If we're so able to vividly remember the worst a man did, can't we also remember the best*?"

*Only applies to person(s) not affiliated with Ohio State.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Tressel is going to be #1 in my heart for the rest of my life no matter what Urban does. This program where it stands now is because of Coach Tress for better and for worse. Tatgate sucked, and probably will suck for a few more years, but as long as it doesn't suck as long as Michigan has the past decade and Michigan continues to suck throughout whatever sanctions are handed out, I couldn't give a rat's ass.

Comment 03 Aug 2011
The Hill is Where you can get some pretty good traditional Italian food, but most people from the St. Louis area love Imo's for their thin crust. Everyone has their favorite but Imo's is the only "chain" restaurant that I love dearly. Also that trash that Domino's and pizza hut try to pass off as thin crust is cardboard. It is not thin crust pizza. They even use the right effing cheese.
Comment 03 Aug 2011
I love St. Louis style thin crust, probably to the point where it would be last meal worthy.
Comment 03 Aug 2011
Bring a camelbak!!!!!!! I've been to lolla 4 times and that was the single most important thing I brought. Plan and learn the lineups otherwise you'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If there is someone you don't particularly know just wander around the shaded areas, some of the smaller bands are quite good and a much needed change of pace. Comfortable shoes.... If you don't have a camelbak bring a bag. There's a lot of free swag to be had at lolla. Plan to eat in the festival grounds. The restaurants outside are packed and the food inside is reasonably priced and actually quite good. There was a German sausage and beer stand a couple years ago that was the tits. Say away from railings, you'll get murdered. With as hot as it's been people strt passing out and get crowd surfed to the nearest exit. Unless you like dead weight dropped on you, move away from railings. Forget buying beer, they sell bottles of wine and give you a giant plastic bottle.
Comment 27 Jul 2011
After Natty became more than $12 we all started drinking Ice beers. People should not be allowed to sell that crap. It's tastes like skunked beer mixed with paint thinner... I of course drank my fair share.
Comment 27 Jul 2011
Mad Dog is gross, but it's cheap... Being broke and in college leads to poor decisions. TP got some free tats, I drank Fourloko. Same thing.