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Comment 10 Jan 2017

Warinner has HC ambitions. He was probably going to leave after this season had things gone as he intended.

Now though… his stock has taken a nose dive. Moving back to OL for Meyer would cement that nose dive. Although this move to MN is also a demotion, I bet Fleck wanted to secure him and think a little about the OC role. I bet Fleck announces in a couple days that Warinner will be a co-OC.

On another note, I totally thought Warinner was going to end up in Cincy calling plays for Fickell. I would have bet (and lost) money on it.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Yes. I agree. But refs almost always never call penalties on a hail mary. Which the pass was at that point in that there was 6-7 Recs\DB's at the spot the ball was thrown to.

Think their reasoning is that so much stuff is going on that they couldn't keep track of it all and would more than likely miss an off-setting penalty.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Not gonna lie. I'm majorly disappointed that Herman would give the enemy advice on how to beat us. Tom, did your years here mean nothing? I hope that paycheck from Bama was worth selling your soul.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Have to confess, really disappointed by this nugget:

Not after Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart talked earlier this month about Alabama bringing former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman to Alabama to give the Tide staff pointers about how Ohio State beat them.

C'mon Tom. Where's the loyalty? Don't help those scumbags.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Not sure what you mean by that. 13th amendment ended slavery. 14th was a "Reconstruction Amendment" to address citizen rights and equal protection of former slaves in the south. (Which they promptly ignored for the better part of 80 years.) Confederate states had to ratify it to get their representation back in Congress.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

The south is lovely with the exception of redneck thinking. And it is out in force here in rural NC. Over the last 2 weeks, I've seen about 20-30 confederate battle flags pop-up in places where they weren't before. I see USA Today is reporting the country is split 42% to 42% over whether the confederate flag is racist. I suspect that stat is being skewed by southern pollsters. IMO the majority of NC locals see the flag as a symbol of their "southern heritage" but just aren't ready to make an issue of it.

A colleague I work with cued me in to a position in the Houston area for which I'm uniquely qualified and for a lot more money. Ugh... why can't these jobs start popping up in the midwest or PA!? I'm ready to come home tbh.

Comment 19 May 2015

When I think of Temecula I envision of lot of angry, white, pot-bellied, middle-aged guys yelling and poking their fingers into each other chests. Dropping f-bombs and what-not

No real fighting of course.

/Someone needs to make a tv show about that. I'd watch it.

Comment 16 May 2015

This is for the Georgia redneck leaving DJ voicemails.

All-time, Ohio State is 22-13-3 against the SEC. link

Get your facts straight dick.

* And that's not even counting the 2011 Sugar Bowl victory against Arkansas.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

If Delany really wants to shut up the southern cry-babies, he should also start mentioning 4-year-guaranteed scholarships as a reciprocal action (in addition to oversigning, grayshirting, "flipping" committed players, and 7-on-7 camps). "Sure we'll agree to a new bylaw outlawing satellite camps if you agree to a bylaw that requires guaranteed-4-year scholarships."

Watch how quick satellite camps become a non-issue.

I also wish Urban would rethink his position on satellite-camps. How long ago was it that he chastised the league for not being competitive enough in recruiting? Well, it appears some programs are taking that BTN money and showing what they can do with it. IMO the quadrangle-of-hate schools should be all over these satellite camps.

Last, I love, love, love that Swarbrick has come out in favor of satellite camps. Hey, ACC... how do you feel about having the Irish in your conference now? Not feeling the love... well, get used to it. This will be one of many dick moves that you'll have to endure from that school in South Bend.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Someone help me out please. I see the youtube link to that NY sword-maker in the "THOSE WMDs" section. But DJ also did another reference to a sword-maker in a recent Skull Session. I can't find it for the life of me. It was a link to the guy's home page.

This is really bugging me. Anyone know where it is? Thanks.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I agree 100%. Mauti wasn't the world-beater that those jackholes thought he was.

Plus, I think Fragel's blocking was legit in real-time. You have to slow that play down by a factor of 5 to make it look like a hold. IOW, if it was holding it happened so quick that a ref couldn't have caught it.

That's one of the many reasons for my dislike of Nit fans. For them to not cry officiating, every call would have to go in their favor. Reasonable football fans have no expectation of that ever happening. (In hindsight, Notre Dame fans expect that as well.)

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Scottie is right on the money.

In a no-holds-barred fight, the Jiu-Jitsu (which is basically Judo without forms) would almost always end in a fracture if you're fighting against someone as skilled as Rousey. And at that Bantamweight class (125lbs to 135lbs), there is no better practitioner than Rousey -- male or female.

I really believe Dana White should start letting Rousey compete against men if she so desires. She most likely would rule the men's Bantamweight class. Possibly the Featherweight class (135lbs to 145lbs) as well. Hell, she'd probably make a dent in the Lightweight class (145lbs to 155lbs) if she chose to fight up that far. She's that good.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Okay, I'm going to nominate a show that just started last night. Fox has a track record of putting shows on the air that are cool and funny and then gives them no support once they are floundering. Last night they aired the funniest show I've seen since Community went off the air -- "Last Man on Earth". It's on Sunday nights. Set your DVR's now cause this show is too good to last very long. I lol'ed many many times while watching.