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Comment 13 Feb 2019

JT got screwed after Herman left.  His freshman year he was lights out as a qb and was throwing all kinds of great passes.  A top 5 Heisman finisher I believe. He still ran a lot and did not have the cannon that Cardale did but his throw was a lot more clean and he hit receivers.  The changing of OC and QB coaches screwed both JT and Cardale from being the QBs they had so much promise in being. 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Well with his scrubbing of his twitter account and such, he does seem to be on his way out.  But technically he could have just put his name in and still come back.  It would be up to the school to take him back.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

The difference is in the pro sports you can't just walk away from your team and sign with another.  You can be traded, which would be interesting in college football.  But if you sign with a team they have the rights to you till they decide to get rid of you or the contract is done.  The NFL sucks in the fact they don't have guaranteed contracts like MLB and the NBA because that it is bullshit that a team can cut you at any point and not pay you.  

I am not trying to defend the NCAA and other companies making money off all these kids.  We really should go to a European Football style setup where all sports are club based and are just associated with a university.  That way the clubs can pay them. (This will never happen, sadly.)  But just allowing players to move around the College football all willy nilly would cause chaos for both the players and the teams.  You can't do it in the NFL, you can only choose where to go after your first contract is over and then you are stuck there till that contract is over.  

Comment 10 Jan 2019

He is still in classes.  He won't leave before the end of spring because that could mess up his grades for a transfer.  This just allows him to see who else might be interested.  I think he competes in the spring to see where he is in the pecking order.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

One issue with having players have the ability to come and go as they please is it makes it really hard for coaches to recruit the right positions for the future.  We are going to be sorely understaffed at the qb position this year if Fields is ineligible or if Tate transfers.  And we know about these.  Imagine if players could just leave whenever.  You could have your whole backup line decide to go somewhere else and you have no one to play.  Plus the coaches would have to make sure they aren't to tough on players or they make a rash decision and leave.  

Plus this is actually not always a bad thing for the players.  Imagine if other teams could constantly contact you all the time.  It would be an extreme distraction from both school and your play.  Harbaugh would probably go all stalker on different players.  Plus this system makes the players really think about the decision to transfer and not make the choice to quick.  

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Sadly my Xbox 360 died and I moved onto the Xbone.  I may never be able to play NCAA again and that sucks.  They need player a small stipend from the game and bring it back.