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Comment 06 Nov 2019
So, anybody hear of defense??? I played better in pickup today than our boys on the wood have played tonight... I am pretty sure Holtman is going to have some words to our guys about hustling back on D. First half grades out as a F.
Comment 15 Oct 2019
I know an article earlier in the day had some bits drop that the hurry up tonight would delve into the RB recruiting, so maybe we'll find out soon!
Comment 07 Oct 2019

Same issue and I am on android. I try to close the ad and it gives a report ad instead...

Comment 06 Oct 2019
With how well we are running and how well the backs have been performing, why are we all "the sky is falling"... If the staff feels a RB will perform well in our offense, then so be it. We won't hit every recruit we want. The culture is important as well as the fit with our coaches. Not to mention, if we are doing it the right way and still doing as well as we are, then I think we have no room to complain.
Comment 12 Sep 2019

Thanks guys for the response! I am definitely not for punishing kids for their decisions either, and these are big decisions. I was just going off of what others had said about how he kicked us to the curb and such. If the coaches want him and he wants to be a Buckeye, then awesome!

Comment 11 Sep 2019
With how Knighton committed to them over us, why would we keep kicking along his street? Based on the threads I've read, it seems we would have better options and guys that want to be buckeyes...
Comment 10 Sep 2019

Really enjoy seeing Teague run hard. He doesn't just run hard, he runs with purpose and isn't slowed by attempts to "arm tackle" him. Another note, Dobbins, while ran hard, did have an "almost" fumble. I hope he isn't losing focus to try and hit home runs and not thinking about ball security. I am excited to see how we perform against a spread offense that Indiana will provide. The side line to side line speed we are seeing now will have to be on full display this week to prevent the big plays. 

Comment 05 Sep 2019
I'd agree, but they are still kids and can change their mind at the drop of a dime. Again, I think we are out unless something happens to Texas that would make him think twice.
Comment 03 Sep 2019
There was a rivals piece that talked about Jalen Berger and how we could stand to get him today.
Comment 18 Aug 2019
I could honestly see Trevor Lawrence having a Soph slump. He isn't the unknown quantity anymore. The thing that helps him is the threat of the RB, Etienne, behind him. I will go on a limb and say Fields wins a close race with Tua and Lawrence finishes third. We will have to win every game though and have his numbers look exceptional, 4,200 yds through the air, 30+ TDs, 700yds on the ground with another 7+ TDs. Completion percentage will be 68%.
Comment 07 Aug 2019

So, using your logic, CCG losers shouldn't be in the College Football playoff, how does UGA make it?

I agree that there should not be a CCG loser in the playoff, but I think we need to espand to 8 to allow teams that could win, in. I think it should be the 5 power conference CCG winners with 3 at large bids (yes, this could allow those CCG losers in, but it also allows those teams like UCF and others a chance that is currently not possible). We eliminate one OOC game and make each division play 8 in conference games. I think this is the best of both worlds as going any more than 8 would water it down... Just my opinion.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

There is no bias. Ohio State is the better team, on paper and on the field. They have proven it time and again over the last two decades. It could also be stated the same way for the time before that michigan was the better team as they were kicking the shit out of us. The results on the field are what matter. If you are in the position that one play caused you to lose, your team did not do enough to win, as there would have been at least 40 other plays (for either offense or defense) to score or stop a score. Teams that are good can withstand a dropped punt or a "close call" on a 4th down conversion. We didn't need to say we were lucky to beat Penn State last year. We fell behind and played harder than them to win the game. Also, I didn't down vote you!

Comment 06 Aug 2019

All these what "ifs"... Seriously, every game is played so that there are no what ifs and could have happened. Urban coached and won all of those games, and while Day hasn't proven anything as a head coach yet (I think he'll be great!) He is the best set up coach to be successful in his first year, very similar to Lincoln Riley (we see how they've done since). Not saying this guy isn't correct, but he is also everything michigan, so of course he has high hopes we falter so that they can be mildly successful again...