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Current Sailor serving in the Pacific Northwest. Buckeye for life. My grandfather set the tone when he passed and gave me his 1958 Class Ring, after completing his Agricultural engineering degree. My nine year old son's name is Braxton

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Comment 28 Apr 2016
FRACK!! Im back from Dead Space... Ill be here to pick the rest of the rounds for the niners... buckner isnt a terrible pick, just wasnt a huge need. Thanks guys and sorry to hold up the process!
Comment 18 Feb 2016
I could have SWORN the 'the' was italicized.... Haha... it's not. I was just imagining the banter I could ensue- BTW- can you imagine what the traditionalists thought then.... cue Clint Eastwood get off my lawn memes...
Comment 15 Oct 2015
The investing thing would be the sensible thing to do, but, considering this is an attempt at salvaging a botched birthday gift from my wife and the only gift or special thing to celebrate my welcome home from eight months of overseas deployment I'm not considering the long game much here, it's for fun and I get a freebie frivolous purchase, and i appreciate your input... I agree about the conversation starter and the fact that nike doesn't make shoes that are especially comfortable, at least for my foot shape, but I am keeping it open as I do like how these particular shoes look, alot!
Comment 15 Oct 2015
I've never really understood this train of thought, though i recognize it seems quite common here on 11w, I do like jerseys, even though i only have two, Bri'onte Dunn's 25 that I've owned since Antonio Pittman wore it in 2006, and I also own a number 10 (for another 2006 player who was pretty good) but i dont ever wear it, its kind of cheap and the fit is different... But i like the idea of having an updated jersey and the black being limited edition is a nice collector's piece in my mind, so even if I don't break it out too often, it would get some wear, and the rest of the time it would probably be on the wall in my work shop... To be fair, i wouldn't wear the shoes TOO terribly often either, as I own acrage and farm animals, the only time i would wear tennis shoes in lieu of my Georgia Romeos (best boots ever, imo) would be on game days and at my kids sporting events or in town... so either way the choice is over a novelty, but one that I rather like...
Comment 02 Sep 2015
I actually really liked it... some of those scenes made my blood heat up, Hate seeing other team's highlights against my bucks. But, the editing was great, and for the most part made Tech look impressive as Sept. 7th draws near... So amped for this game!! O-H !
Comment 21 Aug 2015

I know I'm late to the party, but wasn't the Head football coach quoted saying: “I’ve said this many times: The quarterback is a product of the guys around him,” Meyer said. “And the guys around him are playing pretty good right now.” November 30, 2014, on page SP3 of the New York Times with the headline: For the Buckeyes, a Win and a Loss.

I wholly believe either quarterback would have won the NC, but the fact it was Cardale at least means he deserves to be represented in the conversation. One's success does no nullify the other's. Cant wait to see who trots out Sept. 7th, the beginning of my first full week home from deployment!!! :)

I suppose I personally like JTB more, as I feel he brings more consistency in his distribution- but I feel like CJ stands just as much a chance to start... ultimately, my gut says consistent play will win out this season's games, though I do feel CJ has a higher "ceiling".. TIFWIW...

Oh and BTW, posting from across the Pacific. GO BUCKS

Comment 09 Jul 2015

It honestly sounds pretty close to accurate if you consider its a third person retelling the story, if you remove all the conjuecture and assumptions used to fill in the holes & make it PSU board-worthy... From a third person's perspective especially an older uncle of Frank E's; who may just be dismayed at TOSU's "audacity in how his nephew was treated!" Telling a story, probably while drinking at some neighborhood BBQ, around a bunch of Ohio State Haters, wanting to feel socially accepted, or whatever...

Plus, it's old news...

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I've said it before, but I feel its reasonable... Barret plays VT for his revenge game- at least first 3 quarters... Miller starts rest of season, with Jones playing most of the 3rd and 4th quarter snaps. Barret will spell/relieve either in the event they are winded or dinged up. Both Miller and Jones get reps and film for pro analysis, both go 1st round 2016 draft. Barret Starts next year spelled by whoever leads the pack from the talented underclassmen QBs who are riding pine this year- soaking in all the experience of this 3 headed hydra spectacle that lay before them.

Everybody wins, Xbrax gets shown love and respect of "starter" position back. Meyer shows he's a man of his word, honoring what he said a while back about miller not losing his job to injury.  Jones gets rewarded film time for coming in as "the closer" for the Natty season. And all the recruits who are concerned with log jams at talent laden positions see that this is a TEAM, and we have a coach who finds ways to get his kids involved. (to an extent) 

I realize this is not realistic... Just my dream scenario...

Comment 07 Jun 2015

I personally opine that it is perfect he is limited to 35 yard passes, even if the staff feels he COULD throw it further... There is no rush to put him in a position that he may over stress his shoulder too soon. Plus, the weakest zone in his pass profile is the intermediate, between the hash throw. 15-25 yards, between the hashes. He CAN make it, but it is definately his least threatened zone- deep bombs out side the hashes? check. deep bombs inside the hashes? check, short passes outside the hashes? check. I can think of a number of passes that didnt have the requisite "touch" necessary to put it over the linebacker or cheated safety, and hit a cross or slant on time. I am looking forward to Brax taking the first snap of the second half in Blacksburg, and starting every game after that. Barret will be the de facto injury relief QB, and DOLO will play third or fourth quarters every game this season. Barrett gets the least time AFTER his 30 mins of revenge in the first half of the VT game, then BRAX takes his rightful place as starter, with King Dolodale commanding the second half of each game this year. Barrett will stand ready for any moment one of those two needs rest, or gets injured. You will have plenty of snaps/film for pro-scouts/analysts, no one QB gets shafted for respect, and two Buckeye QBs go first round in the 2016 draft.

Comment 18 May 2015

When a pass play breaks down, what do you feel MOST comfortable resorting to? Do you feel more comfortable scrambling north/south to gain field on your own? Or do you prefer to roll east/west to allow receivers time to get open? Would you MOST describe your athleticism a strength in allowing pass plays to develop while avoiding pressure or to gain yardage running? Granted both are valuable in their own right, but with which are you MOST comfortable? O-H!!

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Midshipman and Army Cadets still have to maintain physical readiness standards that apply to all service members, so we are disadvantaged in relation to what body type we can put on the OFF/DEF lines, Triple option isn't "gimmiky", its fundamental, execution-based football that utilizes misdirection and  flexible, on-the-fly strategy to overcome the disadvantage of athlete body types at particular positions.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

"Put on 4 my city" in a silhouette of Ohio atop a city skyline (presumably representative of Dayton or Columbus)

“Putting on” can mean estimably representing one’s city, doing charitable acts, or watching out for the well-being of the people from your neighborhood