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Comment 17 Sep 2020

One of my favorite Luke Fickell stories from his time at UC is he made his son, Landon, commit twice.

He committed to Cincinnati in April, something he had to do twice because Luke Fickell didn’t think he was enthusiastic enough the first time, when Landon Fickell initially told his dad, “I think I want to be a Bearcat.”

“I can’t believe [he] said that,” Luke Fickell recalls, laughing. “If you’re not convicted about coming, I don’t want you. ‘You thinkyou want?’ I ripped him.” Fickell pauses and adds: “That was a rough week in our house.”


Comment 03 Sep 2020

Adherence is the most important factor when people should consider a diet. When caloric intake is controlled for, most interventions (Atkins vs intermittent fasting vs Keto vs Palio, etc) will generally tails the same results. If you’re wanting to keep muscle mass while losing weight make sure you eat enough protein (depends on a number of factors) and resistance train. 

Comment 21 Aug 2020

Some info for those not familiar with UC. We have to replace some linebackers, the starting running back and a pretty good tight end. Last year the o line was a problem, and James Wiggins, our best defensive player in the secondary, was out for the year with an injury before the season began. He’ll be back this year and since Hudson (transfer from up north) is now eligible the o line seems to be not be as big of a concern. Also got a 4* RB transfer from Bama that should push for some playing time. 

Hopefully Ridder will take a step forward this year. He was injured towards the end of last year. His injury mixed with the sketchy o line play made the offense frustrating to watch at times. Ford, the transfer from Bama and Garrid Doaks should provide a nice ground game. We signed some highly rated (for us) wide receivers so we’ll see how they turn out since wide receiver also seems to be a weakness. Wiggins should lead the secondary, and defense, along with Freshman AA “Sauce” Gardner at CB. As long as the injury bug doesn’t bite us and the lines play well (they should), it should be another good year for the Fightin Fickells.

Comment 20 Jun 2020


I golf once a year at a friend’s family’s outing, with a set of clubs I bought for like ten bucks from the thrift store. I bought my driver strictly because it says bazooka on it. I take the Happy Gilmore approach and wear goofy shit (kilt, lederhosen, shorts with like a 5 inch inseam that were the Declaration of Independence in red white and blue) every year, so much that they’ve made a best dressed award that I win every year. I won a closest to the pin a few years ago (hit my driver from the tee on a par three) and I almost retired so I could go out on top. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do is I shot a hole in one.

Comment 10 Jun 2020

That’s was my first thought as well.

Comment 09 Jun 2020

Yeah I know a former player tweeted something about it and Kevin Youkilis has voiced his support to change the name. IIRC they wanted to name the field after him but he didn’t want his family name to be next to hers (it would have been Youkilis Field at Marge Schott Stadium) because he’s Jewish and she had some unfavorable views of Jewish people, amongst other people.

Comment 09 Jun 2020

Family Guy makes fun of William Howard Taft for allegedly getting stuck in his bathtub and my wife was completely clueless about who Taft was despite the fact she walked past his statue all the time at UC. Didn’t know where he was from, who he was, or anything about his career. When we visited San Francisco and went to the Golden Gate Bridge I was pumped to see a statue of Joseph Strauss (UC grad that helped design the bridge) and she was completely clueless... maybe it’s just my wife that’s making me think people don’t know a lot about history. 

Comment 09 Jun 2020

Ehh I think you’re overestimating the average person’s knowledge of history. I loved history so much I began college as a US history major, and it amazes me the basic stuff I know from history that people around me don’t. Before the past couple of days if you had asked me who Calhoun was I would have guessed a politician from the 1800s, but would have had no knowledge of the stances he took on things. 

Comment 09 Jun 2020

Closer to home UC will be renaming our College of Arts and Sciences because it was named after a former slave owner that contributed to UC. They’re going to leave his name on the building and areas of campus named after him with displays that will explain his past and his contributions to UC.