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Comment 26 Jun 2020

I can’t understand anyone advocating six teams for the CFP. We complain about how subjective the process is now, and you want the committee to subjectively give two teams the ultimate advantage of a bye ? As someone else said, the difference between 2,3,4 is often way too subtle to give out byes. 

Byes work in the NFL because it’s based on completely objective criteria. Nobody selects who’s getting a bye, they simply look at the standings and predetermined tie breakers if necessary.  

Comment 25 Jun 2020

LSU cancelling football was an absurdity that was trotted out to get the state legislature to approve funding.

They’d cut entire academic departments at LSU before they cut football.

Comment 25 Jun 2020

Alabama only has 8 commits, so they’re gonna sign 17-18 more players. There’s gonna be more of everything.

Im still trying to get my head around Alabama successfully using our depth chart and commitments against us in recruiting 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

It’s not all on the coach, the player has a big part as well. Chase Winovich got a lot better under the same coaches that Rashan Gary showed almost no improvement with. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Come on, we recruit right there with them. I’m not buying they’re paying guys and we just happen to get virtuous guys who don’t want money yet we recruit just about as well as they do. I don’t believe there’s an elaborate bagman network for those teams, but certainly there are recruits who are on the take. But I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that the HC is involved at all. 

Basketball is different cause one or two players can be program changing. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Tennessee guys were saying on the radio here Wednesday or Thursday that Wilcoxson said he had a surprise for Vol fans on July 4th. Then he decommits and commits to Florida and may decommit again. 

He should end his next commitment announcement with ‘Please respect my indecision’ 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Auburn is not the Michigan of the SEC, they’ve actually beaten their rival 4 of the last 10 times they’ve played, they won a NC in 2010 and played for another NC in 2012, and has won two undisputed SEC Championships in the last ten years. 
Michigan has done nonthing similar. 

Comment 07 Jun 2020

I guess it’s solid once you get past the absurdity of Alabama negatively recruiting against somebody’s stacked roster. And does anyone think Alabama won’t be trying like hell to land the best LT in 2022 ? 

Comment 01 Jun 2020

I guess you can stay in touch, but what’s that communication like :

”hey Donovan, we still like you but you can’t commit right now. But we’d love to have you if Evan Pryor or Traveyon Henderson backs out of their commitment “ 

Thats pretty much the gist of it regardless of how you say it and that kid is too good for that. Ohio State did nothing wrong here, and Donovan Edwards didn’t either. You can’t have everything, we ended up with two really good RBs and ran the risk of having zero had we waited. 

Comment 30 May 2020

I think $5 per month (after the introductory $3.50 per month) for The Athletic Is a helluva bargain if you have interest in multiple sports and teams. Their roster of writers is especially strong for professional teams. 

Comment 23 May 2020

I subscribe to The Athletic and am very happy with it.

But when you say they have 1 million susbcribers, I’m not sure that ensures they’re doing fine. Subscriptions are only $5 per month and they have no ads so their total revenue is $60M per year. Actually it’s probably lower since I’m sure a lot of subscribers are on the ubiquitous new subscriber rate that’s around $3 per month. I have no idea what their overhead is but I know they list a ton of writers and contributors.

Sorry to go down a non recruiting rabbit hole on this thread. I’m kinda bad about that.

Comment 21 May 2020

Nah, the guy who got a penalty for throwing his play cards on the field in 2016 was NOT calm. But I think he has totally been a different, broken guy since then.

Comment 21 May 2020

I agree with you that Fleck would be perfect for UM, but I think he’s gonna already have a top job by the time Harbaugh leaves.

Comment 21 May 2020

There are Conference rules for pressers by coaches. The home team’s sponsors are always the backdrop. Same for us when we’re visitors. Except usually our coach is smiling. 

Comment 11 May 2020

I think the NFL has already said that the supplemental draft will be like it usually is, only open to those who are ineleigible to play college ball. 

Comment 11 May 2020

That’s absurd. Show me Indiana’s BCS National Championship trophy. 

Tennessee has certainly struggled but comparing them to a never was like Indiana is ridiculous