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Comment 09 Nov 2017

Not proud of this...

I was a student at the time, and had a VERY rough night the night before. Pretty sure it ended with shots of Jack at the Stube. I slept through nearly the entire game, only to be woken up by my roommates yelling and screaming after this play.

Comment 16 Sep 2017

I honestly believe refs are hesitant to throw a flag on a service academy. Same behavior in the Michigan game today. Unreal.

That said, feel alright about the first half performance. 

Comment 10 Aug 2017

SL - Can't think of any nicer place to visit than Pawtucket :) So much so I get to do it Monday through Friday.

In all seriousness, it is a gorgeous area, particularly around this time of year. I'm in Rehoboth, and just wish the drive up to the NH mountains was a bit shorter...

Comment 14 Dec 2016

The kid is amazing, and our class is solid whether or not we land the guy, but does anyone else think the whole recruits publicly declaring their commitments has gotten a bit out of hand? Frankly I think the logo graphics and photo-shopped jerseys are too much. I get it, though. Love the game, love the hype. Would love to see a chart of the level of absurdity of a recruits announcement versus how they actually do in college.

On a related note, I'll be announcing my dinner plans today at 4:30 on The CW, if anyone wants to tune in.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Two things I will never understand:

1) Why Southerners get so dressed up for football games.

2) Why the male contingent of the aforementioned population all have the same haircut.

It's ok, I've accepted my ignorance. Long live the hooded sweatshirt.