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Comment 28 Oct 2019

Awesome write up. Excellent job striking the balance between recognizing Chase deserves props this weekend and highlighting the big picture that let this defense take the #1 spot.

Early in the season Pete Warner dropping into deep coverage scared me, but it doesn't seem like any team has tried to take advantage of it yet.  Is he really that fast and athletic that he can hang with better receivers (at least until the DLine cleans up)? OR is he a calculated liability back there that no one has had the horses yet to exploit?

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Lane Kiffin's career makes more sense if you consider him a time traveler living his career in reverse:

Oakland Raiders Head Coach
Tennessee Head Coach for 5 minutes.
USC Head Coach
Alabama OC
FAU Headcoach


Comment 12 Apr 2019

I am totally expecting Justin Fields to be Joe Montana and Michael Vick. Anything less will be a failure.

The sad part is, Matt Baldwin will probably look like Peyton Manning and John Elway at the same time.  And for some reason the Double-Pass-Backside-Reverse-Flea-Flicker-Hail-Mary isn't a viable play.

Comment 11 Nov 2018
I don't watch any NFL until the playoffs for exactly this reason. Who cares if the Ravens beat the Giants in October. Wait until December when the games matter. Yesterday, I watched parts of 8 College games. 4 of which were playoff elimination games (OU, WVU, OSU, and Clemson). Who else gives a crap about Clemson vs Boston College unless Clemson losing that game pushes them out of the playoff?
Comment 11 Nov 2018
Ironic how Buckeye fans are slobbering over Tate after whining about JT. When C3PO is starting, DEs could pinch the RB with reckless abandon. NO ONE set an edge against Haskins. When Tate was in, DEs had to defend the edge so Weber had easy holes. JT wasn't as good a runner as Tate or a passer as Haskins. But man if he didnt combine both worlds for some beautiful football.