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Comment 01 Jun 2019

I think Nick had so much potential and so much upside, that he kind of got some extra credit for being " The Better Bosa".  But he wasn't.  Joey was quickly forgotten, for how truly impactful he was, because his little bro.  But Nick and his injuries were very unfortunate, because I think Nick could have been the best! Pray that he has a healthy career, because he is truly special.  Love the Bosa's!

Comment 05 Jan 2019

Don’t care. Won’t watch. But Nickys going to win another one.  We’d have scored a lot of points on Clemson this year. Truly think we’d have beaten those bastids!!

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Man, I’ve been pulling for Prince as hard as I pulled for JT.  Glad they both had good college careers, but also relieved it’s finally over. If that makes sense. 

Comment 01 Jan 2019

If Texas wins, the narrative will be that Georgia lost twice to Bama.  Can hear it already. 

Comment 14 Dec 2018

I’m 47 and my family moved to Michigan from Cleveland when I was in first grade. Graduated from HS there and even went to Eastern Michigan U. for 2 years.  So, when I was younger, I HATED them. I was obviously the only OSU fan out of all of my friends. Was living in Ann Arbor during The Fab Five run when they beat our Jimmy Jackson led Basketbucks.  So I don’t hate UM fans, as some of my best friends are fans.  But over the last decade and a half, our domination of them has taken some of the glamour out of rubbing it in.  I admit, I’m a B1G fan, so the only game I don’t mind them winning is the bowl games. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

If that were to happen, the rest of the country would march against that State, General Sherman style. I just can't see that happening.  No matter how bad the biased media wants it too. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

The best disappointing season ever!!  This will forever be the, "remember that season we put up 62 vs TTUN".  Not bad. Not bad at all.