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Comment 06 Dec 2015

I would love to see an 8 team playoff - Seeds #1- #4 get to host an on-campus playoff game in mid-December, 2 weeks after conference championships (make travel more manageable for fans, and who wouldn't love a playoff game in the Shoe, in the snow, against and SEC team???) After that round, keep the same format that we've got now. Jim Delaney - MAKE IT HAPPEN, BABY!!!!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Great piece, Johnny. Another interesting story related to Jesse Owens, is that one of his daughters won Homecoming Queen while she was a student at Ohio State. After the ceremony, Jesse was quoted as saying, "Only in America, only in America..." I've heard that quote used as a symbol for our country overcoming its history of racism - but placed in the broader context of this story, you can see how there could be so many different ways to interpret that statement and his feelings toward Ohio State.

Comment 17 Feb 2014

IMHO, the humor in this story is that a $10M endowment to athletics is so unnecessary. An athletics department that already spends significant money on the following ( or ), shouldn't necessarily need to endow what could arguably be the most visible public employee in state. This coming from a school that goes to such lengths to not feature any advertising inside Michigan Stadium (

I'm a loyal Buckeye, but spent some time living/working in Ann Arbor, and there are numerous other facilities on that campus that have not been updated since they were built in the 1930's. Clearly, public schools don't turn down money, but I seriously wonder if the development officer who managed this gift took any time to suggest areas in the University where $400,000 a year would have made a MUCH bigger impact. That's where I hope Ohio State would manage this situation differently, if we're ever approached by someone with so much dinero.

Comment 02 Nov 2012

Legend says that it was a land turtle. One of the Illinois fraternities put the turtle in a full bathtub and it croaked.

Comment 23 Aug 2012

I can't find the link, but I know that when Urban was hired he answered a reporter's question by listing the 3 core values he had for players. Can't remember the other 2, but I do know that "showing respect for women" was 1 of them - I remember that b/c I'd never heard a coach come out and say that before unsolicited. Obviously, a part of that rule was if you hit a woman, you're off the team.

Regardless of any court of law or the court of public opinion, if it were my call I wouldn't let Storm back on the team. And I'm basing that purely off his actions from this incident, the rules that Meyer laid down on day 1, and the need to establish discipline as a coach. Honestly, I don't care about his on-field performance or lack of it.

Bottom line is that I feel better cheering for my Buckeyes knowing that a player who hit his gf isn't on this team.

Comment 25 Jun 2012

I really hope this happens, always enjoy it when the Buckeyes schedule marquee matchups - both for football and hoops.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

Seriously. Overall, this season was a success. 4 weeks ago, I never would have believed this team could be 2 minutes away from the NCG. Come November, we'll have a nice new Final Four banner hanging in the Schott, Aaron Craft will be Aaron Craft, and Ryan Shazier will be killing fools who run across the middle. Proud to be a Buckeye, now and forever!