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Comment 21 Jun 2020

The LSU one is particularly dumb, if the players want to play this year you just gotta be smarter than that, I mean come on. This is not the time for bar crawling no matter who you are. Throwback to ESPN trying to stir up anger because OSU made players sign something promising not to do exactly that kinda thing

Also if people are expecting there to be absolutely no positive cases in order for sports to go forward, that is incredibly unrealistic. The Euro soccer leagues that have already resumed are still having cases pop up every week. The only foolproof solution is to cancel everything until everyone is immunized which will take a long time, even whenever we do get a vaccine it's not like everyone will magically be able to get one day 1, millions of high risk people will be prioritized first as they should be. I still think there should be no fans this year until maybe the postseason. There's a few teams that already came out and outright said they were having fans with no limit on capacity (I think Iowa might have been one of them but I might be wrong), that is so monumentally stupid I can't put it into words

Comment 19 Jun 2020

Democracy should also be abolished since ancient Greek tyrants abused it to stay in power by simply murdering opposition to keep up the facade, and they also had slaves.

Comment 12 May 2020

LA County also extended their stay at home order by 3(!!!) months which is absolutely asinine. Are people just supposed to go jobless and stay at home until there are literally no cases? The restrictions that many states are continuing to push are ludicrous and bordering on tyrannical

And to be clear I am not one of those people that was bitching on here back in march when the NCAA tourney got cancelled, I was all for that. The attitude I've seen from media types just instantly trying to shut down anyone questioning effectiveness of some of the idiotic lockdown measures a lot of states have done is really alarming to me. Just for a few examples: Michigan's ban on mowing your lawn, banning golf, closing state parks. What the hell do these measures accomplish? It's not hard to stay away from other people in these places

Comment 11 Mar 2020

I really don't understand the no fans thing that is happening worldwide. Either cancel the event or don't, if the goal is to prevent mass gatherings which at this point is absolutely the right thing to do, banning fans accomplishes nothing as people will still gather locally to watch games. Not to mention the people at highest risk are players, family, and media because they travel so much.

That being said I hope we get this virus under control, Italy is an absolute hellhole right now from what I've seen and I want no part of that

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Makes me wonder if I was watching the same game as yall with all the ref whining. I thought the targeting call was good but it was one of those "well what is he supposed to do?" plays. The rule is stupid in most situations but oh well. The fumble to me live looked incomplete, the replay made it look like he had the ball forever of course but it was very bang bang, depends on what you think a "football move" is (which is also stupid). In CFB that's usually an obvious turn upfield which he didn't do. They actually let the play unfold like they are supposed to instead of being whistle happy and blowing it dead immediately. Other than that I didn't see much, both teams were blatantly holding a lot and they let it slide all game, all the PI calls on both teams were obvious

Red zone stupidity and the 2 dumb personal fouls on what should have been drive ending plays lost OSU this game, nothing else. The punt one in particular was mind-numbingly stupid, it was terrible timing to even attempt that. I thought we were done with that crap after Urban left. I could feel Clemson's comeback coming by a mile when we settled for the third FG

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I'm not mad about being #2 at all, the national championship was going to go through Clemson one way or another imo.

The way the Fox guys were talking about Oklahoma last night is peak toxic thinking and an easy way to blow it, OU is perfectly capable of winning if they don't get in their own way but they are a turnover factory so that's easier said than done lol. Brady Quinn made a comment that made me laugh out loud but also roll my eyes, I don't remember what it was though

Comment 08 Mar 2017

2011-12: Lousy second half against Kansas away from national championship game

2012-13: Lousy first half against Wichita from Final Four

2013-14: Start 15-0, lose 10 out of next 20 and lose to Dayton

2014-15: Have Russell, still barely make the tournament and get throttled by Arizona

2015-16: Get absolutely destroyed in every road game against even slightly good teams, lose to UTA and Louisiana Tech at home

2016-17: Lose to FAU and Northwestern at home, go 7-12 in the one of the worst editions of the B1G I've ever seen

I'm noticing a trend here