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Comment 07 Jan 2018

If they go to 8 and coaches are concerned with back to back to back "sledgehammers"  let's start the quarter finals two weeks after the CCG, Final 4 on New Years Bowls, and NCG two weeks thereafter. It guarantees a bye week for all playoff teams between games. Consumers won't have to wait a month for the playoffs.

My concern is how does the committee determine the at large? Would a CCG loser trump an elite division one loss runner up if that team lost a tiebreaker?? 

Comment 09 Nov 2017

Would everyone rather see a 10-6 win over Purdue? UFM is averaging 38 ppg since his tenure here. Let's get staff continuity and more Kevin Wilson philosophy sprinkled in moving forward. UFM is willing to adapt as shown in multiple 1000 yard backs at OSU. While I am a little bummed, I realize I am spoiled rooting for this team. The future is bright for many years. 

Comment 10 Sep 2017

Kevin Wilson is hog tied by having to use the same old playbook. Too late this year to change entire playbook, but give Wilson full reins in 2018 so we look as dynamic as our last three opponents...ugh. Most elite teams are catching on to our power read option especially when the RB's only get 16 carries and our pass game is abysmal.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

What I don't understand is the conflicting reports from UM and the police. When I read the police report I had an opinion. Now that I read the UM report, I am doing a complete 180. Poor judgement from ALL parties.

Does anyone think that the police will reopen the case or is this case to hard to prove? Sad all the way around

Comment 27 Oct 2016

Looking at an older depth chart, 16 of their 22 starters are seniors and Herpe Peppers will be moving on after this year.

Is this accurate?

Comment 06 Jul 2016

1996 "slip" up against scUM or 1980 Rose Bowl in Earle Bruce's first year

Comment 04 Jun 2016

You mentioned that you live in Vandalia, I don't know your age, but back in the day, Hara Arena was simply off the hook at their general admission shows. 

Comment 04 Jun 2016

Gotta love your die hard efforts to catch a rock show!!

Comment 03 Jun 2016

I remember the brawls with Liston, Norton, Frazier, Spinks, Shavers, Holmes. Ali always had a tough time with Norton in their 3 fights. Fight on my friend.

Comment 03 Jun 2016

RR1013, did you happen to see the Circle with Hagar, Anthony, and Bonham at the Rose last year?   Killer setlist

Comment 02 Jun 2016

Sammy who? btw, Warren and the boys from Gov't Mule rock. You sir have a great ear for music. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Also a Raider fan from the 70's on. If the city and county cannot support a new stadium, then it is time for both parties to move on. Not what I want for the locals but Stadium is a dump. They are playing on the A's infield for crying out loud. The billionaires shut out Mark Davis on the LA deal, so he is exploring his options to keep his investment profitable. Other options are San Antonio ( which Jerry Jones and his boys would veto) and San Diego in 2018 if the Chargers jumped to lease off the Rams. 

The Las Vegas Raiders has a ring to it.