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Comment 21 Mar 2020

So, as a relevant point - during the Badger's rise to power under Barry Alvarez, and even after he retired, St. Louis was a very important pipeline for them for bringing in skill position starters who could compete with Ohio State & TUN.

There are some great programs that produce great athletes in the area, it's great to see the staff at tOSU bring those kids in.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

Look, nobody has said it to this point, and I'm not one that can reasonably get flamed on the "ethnicity" call - the dude is sporting a South Indian name, and this is South Indian Psychology 101.

My parents did this shit, my friends parents did this shit, and all of us knew other Indian kids who fucking did this shit. This is absolute enablement by an Indian mother at its finest - "No, I didn't do the research, but I'm getting paid to ask questions, so answer the question, I don't care how off it is." F*cking own it, and stop being a little b*tch.

This is grounds to pull your Desi card bro. If someone from Hasan Minaj's team is trolling these boards, I hope Hasan roasts this dude on his next episode of Patriot Act.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

AFAIK, most major universities have a discretionary fund which is raised from a combination of student fees, donations, and fund management by the university or other parties. Obviously, dollars grow over time, and the university has a substantial amount of dollars at its disposal.

It's similarly structured to discretionary spending at other government institutions.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

So, here's my two cents for what it's worth - "missing" on Taj Boyd altered the trajectory not only of Ohio State's path, but I believe it launched Clemson to the heights they are at today.

The loss in the Orange Bowl was soul crushing on so many levels, including losing Braxton Miller as a QB.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Personally, I think Venables has too much baggage to be a HC at a top level Power-5 program, maybe even too much baggage to be at a mid-level Power-5 program like Baylor. We'll see though.

That said, given Kirby Smart's offensive struggles at UGA, I can't imagine a program of that caliber coming calling for a defensive coach in general. Just my two cents.