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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hitting Curtis Enis so hard he lost his mouthguard.

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Comment 23 Jan 2020

So, here's my two cents for what it's worth - "missing" on Taj Boyd altered the trajectory not only of Ohio State's path, but I believe it launched Clemson to the heights they are at today.

The loss in the Orange Bowl was soul crushing on so many levels, including losing Braxton Miller as a QB.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Personally, I think Venables has too much baggage to be a HC at a top level Power-5 program, maybe even too much baggage to be at a mid-level Power-5 program like Baylor. We'll see though.

That said, given Kirby Smart's offensive struggles at UGA, I can't imagine a program of that caliber coming calling for a defensive coach in general. Just my two cents.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I would actually argue yes, they should. I'd change the transfer rules to say that a player must stay for 2 years in any given program, and if after 2 years pass, they want to transfer, they get ONE freebie to any school they want to. No restrictions, no coaches veto'ing certain schools.

If they want to transfer again after that first transfer, then they have to sit for one year, unless they have earned a Bachelor's or graduate degree from the second institution.