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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sugar Bowl over Bama! Or 12 Gauge trucking a nose tackle for a 1st down in the 1st CFP, or the National Championship OT win over Miami. It's too hard to pick just one.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie. Archie. It's a tie.
  • NFL TEAM: Whatever team has the most Buckeye alumni.

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Comment 3 hours ago
Okay, a win is a win. It's not the offseason or a bye, and we laid a 50 burger on the worst team in conference. But. Seemed like there were too many dropped passes, missed tackles, and turnovers. I have no doubt the coaching staff saw the same and will dig the spurs in a little deeper to correct. All games matter, especially the next three, and there's no room for the sloppiness on display yesterday...
Comment 15 Nov 2019
NJ can get dumped. Sometimes one is required to make a left turn, and I actually prefer to pump my own gas. Usually when I'm there for work, I'm just one wrong turn away from taking the stupid $14 toll bridge into NY (JFK?)... No mercy, no quarter, bring the pain fellas.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
The question that crosses my mind - when deciding the starting QB between #7 and #9, how did Coach Day vote? If it's on the record I'd like to know. Really couldn't go wrong either way IMHO, but I thought that Joe's pocket presence and scrambling skills gave him an edge. Just happy that he's had an opportunity to shine.
Comment 09 Nov 2019
Remember your buddy back in elementary school, who had the cool terrarium with those silver dollar sized turtles? Until you got close enough to pick one of them up, and noticed that it was covered in turtle crap and slime because he never cleaned the tank… Yeah well, your buddy is Maryland - and his turtles still stink. Go Bucks, and get dumped then hideous flag people.
Comment 08 Nov 2019
Zach will be fine, especially if he's called to fill in the rest of the year - only concern I could think of is what Coach LJ mentioned about the run game. Not so much for Mary Land or Rutgers, but the hill is a bit steeper after that (flashbacks of early J. Coop in overpursuit and out of position come to mind). On the other hand, one of the luxuries of crushing teams by 4 scores give plenty of good game speed reps to put on film & get coached up. Go get some Zach!
Comment 10 Oct 2019

I like Baker - he's either having the dreaded sophomore jinx or is having trouble adjusting to a horrible o-line.

I humbly submit a 3rd option - he's realizing that he has equal or less talent/speed than the defensive players he's up against, and therefore looks average or sometimes, horrible.

A million props to SmallerBear.  Buckeye fans salute you.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Because TTUN is still our rival, who else on the upcoming schedule do you see as the next toughest contest?  I'm leaning towards Wiscy over PSU only because they appear more balanced.., Nerdwestern, not so much  - but not to be counted out.


Comment 03 Oct 2019
Sparty is in for a looong day. The Buckeye offense doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, the talent difference skews heavily in our favor, and I would put our coaching staff at a championship level. Not to mention the D is going to eat. Buffet style. Frequently. Still. respect for Coach D - he'll be kitchen sinking the fake punts/FG's, onside kicks and flea flickers just for a fighting chance. 50 something to 10, with at least 10 of our points attributed to the defense and special teams. Go Buckeyes!
Comment 30 Sep 2019

Okay gents, much like the other folks - I'm really digging the podcast, keep up the good work!

Q: Which of the new coaches (edit: not named Ryan Day!) have made the biggest immediate impact on production this year, and who will be the 1st to get poached?

Thanks & Go Bucks!

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I'm w/ AZ on this one. the one long sack he took reminded me of TP trying to make something out of nothing and forgetting they've got athletes too.  Good to get it on film and be coached up before those plays happen in a tight game...