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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sugar Bowl over Bama! Or 12 Gauge trucking a nose tackle for a 1st down in the 1st CFP, or the National Championship OT win over Miami. It's too hard to pick just one.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie. Archie. It's a tie.
  • NFL TEAM: Whatever team has the most Buckeye alumni.

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Comment 09 Sep 2020

You took a break from looking for a job to read this column. When you're done you can take a break from taking a break to play Oregon Trail.

1a - Yes. 

1b - Pass, thanks - I never played it when it was popular.  Blissfully unaware of it's existence evidently.

Comment 11 Aug 2020


Power went out and took the AC with it.

Maybe no college football.

Told last week that because of a 10% RIF - my services are no longer needed after 19 years.

My son, his wife, and my niece got the Covid and are starting to emerge from quarantine.

2020 - You suck, and I'd like to reclaim my time.

Comment 30 Jul 2020
  • "Throw the d@*n ball!"
  • "Dang it, just throw it away!"
  • "No no no no - WTF! YES YES GO GO GO"

Me watching TP and screaming at the TV on 3rd and longs. He helped give me a few more grey hairs.

Good stuff Ramzy.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

Somewhat related - Charlton Heston was being interviewed and the subject of his long and happy marriage came up - "what's your secret?" the interviewer asked.  Mr. Heston said matter of factly (and I paraphrase) - "It's simple, you wake up every morning, roll over and look her in the eyes and say, Darling - I'm sorry."

There ya go.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I've been back from my mini-honeymoon for a few brief hours but – much to my fresh  lovely wife's dismay – that's all the time I needed to find something to make me mad online.

 Kevin -ftfy.  Take it from a grizzled veteran of the marital front - NEVER refer to your spouse as "the wife", or fresh, and ALWAYS use the modifier "lovely" in reference to her.  Because she is - and chicks dig that. 

Congratulations and may your union be blessed and lasting.

Comment 12 May 2020

........and there it is.

As much as I (we) love JT Barrett,...

Evidently obligatory at this point.

11W probably needs an acronym for the DH>JTBIV argument to save server space and posting efficiency.

+1 anyway because you prefaced it w/ love.

Comment 08 May 2020

I will add however that adding the sauce for the last couple minutes of cooking is preferred, in my humble opinion....

This is a true thing.  Sauce applied too early will burn & turn bitter - especially so if high sugar/fructose content. 

Comment 05 May 2020

Yeah, the DV's are truly puzzling. 

Hairclippers are around $20 at wallyworld.  I convinced Mrs Mugbucket that she could handle a high & tight and I was right - she did a fine job. Those clippers have paid for themselves already.  I told her don't worry about messing up, it's just hair and it'll grow back.  Plus, who's gonna see it anyway?

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Have you ever seen so many rushing yards from a QB doesn't have 4.5 speed?

He certainly had game speed.  Out ran all of the Minny D on a cold day, and made Peppers whiff more than once.  Enhanced by his ability to sell the fake - quite a few cameramen were fooled watching the RB getting blown up while he calmly picked up the 1st down or crossed the goal line.

i'm always amazed how polarizing his career has been when it comes to the commentary here.  Dang people, he was one of the good guys!  He didn't get to set the roster, pass block, coordinate the game plan, or even develop the WR's.  He did however give 100% effort on every play that I was lucky to see, giving up his body for the sake of winning, and making many on ttun Ofers.  Class act in my book.