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Comment 04 May 2016

I live in Toledo, born and raised. I went to Rogers too after the Dru years tho, I played with Fred Davis. Dru was an absolute monster tho. He's still celebrated till this day. The whole neighborhood still gets together every year on April 30

Comment 08 Nov 2014

I think you may have taken my personal preference comment a little too literal 

Comment 08 Nov 2014

They showed a quick shot inside the locker room during gameday and the normal grey pants were hanging up. I just didn't want the all whites, those things are bad luck

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Wow, I didn't know about that either. But it just seems like (in my very bias opinion) that it would be hard to turn down the first class star treatment and a huge win in a night under the lights tonight. But again, that's wishful thinking on my part

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I'm leaning the same way in this one.  Given their weak o-line, it's more than likely gonna be someone on our d-line with the mvp. Who better than Bosa? But I feel that Bell may be a close second place since they're gonna try to attack our secondary.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Thank God the season is about to start.  We can put all these predictions and expectations to rest and let these boys prove it on the field

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I was wondering the same thing the other day.  Every top tier SEC team (except for auburn) lost their starting qb, yet none of these teams are projected to show any bit of a drop off this season. 

Alabama in particular, lost both of its' post season games last year as well as its' starting qb and is still projected to be the top team in the conference and all but guaranteed a spot in the playoffs

OSU who was already questionable to make the playoffs due to their "strength of schedule" goes from winning every game this season before loss of qb to being completely counted out of the mich st game and losing anywhere from 2-3 games this season