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California Born and Raised - Fell in Love with OSU football in early 2000's and have been following even since. I've only seen them live once a few years back when they cam out to Cal Berkeley, hoping to come back in a few years and watch them at the Shoe


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Whenever Alabama loses
  • NFL TEAM: Don't really care
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  • NBA TEAM: Don't really care
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Comment 28 Feb 2020

I don't want to be a Debbie downer (sorry to all the Debbie's out there) but i was concerned in the second half with how lose we played. I think it was a combination of being up big but also fatigue. I think we were like 38% from three at the half and finished at 24%. Anyway if we are going to make much post season noise we'll need to be well rested. Great win, Go Bucks

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Ohio State played really well for about 2/3 of that game. They hit a slump for the last 7 min or so at the end of the first half. I'm not disagreeing with the idea that we played really good defense, but if you watched the game, you can see just how poorly UNC was shooting, also their starting big man went our early in the game. I think we can go far this year, but also understand that UNC is a shell of it's normal self.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

I don't want to be an ass, but that was a very sloppy uninspired game by the gaurds. I expect more from a high school team than what they showed. I was suprised to see Chris not lay into them more, although that's not his style. It was just lazy play and the only thing that kept PSU i the game was their effort vs our effort. 

Comment 19 Oct 2018

It's been said before, but putting the lkiniebackers up against the line of scrimmage to defend that RPO does not work if you don't A) have super talented Linebackers who can drop back into pass coverage quickly or B) play a zone coverage in the back end. Our linebackers have been largely ineffective because they are caught in the middle and are not helping much at either place. Keep them 5-6 yards off the the line of scrimmage and read and react. Currently they are making an easy read for opposing QB's. We need to make it a hard read.  

Comment 04 Sep 2018

I watched most of the game, then re-watched via "game in 40 minutes" on you tube. Unimpressed is about right. I expected more from the o-line because of the traitor coaching them. While i do expect to see improvement through out the year, i think the threat meter needs to drop even further. Normally after the season opener you chalk up proformances like that to first game blues, but the issues on display have been the same for years.