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Comment 19 Oct 2015
Watched the entire game, didn't hear Cardale get booed. Heard the crowd chant JT's name. Well-deserved. They both want to win, but the offense when JT is in is so much smoother. Instantly adds a wrinkle that opens up the passing game. Yes, Cardale was AMAZING the last 3 games last year. And he has had some highlights this year. But as one commenter stated, how many games farther can we go with 2 or 3 opening drives ending in punts? The coaches obviously see something in practice that Cardale is doing to hold his job. Unfortunately it's not translating to the field right now.
Comment 18 Oct 2015
It's JT. It always has been. I've honestly felt like Urban really wanted Cardale to do well this season so he could help his draft stock. But Dolo just hasn't grabbed the opportunities that come along. There were 4 or 5 throws that he overthrew or under threw or flat out missed. I love Cardale. I love his attitude. But for now it's just not transferring from what the coaches see in practice to what happens on the field. At this point, with the passing game we saw last night from Cardale, JT is Zeke's best qb, because of the read option. I really feel for Cardale, he has a daughter, he should play in the NFL, and it would make me sick to bench him. But if I was the coach of the Buckeyes, I would pull the trigger.
Comment 26 Sep 2015
As long as special teams and defense continue to play like they have so far this year the offense can try what it wants. They have made strides offensively. Once a deep threat steps up, look out. Then the top is off the defense and Zeke is doing The Salmon in the end zone. I enjoyed the game today. I enjoyed the calm feel the offense had. Here comes the B1G.
Comment 09 Sep 2015

It did in the VT game. The missed field goal started their scoring. The fumble led directly to a touchdown. 

It's the first game of the season. Special teams was missing a return man. It was the kicker's first game as a Buckeye. Take your pick of excuses. 

I'm not going to start worrying after special teams when Urban has a direct hand in coaching them. If you want to, have at it.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I agree about the B1G's strength and reminds me of the article posted a while back on this site (I think) about the recruiting gap between a team like Kentucky and the bottom 12 of the B1G. (Yeah I'm throwing Dantonio in there as well... I believe they sit near Kentucky in the recruiting rankings.)

Edit: Said article -

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I didn't realize we were calculating size based on future measurements.

I'll see myself out.

Comment 09 Sep 2015


Screw that, everybody here knows how I despise superfluous punctuation.

This made me laugh. 

Also, Not Your Father's Root Beer is rather delicious. An upvote for you sir.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Ah, no. Joey is bigger. Also his twitter handle is "big" as well.

Joey (Ht/Wt to the right)

Nick (Ht/Wt on the left, next to his portrait.)