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Comment 12 Sep 2018

this?  "He didn't re-enter coaching in 2012 to have his program back in the news for embarrassing non-football reasons, as in Gainesville. He didn't return to be the recipient of paid administrative leave. Urban wins football games because of what he does on the field. Urban has gotten himself in trouble for not doing enough off of it. 

Everyone figured this out when he was still a Gator, and his time as a Buckeye had been practically unblemished with regard to not tolerating what happened at Florida. Reputation is a dual vector agreement with yourself and the general public. For living people, it's only renewable daily. Unfortunately it doesn't come with better terms."

so he should be punished for what he neglected to do in Florida?  thats the only take-away i see here.  and if so, how severe should punishment have been?  

Comment 12 Sep 2018

I would be remiss if i didn't ask- why do you think the penalty should have been stiffer, and what do you think it should HAVE been?   

Comment 02 Jun 2016

Hysterical- my first ever comment on 11w comes from a phish post.  phish and ohio state football are my 2 biggest passions in life, so its great to see someone other than me put them together like this.  its funny but during the entire fall, up until that annoying november saturday, i had stressed about having to watch the playoff game at msg on new years eve, as there was no way i was not spending new years eve with phish.   I often ask myself what i would do if i had to chose between a national championship game on new years eve, versus phish, and its tough.  when you go to these games, theres a high percentage you can lose and that destroy the night. whereas when you go to phish show, you know youre gonna be psyched at the end of the night, regardless of hearing your favorite song or a big deal bust out.  sure some shows are less exciting than others, but you still have a good time.  Having gone to the last 3 national championship games, and losing the first 2, those both sucked really bad.  finally i was in dallas last january, and the feeling of winning that game was as good as it ever gets.  and having spent 5 of the last 6 new years eves with phish, all of them have been great shows, but you get to see something like that famous "truck set" and all bets are off- thats also a once in a life time experience. either way, chris raises a great point, and i have often felt the same, that they do in fact compliment each other nicely.  nicely done, chris.