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Comment 10 Jun 2011

Well, I think we mostly agree. I am looking for explanations for Terrelle's behavior...not excuses.. because ultimately he certainly has to be the one to make the right choices or pay the consequences. I guess he's understanding that by now. But I believe that we are not all created equally--some of us may simply be better equipped to overcome whatever we missed out on in our childhoods. I had the benefit of a fine childhood, but I'll never know how I might have turned out had it been otherwise.

Comment 10 Jun 2011

Jared Sullinger seems like a great kid and it is wonderful to have him represent Ohio State. I have compared him to Pryor in the past and I find him such a pleasant contrast. But while it seems that Jared received the benefits that come with a solid and supportive family background, I don't know that Terrelle received the same. Since I haven't seen the same nice family stories written, I have guessed that maybe it wasn't so great always for TP. Maybe I've missed them, but the stories about Jared's childhood and homelife have been plentiful and wonderful at the same time. Anyway, just trying to keep this in mind as I think about Terrelle. It can make all the difference.

Comment 09 Sep 2010

Your post brought back my own memories. My father died that season--in early November, the day before the Purdue game. He was an OSU grad and he turned all of us into lifelong fans. It seemed we won one incredible game after another that year. He was in the hospital and tried to watch the games, but most of the time we would be reading the write up from the newspaper to him on Sunday. There must have been a lot of Buckeyes up there watching the National Championship game with your mother and my dad. Go Buckeyes!