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Comment 09 Oct 2019
I was reading it and waiting to see the actual link with how Adam was directly affected by Grant's situation. It never surfaced lol...I do feel that someone was probably affected by it but it wasn't Adam. Also, Adam wanting to only go to Cal Poly is cool because we all have goals. However he really caused his own issue by not even entertaining other D1 offers. Grant's family should be ashamed of themselves regardless though. Great read but definitely misleading.
Comment 25 Aug 2019
Tough to compare because they are so different. Both are good but Popeye's is much juicier. Pro tip: get a side of Sweet Heat sauce or Blackened Ranch and put that on the Popeye's one. Thank me later!
Comment 12 Aug 2019
Liverpool is my squad...I was a bit disappointed that they didn't gather any depth for the attack in the transfer market but I feel like the squad is still really good. It will be tough to beat out City but it's not impossible. Health will be a key factor. YNWA
Comment 12 May 2019
My daughter played against her when she was a freshman and as a sophmore it was apparent that she was the truth. She was an absolute beast as a damn freshman!! Can't wait to see what she does this upcoming season.
Comment 31 Dec 2018
This needed to happen but I am grateful for the good times that Marvin brought. Those years prior to his hiring were so damn terrible and he came in and brought us back to respectability. Of course the playoff losses sucked but even being IN the playoffs was great compared to being 2-14. I'm hoping we get someone in who can get us over the hump but I won't hold my breath due to Mike Brown still being at the helm.
Comment 29 Nov 2018

Whew...I dislocated my shoulder playing hoop as well. Hurts like hell! He can wear a harness and still play but if it’s a tear (labrum or rotator cuff) it most likely will come out again regardless. I hope that he recovers well and does whatever is recommended. 

Comment 16 Nov 2018

I saw the play where Ed Oliver got injured. It was a very nasty cut block against Navy and he’s extremely lucky that he escaped with a bruised knee. I can’t blame him if he sits the rest of the way out after seeing that play. That was a strange interaction that I am sure is stemming from him not being out there. Coach could’ve been let that go but who knows what else has happened that led up to it.

Comment 07 Oct 2018
I'm excited about what he's doing with that program. He's making his rounds throughout our high schools here and not just the GCL schools. I hope he keeps it up.
Comment 25 Aug 2018

As someone who coached AAU for years and had a daughter who played as well, some of the evaluators are full of shit lol...if you attend their camps religiously it increases your ratings..if not, you get a good rating if you’re elite but not as good as player X who isn’t as good as you are but they have a good relationship with them. Not all of them are like that but I’ve seen some shady stuff go down over the years.