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Comment 13 Aug 2017

I saw that picture as well. I honetsly had no idea but that was cool to see. 

Comment 13 Aug 2017

All points are correct. How could Kam try to fight one of the few people (Coach Williams) who actually cared about him as a person?? That amongst various other things showed that he has a lot of growing up to do. Buddy....that guy is just a terrible person. Wright was dealt a bad deal in life but he isn't doing much to make it better. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Undefeated!!!! Lol seriously 10-6 like many others have said. I'm excited about the weapons on offense. If Eifert is healthy he unlocks it all IMO. The O line is questionable so I hope they can gel early. The defense will be good though I am concerned about the DB's. If the D line does it's job then it will all come together. 

Comment 11 Jul 2017

Yes, Adolphus is my nephew so I have some insight on it. The best thing I can say is that it's not at all what it seems. A misunderstanding would be a good term to apply here. And I am not one for excuses either. Some of the reports I read made it seem like he waved it around or something crazy lol...again not even close to the case. You are correct in saying celebrity has it's own set of rules. If this were you or I, this would be a whole different story. It's sad but the reality of it is he also has to fully understand that this is the case as well. Gotta be alert about everything at all times. As you said you can be given a label off of a few mistakes. 

Comment 11 Jul 2017
Wish I could say more but I will say that if the details really do come out, most people will see that the situation was less than optimal but completely different than his first situation on many levels. This should've never even made the news but.....
Comment 23 Jun 2017

You are spot on. The emphasis on having a title to validate you really took off after MJ, the rise of social media and the rise of talking heads I would say. Before that guys still moved around but not many top tier guys.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Your point is valid for a guy the Cavs already have too: Richard Jefferson. He looked finished before he got to Cleveland and now he's a key rotational piece.