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Comment 07 Aug 2019

I think being a good/nice/cool person and being really terrible at your job at the same time is entirely possible. Glad to hear he's not such an asshat IRL though.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Man, that 2012 team perplexes me. I had built up for the tournament all year the previous year only for the team to get dropped in the sweet sixteen, then comes out and makes it to the final four in 2012. I vividly remember Amir Williams' performance and how surprised I was that they beat Syracuse.

Honestly though, even if they had pulled out the W against Kansas, there was no way they were beating UK in the championship...

Comment 03 Oct 2018

I believe you are correct... Following that logic (the NCAA's, not yours), they shouldn't even be going out onto the field.

Comment 03 Oct 2018

So much rattling around in my brain regarding the targeting call against Pryor. That play unfolded nearly identically to the way that Trevor Lawrence just got hurt (offensive player's helmet to the defensive player's shoulder pad). I didn't see anyone say that should be targeting, but haven't looked either. If by the rules that should be targeting, then fine, but then explain to me how Joey Bosa was ejected for what happened in the Fiesta Bowl...

Could definitely watch that brotherhood video all day...

Comment 08 Feb 2018

The amount of double digit deficits this team gets into makes it hard for me to imagine much past a sweet 16 run. It’s just not sustainable long term to battle back from 10-15 down against tournament teams.

however, anyone can lose on any given night - if #s 1 & 3 can lose on a random Wednesday in february, OSU has a chance to make a run.