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Dad went to OSU and took me to my first OSU game when I was 3 and hooked ever since. From 2004 through 2013, went to every home game.

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Comment 14 Oct 2019

I was going to chime in and say the same thing.  Fox gets first pick on which week they pick first. Which for the last 3 years (since the new TV contract) they always say they will pick first for the last weekend of the year, aka OSU-TTUN.  But then ABC/ESPN gets their pick on which week they pick first and just a guess, but I bet they picked 10/26 as allowing them first dibs. aka ND-TTUN.  And so on it goes for each week.  

Comment 25 Sep 2019

I believe it goes something like this:

In the offseason, Fox and Disney go week by week to determine who gets the first pick of games.  Fox always gets the first pick (of which week they get to decide which game first) due to the most recent tv agreements the BigTen made with each.  Thats why for the foreseeable future, the OSU-UM game will be on Fox.  Fox has chosen that week as their first choice to be 1st in line to pick every year so far.  Looking at future schedules, the UM-ND game on 10/26 is already determined on either ABC/ESPN.  Which just guessing, that Disney looked at the rest of the Big Ten schedule for every game and chose that as their week to have 1st pick. Assuming that, then Fox will get the 2nd pick (they alternate to a certain level with BTN, but I'm not sure how far it goes each week) of games played that day.  I would bet its a noon game on Fox for the Big Noon game.  

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I'm pretty sure that their stadium is modeled after Ohio Stadium. If you look at older pictures, the arches and "towers" on the sideline stands look similar to The Shoe. 

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I went to the 2008 OSU-UW game.  When Pryor had the option from 10ish yards out to win it with a few minutes to go.  If I recall, the UW Band was suspended for that game for hazing, so it had an odd environment, but a complete awesome experience.

One of my buddies at OSU is from Milwaukee and we went to the Kollege Klub (And State St. Brats)  Kollege Klub is definitely the quintessential looking college bar.  I believe you go downstairs, kinda like how Cheers looks, to get in there (I could be wrong, I was over-served that evening).  Has the wooden spindles and 1960s era Big Ten school logos/helmets.  Definitely worth checking out.

When we went to KK, my buddy from Milwaukee was wearing a Brewers jersey and OSU Hat and OSU Zip Up hoodie over the jersey.  Brewers made the playoffs and were playing the Phillies that night, so we were out and about on that Thursday before the game. It was last call at the KK (Is last call in Wisconsin at 1:30 on Thursdays?) and the bartender says "Last call, Last call! and looks like some a$$holes are by the door"  It was my buddies and I.  So the entire bar does finger point and chant "@$$-Hole! @$$-Hole!" We take it in stride and have fun. 

For the actual tailgating, the lakes definitely make it a great atmosphere that is just, simply, different then OSU.  Tailgating in a yard right on the lake is a pretty cool setting.

All in all, its a great town, and a lot more fun when OSU wins.  

Comment 11 Jul 2019

We stayed at a hotel in the Latin District (or Latin Quarter, something like that) in Paris.  Its near the fountain at Saint Michel.  That area is pretty lively and a fun place.  A lot of cafes/bars/shops.  Our favorite restaurant that we went to was "Au Bougnat".  Its on the same island in the Seine that Notre Dame is on.  Just a block or so away.  We did a river cruise at night, that was great to see the city all lit up. Especially the Eiffel Tower from the river.

Comment 25 Jul 2018

Going down memory lane.  Before the Michigan game in 1995, thinking we were going to win and go to the Rose Bowl, my family got Rose Bowl Parade tickets (we had family in San Diego) and were going to get tickets once we knew.  Well lo and behold, UGH.  However we still went to visit family that winter break and went to the parade.  That was pretty cool experience for a 9 year old.  However, it was obviously a bummer in the back of our mind of OSU not being there.

Next year, after we clinched the Rose Bowl with the Indiana win, I remember my dad saying come hell or high water, we are going to the game.  Being that it was pre-internet ticket buying days, I can still picture my dad sitting at our kitchen table with the phone, and dialing into the Buckeye Club hotline number for Rose Bowl tickets.  He knew it was going to be busy, so he parked himself there for an hour or more, just picking up the phone, dial, busy signal, hang up, re-dial, rinse and repeat until he got through. 

I'm 32 now, 10 at that time (wow time flies). But I can remember the game winning touchdown from my view, like it was yesterday.  I've been very fortunate to be at dozens and dozens of games because of my families season tickets growing up and being a student, but I dont think any game will top that one for me.

Ironically, my wife, whom I did not meet until 15 years after, was sitting about a section or 2 down from me with her family at that game as well.  We still tell our experiences from that day to each others families all the time.  Great memories.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

My dad has been in a golf league for 30 years, and they have always played at Homestread Springs on Weds. nights.  I will fill in every once in awhile.  Probably know every tree/grass blade on that course.  Fun little course.

The Links at Groveport is also a fun course.  Front 9 is an old course with narrow fairways and small greens.  Back 9 is more open and wider spacing.

Comment 27 Oct 2017

Sword, I think the common "answer" that Penn State fans want to believe is that the Big Ten wants to protect OSU/UM and by doing so, they have to make sure PSU doesn't upstage them, since they clearly would have otherwise (rolls eyes).  Thus the conspiracy of making sure they get screwed. 

Comment 09 Oct 2017

My wife is a nurse there.  That is correct on the parking.  The South Cannon Polo lots (or "the pit" as they called it) was for employees with "B" parking passes (and some "C" I think? could be wrong).  They moved all of that parking to west campus.  If you are a regular driver of Lane Ave, west of Kenny Rd, the new light by the intramural fields was put in for more access to the parking, to give an idea on that location.  At first, the idea was parking off Ackerman, north of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, but they ended up moving it further west by Fred Beekman Park.  They supposedly have dedicated shuttles that should be there every 10-15 minutes (or maybe more during rush hours), but in the experience of my wife, that hasn't been the case.  Fortunately for us, we live in Clintonville, and she just rides her bike to work more then not, as its much quicker. 

In her experience working there for over 5 years now, it all depends on which department (like most other employers) you are in.  She has been in a fantastic unit, but also in another that was dreadful for employee "work-life" balance.  Overall, the perks can be great (her insurance is much better then mine, which I work in the private sector, access to football tickets, etc...) but specifically for nursing area's, they have been in hiring freeze's and its left some departments thin.  This has chapped some people there, as OSU recently reported a 3.4 billion dollar revenue at the medical center. 

Comment 29 Aug 2017

In the past few years, the "away" sections are generally around 6/8/10AA and around 4/6/8C.  Being that its Maryland and not Nebraska or Iowa or some other fanbase with a notorious traveling section.  I bet that in your entire section, there might be 4 or 6 random Maryland fans at most, scattered because they bought tickets off Stubhub or something.  But 22B, although is seated behind the Maryland bench, is not a part of the away section that Maryland was given to sell. 

Comment 29 Aug 2017

I like many fine craft beers and the like, but for gamedays its Coors Light for the Silver Bullets.  Then since I live in Clintonville and can walk to the stadium, we usually always have people over before the game, let them park at our place and have a starting point with indoor plumbing and other games on tv.  Before everyone heads to the game, we do a game of Thunderstruck.  Then whenever TTUN loses, we play a rousing version of The Victors with everyone singing along with the correct lyrics that we all affectionately know and love here in Ohio.

Comment 23 Aug 2017

The official gametime has not been announced.  However it was said that this game will either be at 3:30 or 4:00, just depending on which network picks it a few weeks out.  The BigTen always announces Homecoming game times in the summer before.  They don't wait until the standard 12 days prior notification.  3:30 or 4 isn't much of a difference.  But at least we know its that general time frame, not noon or night.

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Assuming its the same this year with the new TV deals that include Fox, then generally game times that aren't already known by now, are announced 12 days in advance (essentially 2 Mondays prior to the game).  On occasion, the TV Partners can decide on electing to announce only 6 days in advance if they want to wait another week for some game results.  So worst case scenario is the Sunday prior to each game.

Comment 15 Aug 2017


The Polo Lot is where you circled Dodd lot in that map.  They used to be polo/intramural fields, but years ago, were paved over for concrete parking. 

I don't have a specific answer regarding the Vet parking lot, as it seems like "Public Day-Of Game Parking" and "Permit Required Parking" lots can/do change from year to year.  However if that lot is still public, the general way into that is via Lane Ave, South on Fyffe Ave, East on Woody Hayes Dr, then South on Coffey Rd. (at least in the past).

At least in the past, the "Coffey Road Lots" are where you have circled on your map.  Which is where the buses drop off people that park on west campus lots by the new Intramural Fields (Fred Beekman Park).  I know as of around 2-3 years ago, those were still public, but I believe as of last year, they became permit. 

Hope this help.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

Best: tie with 2016 TTUN game and 1997 Rose Bowl

My family went to the 1997 Rose Bowl and when Boston caught that game winning TD pass from Germaine, that was my first pure euphoria moment as a fan.  Everyone in the OSU section high fiving/hugging anyone around them.  I was in 5th grade and most of the games I would go with my Dad were the Bowling Green/Indiana/Purdue type games.  So this was by far the biggest game/tension filled ending.

This past years TTUN game, my wife and I were sitting in 29C, so for the 2nd OT being in the north end, we are standing and looking to our left.  My wife was standing to my right, and as soon as Curtis cut back through the opening, admittedly, I never saw him score/hop/spread his arms.  I immediately turned to my wife and picked her up screaming because of our line of sight, he was clearly scoring.