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Comment 01 Feb 2020

dont sleep on jack miller..

dude is already looking like a tim tebow clone in the weight room...and he's no slouch slinging it too.


i'm thinking under Day the depthcart @ QB will vary week to week...

you show the juice and have a great'll be up. the next week you lack energy and perform less great... you'll be down.

simple as that.

also, no reason to intentionally burn a RS for either QB...  that doesnt fit osu's credo of doing whats best for the player

and both QB should on the joe burrow 3 year plan: complete and get developed for 3 years...take a heavy course load with a target be a graduate student for your RS-Jr year.

by that time they'll either be be QB1 for the buckeyes..   or have a full toolbox to have compete(and win) Qb1 and at their choice of programs (and still have 2 more years to play)

Comment 20 Sep 2019

i dont know if i'd call this kid a volume scorer right out of HS (KD at texas was an anomaly)... but then again this kis was only a sophomore in those videos. mucho time to refine his game before college.

i'd call him a brandom ingram 2.0

has a similar game to a ingram at that equally skilled with ball..but he is taller and much more length. and this kid is more competitive and has a bit of a dog in him. (all things you simply can't teach)

but if i'm an ohio state fan i'm thinking this is my #1 wanted recruit. (i dont think think he will come close to his ceiling in college. i see him as top nba prospect..not necessarily college)...but his length and skillset would be undefendable with holtmann

Comment 24 Jul 2019

my impression is that the author is a closeted *ichigan fan...or buckeye hater.

(why else would anyone waste even thinking about the guy...much less showing admiration)

Comment 18 Jan 2019

then add AP and college credit from high school..and it makes sense.

Joe Burrow already showed how it's done... he *could* have competed @OSU in spring...and then transferred before summer to workout/win the team @ miami with 3 years eligibility if things dont work out in columbus

after spring he could also accurately scout the competition.

it is a huge gamble for Tate not staying to graduate ...and potentially a critical error.

imo, Tate martell was advised poorly....and life decisions seemed to have been made emotionally....

this may cost him a football career, unfortunately.

that freshman QB in miami is a bigtime arm talent.  he redshirted not because he isnt good....but because he was physically immature (not ready) as a true freshman. the kid as 3 years and done type potential, imo.

i'm thinking the family didnt even know about Jarren Williams....nor that other phyiscally immature kid at OSU that would eventually develop into the NFL draft's QB1.

even if Tate is eligible in the fall.. there would be no surprise for manny to allow them to compete well into the season.

Yes, you want to get the reps in spring ball...  but if tate's waiver is denied(odds are not great for tate)... he will watch a now more physically "ready" Jarren Williams win the job...get all the reps..gain that experience...and holds onto QB1 until the NFL comes calling.

..then we'll watch tate leave coral gables for a CFL tryout after a year.

his legacy being the kid from vegas that turned himself into a meme (ie striking out twice)