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MEMBER SINCE   August 30, 2010

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I go to the UM game every year. My favorites are a tie: Gonzo's catch in 2005, Wil Allen interception in 2002; seeing Bo and Woody on opposite sidelines in 1978 (my first Game, Woody’s last), the singing of Carmen Ohio in Michigan Stadium after JT's first win in 2001; Brian Robiski's end zone catch in 2006; Troy Smith entering the field for his final Game in 06; Evan Turner's shot; Beanie's long TD run in Ann Arbor; Art the Dart dancing into the end zone in 81, The Brooklyn Dagger in ‘16, Haskins off the bench ... there are more....
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith and JTBIV, wolverine killers
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner, wolverine killer
  • NFL TEAM: Bucs and Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Caps
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 03 Dec 2019

I go every (other) year.  This was my 19th time there.  I would say under 30 percent. — but more than 25. So i would say it was very close. Remember, all the boxes, the sidelines, the students ...  the home crowd was over 70 percent for sure when the first half began  

And of course very few of their fans had the balls to stay until the final seconds ticked off. By then it was 85-90 percent OSU fans. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

They honored the 69 team Saturday. But of course. Always living in the past. I was there 10 years ago when they honored them then — and lost that one too.  And that 69 team is the reason we get fired up. Go Bucks. Never stop hating  

We are preparing now for next year.  They’re singing Mr Brightside and Living on a Prayer. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

this is awesome. 34-24-2 in my lifetime and i have seen many great games. Many great moments  

I have been going to The Game yearly since 1978 but missed 4 (2 away. 2 home. 2 losses. 2 wins). My record is 21-15-1. 

And before Urban i had a losing record. Seems long ago and i hope to keep it that way. I am 9-9 in Ann Arbor, so this is my year to go back in the win column there. (Haven’t been there since the first game up there in 81) 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

How should they act? 

i’n going to Ann Arbor for the 19th time next week  i expect lots of grief  And possibly a punch thrown. I will be loud and —,some would say - obnoxious — as i have been in wins and losses. (I’m 9-9 so a chance to finally get back on the winning side).  I don't care and i hope they don’t “expect” certain behavior. Just win. 

Comment 21 Nov 2019

Not everyone needs a tailor. I used to, but my current body type fits a  slim fit with no tailoring. 

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Why would they be upset?  He’s the worst in-game coach of a ranked team. Clock management and fourth quarter play calling are atrocious. 

Now he is a good (often negative) recruiter and has great interaction with the fan base. And he goes to decent bowls. I guess that’s enough for PSU fans. 

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Just beat them. That’s all that matters.

 But predicting 52-10.  And that horrible smell will be coming from the loaded khaki pants in Ann Arbor when Harbaugh and Brown finally realize what’s coming.