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Comment 07 Jan 2019
While I agree with it being possible that the best teams can come from the same conference, I think it is a stretch to call the conference championship a fraud. The playoff committee probably needs to set standards on how teams earn their way into championship games so it's uniform across eligible conferences. That way, it's I could see it being a "more fair" way of selecting. Doing it that way adds importance for in conference games. The biggest problem with the current format is the criteria for being the "best team" isn't consistent and is very subjective. The subjectivity leads to regional/personal bias or politics. When that becomes apparent, trust in the system breaks down. I feel including more teams might help insure the actual best teams are included (see 2014, 2015, or last year). It would still have flaws, like a higher probability of blowouts in the first round (especially for group 5 teams), but it would increase the likelihood the best team wins. **Note... I am of the thought that it was good we were not included in the playoffs this year due to or very suspect defense.**
Comment 30 Sep 2018

I made that mistake last year. Turned off the game when OSU turned it over at the end of the third... I wondered about the score and turned it back on with less than 2 min to play... Boy was I shocked. I regret losing faith and giving up on them. I can honestly say that even when we were down and got stopped on the 4th and 1, I never had that hopeless feeling like we were going to lose. I had that feeling that we would figure out how to win again this year. I am glad I watched the whole thing this year!!!