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Comment 25 Sep 2019

King--it's always a party if you're coming.  I don't have a blow-up Brutus but should have a healthy supply of bourbon.  Need to finish it before SOBER OCTOBER starts.  


Comment 13 Sep 2019

"The firm who runs your 401k, isn't making money off of the changes you make within the 401k.  If they are giving you suggestions, it's because it's in your best interest.  It has to be.  Huge companies like Apple, ATT, Microsoft etc pay a lot of money to a firm for that firm to take care of their participants."

Bt--this is quite the chocolate-covered portrayal.  Some of the largest companies in America have faced class action lawsuits for charging astronomical fees in 401K plans and worse, receiving kickbacks from the funds they include in their plans.  Since when have huge companies taken care of their participants?  

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Young investors, where to put that money......a toppy stock market? A toppier real estate market?  In a bank earning 1% interest??  Boomers in the early 80's just had to throw money in stocks and bonds and go to the beach.  Not so for the younger gens.  

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I've hiked it a few times.  You can't just stand on the rim and twiddle your thumbs.  Hike to the river. 

We camped on the canyon floor once.  Three of us.  We brought one sleeping bag, ciggies, a bug candle and a fifth of Jack Daniels.  The park rangers were not too happy with us but whatevs.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Haunted Charleston Ghost Tour.  And it's pet friendly if you are traveling with fido.  It's pretty awesome.

Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island is cool too.  And it's around the corner from Bill Murray's crib.  Might see him wrangling a pitching wedge.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

1. Cabo Del Sol, Ocean Course.  7 holes on the ocean. 

A close second: Pinehurst no.2.  As comedian Lewis Black once quipped, go to your basement and hit balls from the concrete floor onto a card table.  If you get the balls to stay on the table, you're ready to play Pinehurst.  Punishing.

Comment 25 Jan 2019

NuLeaf set us straight Hellvis.  It was our performance-enhancing advantage.  Ninja had no chance.

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Stallion Mountain.  Seven minutes from the strip.  This is the best kept golf secret in Vegas.  In Feb of 2018, we paid $30 per man, not including club rental.  I was dubious when I booked it because every other course was in $75-$100 range, if not much higher.  I was pleasantly surprised with a great track in really good condition.  Fast greens and fairways.  It was almost 80 degrees the day we played so that prob helped.  Excellent range and clubhouse too.  We will definitely be back.

Comment 13 Dec 2018
Set the cruise control and drift over to the right lane. Beautiful. Delaney's Rascal Scooter does not sport a Buckeye bumper sticker.
Comment 09 Dec 2018

Master Teague III.  He's country strong--Murfreesboro, TN.  And doesn't shy away from contact.  Prob faster than most think--ran a 4.3 in HS.  Not as big as Beanie but his punishing style and stiff-arm reminds me of the big guy.  I was really hoping he got some more action this year but was buried on depth chart.  Teague is a guy who should get us those 1-3 yards when we need them.  Hope he sticks around.  He had offers from Auburn, Georgia and ND.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Jerry Jones has a stadium full of money and would gamble every cent for a proven winner.  Reunion with Zeke and maybe Haskins?  He would have them in the Super Bowl in 2 years max.  He can get healthy, stay in touch, do TV and have any job he wants in a few years.  He's pathologically competitive--in the best way possible for a team sport.  Can't put that personality in a closet and sit on a beach forever.  Did you notice how Urban was still "in charge" of the press conference, giving recruiting orders to Day, then kind of catching himself?  It's in his DNA, cyst or no cyst.  Dude is an old-school warrior. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018

So Big Jim and Urban are informing us here with their acquiescence to the CFP cabal.  I mean, if our head football coach and conference commish aren't bothered by the committee bias and conference snub year after year, why should we?  Delaney and Urban confirmed as much.  Playoff doesn't matter.  Very smart committee members, they have a tough job.  National titles, meh.  We are super happy with whatever they give us.

I might just follow their lead and watch/support/worry less about the season's results. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018
Won't be watching any of it. 2018 was a season of manufactured drama. And this committee debacle is the icing on the shit cake. My viewership has to be earned. It's probably healthy for most of us to step away for a bit and reevaluate our priorities.
Comment 28 Nov 2018

The opaque nature of the committee criteria is to blame.  And I think it's by design.  Are they choosing the best football teams right now?  or is it the best football team from a game on October 20th in West Lafayette? 

Mr. Bungle does not entertain conspiracies but I think there is an undercurrent of politics in this sham.  The committee slapped a scarlet letter on our back for the Meyer controversy.  Wins and losses don't matter diddly.  These ice skating judges are imposing their own suspension on the Buckeyes. 

Comment 05 Nov 2018

This.  If you're going to give up a score on every possession anyway, why not try some new blood in the lineup? 

Comment 30 Oct 2018

Money.  That's all it is.  That's everything.  $15 million, $20 million, $30 million, $100 million?  Lottery ticket indeed.  No need to risk injury.  And all that money buys lots of houses, cars, clothes to put on Instagram.  How many bedrooms in that mansion?  11 bedrooms.  Why did you buy a house with 11 bedrooms?  Because that's what is expected.  But you were a Team Captain.  But I have 11 bedrooms.

Lots of future millionaires on our squad.  What are they risking this Saturday?  And the next Saturday? 


Comment 26 Oct 2018

Slayer - War Ensemble

Comment 24 Oct 2018

So well written Ramzy.  Tip of the cap for the bourbon recommendations.  Sober October is killing me.

Regarding the perturbations of this sideline Meyer character, an interesting time travel experiment would be to extend the Meyer suspension through the Purdue game.  Would the results be different?  Would we play more relaxed without the sideline anxiety? Prior to Meyer's return, we seemed like playground ballers.  This is absolutely unfair to Urbz but I'd like to run this experiment in another simulation.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

To use baseball as an example, Nick Bosa just got an October call-up to the majors.  His triple-A squad was in the hunt for a championship but the big club needed him more.  Sorry triple-A.  You can make do with what you have left.

The real question is who gets called up next?  Campbell, Weber, Jordan, Haskins, Sheffield?  If Bosa can get called up, why not the rest?  What if they collectively decide to sit out the playoffs?  If one or two sit, why not the others?  And if you don't blame Nick, can you blame the rest?  Does Nick deserve the money more than Sheffield?  More than Haskins?