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Comment 24 Apr 2019

You know it would be extremely funny if TTUN had to vacate their victories against us this century.  Read on MGO that this player payment scheme extends back to the last years of Carr and forward through to the Hoke era.  The TSUN fan site meltdowns would be epic.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Thanks for the clarification!  I was confused by the "Co-East Champs", since they lost in the east and we were undefeated.  Curious distinctions, is the title co-east champ accurate?  There must be some tie breaking mechanism otherwise they would have played in the B1G Championship game, correct?  So they have a similar B1G conference record to tOSU but are not Co-anythings based upon B1G rules?  One would imagine their loss to ND would play into this as well.  Just trying to figure out the logic of it all, which I'm sure someone will rightly remind me has to place when pondering TTUN.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

I don't know all the facts about Lewan, but if the worst he did was punch an MSU fan at a bar who likely was talking smack, I'd chalk that up to be being an immature college guy, rather than a bad person. 

Frankly, if by now you don't know Lewan threatened a rape victim was reported by teammates for making the threat and there was a public document about the incident at one time, it was linked through one of the aforementioned discussion boards, then friend you are simply not trying.

However, if a UM fan does the same thing here they are greeted with numerous name calling, no concessions on any points regardless of the data provided, and requests to leave.

I'll just repeat what I said above, I find it peculiar for those who throw the first stones are then shocked by all the broken glass.   

Comment 25 Mar 2019

When you say "I wonder if there will be a sequel shirt listing all the highly ranked recruits who bailed on them" that insinuates that UM is getting more guys "bailing" on them than other schools.

I have no idea if there were more bailing from AA (wasn't my point) than other places and what it insinuates to you again is what you read into the statement much like the numbers you claimed I wrote but didn't.  Another straw man argument made by you.  It should be enough for a man to own his words but you want me to be responsible for your poor reading skills and interpretations rather than seeking from me my meaning or intent without further accusations, e.g. "flippant dis".  Apparently that is not your way, so continue to show your ass, it is who you are.

If memory serves me right, your argument regarding Gibbons was in regards to the fanbase supporting him.  So, I cited various Mgoblog comments that showed they were not

This is yet another false statement, no such words were drafted by me in the previous thread, so your memory doesn't serve you right.  For the record, I didn't rely on memory, I went back and reread the aforementioned thread and directly quoted both of us in context. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

You are once again glossing over the context of these comments.  You said in the prior thread, "From my perspective OSU and UM are culturally different.  OSU's culture seems to value winning above all else.  A coach or player with some questionable ethics or mis-steps (Tressel, Meyer, etc.) is still celebrated if he wins games.  UM's culture wants to win, but is not willing to do so at the cost of violating its principles."  This is a direct quote from the thread.

Many 11 Warrior regulars commented on your "observations" and Gibbons and Lewan were introduced into the thread.  You then started talking about the concussion protocols and Brian Cook's critical comments of Dave Brandon with regards to the concussion protocols.

I cannot speak to when your fanbase knew about Gibbons and Taylor, many of the documents were public with appropriate redactions.  I discovered some information in a thread on the ESPN website in the discussion section while both were underclassmen.  There appeared to be a group of UM students who were outraged the administration was not engaged so they went public in various discussion boards, ESPN, FREEP, Mlive, etc.

You said,  "Much of the reaction to my comment has been pointing towards UM fans and their attitudes or opinions.  As the owner of a fan blog he is a good representation of the fan base."

I then responded, "The discussion was about Lewan and Gibbons, not the concussion protocols.  If he (Brian) is a good representative of the fan base, you should be able to reference the countless articles he authored lambasting the football program for their turning a blind eye towards Gibbons and Lewan, there must be several articles over a four year period, right?"  At this point I honestly hoped there had been a series of articles during the tenures of both players.  You didn't respond.  I searched on my own and could not find any.

I'll conclude by saying this, I knew about the Gibbons/Lewan incidents years before their eligibility expired.  Some students took the message public and they were vocal enough that this old dude who rarely visits other fan websites heard about it so, I can only conclude there was information available to those who wanted to know for some period of time.  Things like labeling a fan base immoral are above my pay grade but I am always amazed by the reactions of those who throw stones first and then complain about broken glass.  

Comment 25 Mar 2019

I'm still waiting on your evidence on the transfer numbers.  So far you haven't proven anything.

​I cannot help you understand because you are once again creating a straw man argument.  Where did I reference numbers?  I didn't so the reference is in your mind not in the written words in this thread, so I cannot clarify statement I didn't make.  I commented highly touted recruits bailed--this is an accurate statement.  You glossed over the transfers' cryptic messages which was the point not the number of transfers which again here too I did not reference a number.

But I can clarify, you did not get back to me with any Brian Cook references from the previous discussion nor did you list any in the previous thread, just what appeared to be anonymous comments from threads (?) making some point but they were not attributed to Brian Cook so I didn't miss anything, you are fogging again.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Mr. Actionstanltyjackson,

One of the telling things from this while episode is the lack of support and celebration of those players who reported Taylor Lewan for making that threat.  One would think they would be heralded as “Michigan Men”, however Gibbons played until virtually the end of his eligibility, was allowed to attend the awards banquet after after being banned from the school and campus, and Taylor Lewan completed his tenure at TSUN.  Curious value system has been established for Michigan Men.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

When I first read the thread title, I envisioned a shirt with Coach Harbaugh's face with the word "Loser" beneath.  I completely missed the point until I read the intro.  Upon reflection it still feels like he is throwing his players under the bus.  It seems to me the best coaches evaluate their talent and create schemes to put his players in the best positions to accomplish their goals.  The press conference after the MSU game which ended with the blocked punt return for a MSU touchdown and victory, has left an enduring memory.  At the press conference, Coach H was asked why they were not lined up in maximum protection formation and he said the kicker should have caught the ball and would not take any responsibility for the blunder.  This shirt feels like a continuation of that episode.

Comment 25 Mar 2019

As is usually the case, you either move the goal posts, ignore the points being made, or create a straw man argument.  Completely unrelated to the argument being made in the aforementioned thread, you interjected Brian of MGO--your link to an article which was posted after Gibbons was released from the football program is hardly then the harbinger of moral outrage 4 years after the fact, so this yet is another nonsensical argument presumably meant to fog the actual points being made.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

It is completely accurate and you know it, so I believe you were going to get back to me with links for all those articles from MGO decrying the long tenure of Gibbons after the rape charges, haven't seen it yet.  (Hint: It doesn't exist, you made the inaccurate hot take).

Comment 23 Mar 2019

I wonder if there will be a sequel shirt listing all the highly ranked recruits who bailed on them with a separate column for those who transferred including their UM cryptic tweets once they left?  Then there needs to be a video of the clock management skills portrayed by their head coach.