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Comment 23 Sep 2019


More than fair response imho on your part, Blu not only said it but defended it as well so if we bristle over remarks by Clay Travis who only attacked one (former) coach how does he skate when he attacked two (Larry Johnson included)? In a now deleted thread, he lashed out at a few posters for caricaturing Coach Harbaugh’s name, claiming he was greatly offended but his smearing of the coaches with accessories to child rape were for some strange reason okay.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

You and come on here and add to the discussion

So you are saying when Blu.Fan said two of our coaches covered up for Jerry Sandusky so he could continue raping children, he meant it in a good way?

Comment 21 Sep 2019

So a savior, a defensive genius, and an offensive genius walk into Ann Arbor and claim victory before the season what could go wrong?  Don’t forget Harbaugh said at B1G Ten presser he would bet on TTUN to win the B1G. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Perhaps the Wisconsin Marching Band can play some Pink Floyd Jefferson Airplane or early Starship to distract the medicated Charbonnet.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

There is nothing about UM even remotely scary at this point.

Have you not seen a Coach Harbaugh post game press conference?