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Comment 31 Mar 2020
Spot on. Look no further than his decision to take Sean Brewer from San Jose one yr. TE who smoked a pack a day. Lol. They had no idea. Give em credit for adding Justin Smith, Chad, Rudi and TJ in that draft though.
Comment 31 Mar 2020
Agreed - see Marvin Lewis. He's gone and now it's a 35 yr old assistant wr coach. Pre Marvin - 2 14 and the #1 pick Post Marvin - 2 14 and the #1 pick
Comment 31 Mar 2020
Housh has talked about how they gave out used jocs in the early 2000s. Their access to water at practice was to stand in line at a water fountain. Marvin corrected a lot when he was there but mike brown, his daughter and her husband are a lot to overcome. Maybe you didn't watch them back then or don't remember what this franchise was like. I don't know. Maybe Joe burrow can turn it around though. I'm pulling for him but I think it's more likely they continue to be awful than win in the playoffs.
Comment 31 Mar 2020
Spartan thinks Joe will definitely turn the Bengals around and I hope he's right. Carson was an elite talent, but you're right he didn't live up to what he was capable of. I've followed them for 20 years and it's rough. I'm just skeptical they know how to fix the franchise, I'm not sure winning is Mike Brown's top priority.
Comment 31 Mar 2020

Palmer was an elite talent and they couldn't win with him.

I doubt Joe Burrow will do any better than Carson did in Cincy.

My point is the bengals are the issue, not the QB.

They're poorly run.  TJ's talked about it multiple times.

Joe Burrow will not lead them to playoff wins.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

He was no doubt an elite talent; heisman winner and #1 overall pick.

Was considered next in line after Peyton and Tom back in '05.

Made an NFC c'ship game with the cards.

Yes, Carson Palmer was an elite talent.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

They also never won a playoff game with an elite talent in Carson Palmer.

It's the bungles man; they'll continue to suck.

Marvin stabilized that shit show of a franchise and he got stale or burnt out and they moved on.  I can't imagine they're better off without him.

The steelers and ravens will continue to run that division.

Comment 07 Mar 2020

Thought he might get a promotion. Getting on osu fans bad side is usually good for business, I bet their site had more views than ever because of this. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Sucks he was closeted. If anyone could’ve come out while they played it would’ve been Aaron. 

I swear 100 years from now people will look back and think it’s effed up America looked at gay athletes the way we currently do the same way we think it’s effed up how black athletes used to be treated. 

Hopefully it happens sooner. America’s getting there.