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Comment 13 Nov 2019

What a fucking shit show. I always liked Greeny and I can’t imagine he thought any of this was okay; I wish he or Maria would’ve called him out on it.

So fucking disrespectful of an entire group

And those two morons geeking in the background good lord  

Stay woke Desmond.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I remember that from the draft and still sing it occasionally. 

Comment 03 Nov 2019

J woodbey

marv wilson

cam Akers (although osu got dobbins)

mistakes guys. Choose wisely

Comment 28 Sep 2019

Releasing balloons is one of the dumbest fucking things on the planet. 

Where the fuck do you think those end up?

In a world where we want to eliminate plastic morons still do that

Comment 28 Sep 2019

Osu is doggin nebraska

send the corn folk home and let the bucks take over the stadium

love how wandale took the first kick out to the 18 and they got a penalty and hasn’t tried one since.