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Comment 30 Jan 2012

reminder: lost letterman is operated by a michigan alumn who grew up in upper arlington. all his opinions are irrelevant.

Comment 02 Dec 2011

i had the same back problems once. dropped sixty points in a youth basketball league the same night. not a huge deal, just letting you know how awesome i am. who is jared sullinger?

Comment 04 Aug 2011

hineygate is the worst. whenever fans from another school talk about being harassed on campus, its ALWAYS around hineygate on a saturday morning / afternoon.

they should shut it down forever.

Comment 25 May 2011

"he was one of the ONLY reasons we went undefeated."

i like that statement. very specifically vague.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

he would have been sitting on the bench due to injruies, wouldnt he? in any case, i think greg did what was best for him, which im happy about. staying one more year in college through injuries would have hurt his draft status and he would have lost some serious scratch. if he is wise with his money, he will never have to work another day in his life, and thats a major plus for someone who has had a run of bad luck causing him to miss a good chunk of his most productive money years in his carreer.

i think what weve learned through this situation is that a male models life is a precious, precious commodity. just because we have chisled abs and stunning features, doesnt mean that we too cant not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.

Comment 17 Nov 2010

"It is the Buckeyes first road win over a Top 10 non-conference opponent since they defeated Wake Forest in 1961."

clarification - it was our first TRUE away game win against a top ten team since 1961. not taking into account nuetral sites and the like. just wanted to make sure we get some credit where credit is due.

excellent win. this team is really freaking dangerous.

Comment 30 Aug 2010

me gusta bailar, y eleven warriors.