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Comment 03 Aug 2020

And we can't forget Mighty Mike Tomczak!!   :)

Steeler fan here too.  Feel bad for JT but I'm sure he find something and continue to be successful in life.  Best memory I have of him was the way he led us to victory against MSU in 2014.  He played BIG that night.

Comment 24 Jul 2020

That picture looks like the easiest yard ever.  I see one Sparty defender, so I'm assuming all the other ones were buried by the Buckeye o-line.  Looks like Byars was just being dramatic by diving over the pile of his own guys :)

Comment 24 Jul 2020

He's the first Buckeye tailback that I remember watching on TV as a kid.  Brings back memories of waking up to watch the Earl Bruce show to see the Keith Byars highlights.  Was super happy when he played for the Eagles, my favorite NFL childhood team.  He was Randall Cunningham's safety blanket out of the backfield.

Comment 23 Jul 2020

Agree about Loving.  He was a DEFINITELY a frustrating case for, Amir Williams frustrating.  Loving could shoot the ball, and if he would have consistently put forth effort and showed some killer instinct, he could've been a fan favorite.  

Agree on Tate too.  He was a beast.  Too bad he was undersized and lacked a jump shot.  He had the heart of a lion, and went to the rim like a bull.  Would be nice to get a kid like Tate every year.

Comment 22 Jul 2020

"He's a team guy.  ...Two or three years to develop him, I think he'll become the guy on wherever he goes."

I like hearing this stuff from his coach, and I really hope he and Ohio State stay the course and we, as fans, get to enjoy watching him be a Buckeye for 2 to 4 years.  Seems tricky nowadays with the transfer portal and the current culture of D-1 college basketball. Would be great to watch these in state kids, Meechie, Malaki, Kalen, and Hardman (2022), turn out to be something like the days of Craft, Sullinger, Buford, Lighty, Diebler.  

Comment 22 Jul 2020

Ohio's best staying home.  Congrats, Malaki!!!  Hope these guys, Meechie, Malaki, and Kalen, stay the course and bring home some Big 10 titles to our state university.  I really like the classes that Holtmann is putting together.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I remember I was at a party at Notre Dame (we had already beat them at the Shoe) and a friend of mine who was a student there walked up to me and pointed out another student at the party who was a physically fit looking guy.  He definitely looked like a football player.  She told me, "That's Allen Rossum."  I replied, "Who's he?"  And she said, "Allen Rossum, he's a cornerback for Notre Dame!"  And I laughed and looked at her and said, "Ask him if he knows who Terry Glenn is."  She didn't sense my sarcasm and began to walk over to him to ask, and I quickly stopped her for obvious reasons.  The main one, I didn't want to get my ass beat.  

Comment 24 Jun 2020

There's no way in hell I'd watch all 7 hours, but you can skip through and check out Meechie and Kalen play.  Like the article states, Kalen doesn't do too much as he is simply doing his role.  Meechie, on the other hand, has the ball in his hands a lot, and you can see that he can get to the rim on these guys whenever he feels like it.  Kalen is built like Gaffney, and hopefully he has the patience and hard work to allow the Ohio State staff to develop him.  Like I said, I didn't watch all seven hours, so props to the one man commentator who manages to work the whole thing all by himself.  That would be a lonely job.

Comment 01 May 2020

These comments gets me hype about this kid.

“(Washington) told me and the coaches he could set me up right there at the defensive end (standing up), but (traditional defensive end) is not really a position I would be going to,” Hicks said. “But even if it is, I don’t care as long as I’m a Buckeye.”

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Wow...the Nigerian connection can be BIG when it comes to recruiting.  Are there any high school basketball players that resemble, I don't know....Hakeem Olajuwon, that he and his father can help us pick up?  Because, that would really really help.   :)

Great article, by the way.  Good morning read for me.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

I think your concerns are legit.  Need  Young to stay healthy, and we know Liddell is a tough kid too.  Lets hope Diallo develops some strength to bang and play some minutes and that the freshman, 6'7 Zed Key, is a pleasant incoming surprise.  

Jallow, Sueing, and Towns aren't the biggest guys, but all look not to be "pencil necks." So maybe our team can overcome the lack of size with athleticism, high energy, and attitude.  They are going to have to.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

I think Sotos will prove to be an important "get" for next season.  It's ideal to me that we got an experienced guy who can learn and practice for a year with our current team, and be ready to play a really important role for the following season.  If we didn't address the need at point in preparation for next season, I feel like we would've been skating on thin ice as Holtmann would have no choice but to have a green freshman to run the show.  That's not meant to be disrespectful to Meechie, but it's a tall order for a kid straight out of high school to make the adjustment that quickly.  And then weigh in the tendency for freshmen to hit a wall at some point midseason.

As for Porter, he seems like a high character guy who knows all about working hard and paying his dues.  I'll bet he will make a big shot or two and play some instrumental minutes as we're collecting Ws throughout the season.

Comment 08 Apr 2020

Watched all 7.5 minutes of his sophomore hudl clip, and was entertained throughout the whole video.  Only a sophomore on the film, and he looks to be the most physical kid on the field.  He's listed as 6'4 and 215, and he's only going to get bigger and stronger even before he gets to college.  Hope that his future university is Ohio State, and that we get to see what Marotti will do with him.  

Defense is looks to me to be his side of the ball, as he closes and hits guys squarely and clean.  Throws great blocks on special teams too.  Really hope he is a Buck.

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Coach Tress left Urban with a weak roster says Gobucks1966.

Let's see...

Michael Bennett, Corey Philly Brown, Andrew Norwell, Jonathan Hankins, Bradley Roby, Carlos Hyde, John Simon, Etienne Sabino, Ryan Shazier, Cardale Jones, Mike Thomas, Jeff Heuerman, Devin Smith, Nick Vannett, Doran Grant, Curtis Grant, and Braxton Miller.

All these guys made it to the league, and all agreed to be Buckeyes before Meyer got there and were recruited by Coach Tress's staff. 

Last 2 seasons with Coach Tress ended up with the Bucks beating Oregon and then beating Arkansas.  

Comment 26 Mar 2020

My concern is not for 2020-21, but for the following season.  

After CJ leaves, it would be nice to have a guy run the point who is familiar with the system, the staff, and his teammates.  I'm not in favor of bringing in someone green to the program to man the point, whether it be a true freshman or a transfer.  And I believe that would be the case if we do not bring in an additional pg now.