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Comment 05 Feb 2020

Man...the euphoria after the game.  We stayed in and around the stadium for more than an hour and random Buckeye fans were running up to us (and we were doing the same) just high fiving, jumping around and hugging each other.  All the talk up to the game was about how Oregon was going to drop 40+ on us and their fans were gonna play their "scoring drinking game," and Tress ball was going to be exposed.  Oregon fans even made a rap song about the Rose Bowl before the game.  I was so amped-up at pregame even before the beers!

Comment 05 Feb 2020

I would love for all our guards to consistently look for and hit 15 to 18 footers off of ball screens.  That should be routine.  Muhammad battles for sure, but he seems to lack body control when he makes moves to the lane.  I'm okay with CJ most of the time.  He has a nice jumpshot.  Sometimes his decision making is a little sketchy on breaks, but he's an aggressive kid.  I agree that Washington is great when he can put it all together in games.

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Was at that Rose Bowl, and Oregon fans around me and my family were laughing whenever the Buckeyes special teams trotted out to kick for 3 points.  They were saying things like, "Good job, Buckeyes!!!  Nice field goal, hahahaha!"  And when they missed their field goal late in the game, all of my anger toward them came out as my brothers, father, and I let them know that they were now done.  TP picks up another first down late and Buckeye Nation erupts in Pasadena as the whole stadium knows that the Buckeyes are keeping the ball for the remainder of the game.  And I straight up unleashed on all of the Duck fans around me again.  Thanks Tress, Barclay, and all the other Buckeyes that were there that day.  One of the best moments I had with the guys in my family.  Frickin fun.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

I've read that they signed him before the playoff game with the mimic Carlos Hyde?  

If he has a good stretch of staying healthy, I think he can make a solid living in the league for a good amount of years.  

Comment 17 Jan 2020

And lots of folks are sleeping on Miyan, just like many did when Malik Harrison was the last commitment of his class.  

Also, I can't help notice that Mookie Cooper, even though he's here to play wideout, is a stocky and physical dude.  Maybe the staff works in 3 to 5 carries for that guy?  Seriously, if you haven't, watch his film.  Looks like he enjoys blocking, and isn't shy when it comes to contact.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Would've been interesting if Wade played the whole game just to see if Lawrence would've still played so angrily.  Too bad Wade didn't have more chances to clean Lawrence's clock.  Good lookin out, refs.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Really glad for him as I am always happiest for the local kids who make it into the class.  If anger makes him run harder and he's able to channel that energy into positivity in all that he does, he can find a lot of comments to fuel his motivations on sites such as 11W.  Lots of folks have posted about not being impressed with him as a football player (too short, too slow, 3 stars, etc...).  It's been publicized that the staff has had their eye on Miyan for awhile, so I believe that the coaches know what they are getting in him as a person and a player, and I'm looking forward to seeing Miyan represent our university with pride.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Without watching much of Clemson this season, I do respect them for consistently being a top program.  Add to that, they have experience at QB and Dabo will have his guys ready, I'm sure.  However, I'm surprised by how many are worried about Clemson based off of what happened in 2016.  In terms of gameplanning, that was a bad offense out there for the Buckeyes.  Really really bad.  Not many guys from that team are on this year's team, and the ones who are didn't play much then.  

I really like Day and the freshness of his coaching staff.  And if Hafley is going to take that job in BC, I'm sure he and his squad of DBs are going to want to leave the Buckeye Nation with a few more great memories before they're gone.  Shoot, man.  As I'm typing this, I'm feeling more confident.  We got this, baby!! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 12 Dec 2019

The quotes by him in this article are great and inspire me.  I admire his understanding of patience and humility.  

Lots of stuff I'm reading about Hafley possibly taking another job somewhere else.  I know there must be many attractive offers out there for him.  I hope the opportunity to help and watch these young men grow and develop, after working with them for only one season, is enough to keep Hafley wanting to be here for at least another season.  The chance to continue to work with kids like Tyreke will hopefully help to seal Hafley's deal.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Agree with everyone you say.  However, I would love to see the 8 man rotation go to 10 with Ahrens and Gaffney developing throughout the season.  Ahrens has shown that he can light up any gym, and Gaffney brings lots of length and athleticism to the table.  I would really be happy to see those guys become consistent offensive contributors and solid defenders as the season progresses.