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Comment 4 hours ago

Ohio state has lacked leadership the last few years and their NEW hire is puking ridiculous, Gene Smith steals our tickets with lies, Everybody that goes to stadium sign a waiver, everybody workers ,players anybody that wants in goes in wears a mask or not this WAS AMERICA, not anymore bunch of media driven junk , those that can’t handle it LEAVE !!! and they never paid back the spring tickets Ticketmaster  sold  

Comment 18 Dec 2018

Time to protest the stupidity and greed that is Big Ten and Gene Smith , call , email harress all state politicians to stand up and stop this, Ohio State still receives  state funding stop funds till they keep college football where it belongs on Saturday and Gene wants to raise ticket prices for the lamest schedule ever in our history!!!

Comment 18 Dec 2018

Time to protest the stupidity and greed that is Big Ten and Gene Smith , call , email harress all state politicians to stand up and stop this, Ohio State still receives  state funding stop funds till they keep college football where it belongs on Saturday and Gene wants to raise ticket prices for the lamest schedule ever in our history!!!

Comment 04 Nov 2018

Haskins kills the offense physically and mental with his not wanting to run , he has to step up himself and fight for yards instead of a piss poor slide attempt that leaves people laughing and NO media member has the kahonas to ask Meyer or him why he will not run, where’s the  Tate run “package” they talked of, Haskins is NO Heisman with his lack of leadership and fight for the team somebody get em a nice pink dress

Comment 07 Aug 2018

"concerted efforts"  reading the Powell police reports,   any  official charges would come from their prosecuting attorney, WHEN they would have enough evidence to charge which being since 2015 must not be much ,and having such issues I still wonder why her family has not been involved helping her,, I know if my daughter had issues  it would only be once before I came in . Not saying Zach is a   good  husband or defending him  buuuuuuutt  it still takes two to tango  , . Really she expected a college of thousands of kids they watch over to step into that mess. That attorney  message is so lame.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

We live in a sad time and country going to pot, when media is allowed to say ANYTHING about ANYBODY with out repercussion, courts now look for grey instead of black and white ,and illegals being legal with more rights then white working middleclass guys ,and CBS sports radio over the weekend ,morning edition 4-6 pounding for URBIN to be fired calling him a sleeze , and they hide behind their freedom of speech,  tell that to Howard Cosell ,Jimmy The Greek, John Rocker, Roseanne Barr , and the numerous athletes having to apologize for things said years ago.People need to grow up , I hope  Urbin  has told the truth and stays as coach  but what a scathing he and his family are taking over something said and not actually proven, only  thing for sure the SMITH marriage was a mess, and it appears  on both sides. And I am sure most posters here would rather be talking  football instead of he said she said crap.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Still  ridiculous how ANYBODY can find a fact about something or anything when no legal court of law has found anybody guilty of anything !  This  whole situation is based on he said she said and that goes on many levels, what was Urbin supposed to report?

Gene , I think Zach is abusing his wife, at least that's what she told Shelly, how would that sound, or maybe  Urbin is supposed to hire a detective to investigate so he can find facts .They will either find Urbin clear and re instate him  or fire , I see no way they can fine or suspend him, that would leave a grey area, but really how is Gene Smith not suspended while  this goes  on.

Living in a small town, when police  are called for a domestic problem, it always makes the paper in the daily happening  section,

Just sounds like they were both a mess and  should not have been together anyway, 

Comment 05 Aug 2018

Maybe if Urbin had said yes I knew about it ,during the media day, it would have started a fire storm right there and taken away the real purpose of this event , which is talking about your team and players and the upcoming season.,  media just loves reporting trash on good people  and  never take the time to expose the real problems and now for ratings they are doing it in sports,  we live in a sad time who can you actually believe ?  PS I also think Smith threw Tressel under the bus to save the program, but the scum out there trying to compare this to Penn State , is not even close , Penn State issues happened in  their own  locker room  with plenty of witness ,not in somebodies home  away from campus ,with tons of he said  she said.

Comment 05 Aug 2018

CBS sports radio  was blasting Urbin and Zach again this morning ,having enough I called in supportive of Urbin  and  Zach and said all you have are allegations no charges , stating how my bother was screwed over by his wife AND being there when she admitted her actions, yet court buried my brother, and working 30 years in industry and seeing more divorces and broken homes  ,that women always come out ahead and are believed,not saying that Zach did not bring on some of this himself, but Gene Smith obliviously knew,   Paul called Urbin a "sleeze"andme a "Bad man" and hung up on me. While on the radio he continued and claimed" I probably handcuffed my wife for the 30 years we had been married"  my wife of 30 years died of ovarian cancer CBS hires REAL SCUM BAGS crushed my day willnot listen to them again .

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Geez, I sat back for a day now, watching the the TV spectacle  that is COMPANIES ESPN, reading questionable quotes here, unbelievable nonsense, and sadly a exact sample of why this once great country is in the shape it is .

 GREED, AND corruption,   Espn, basically owns the sec and makes tremendous money off that junk conference, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE PLAY-OFF COMMITTEE REALLY PAY  FOR THE HOTEL ROOMS, THE CONFERENCE ROOM, REALLY PAY FOR THEIR OWN AIR FARE THERE EACH WEEK? Esp. Gene "TRAITOR" Smith, the cheapest of them ALL!!!!!

Do you think GENE SMITH , while he is not" allowed" to be in the room during OHIO STATE  discussions he could have been been in there arguing with his .last breath to keep Alabama out, and put the team with conference championship anday best quarterback in, USC,

 Now with what is a " sorry about your luck" THE OHIO STATE IS ACCEPTING TO PLAY ON DEC.29!!!!!!!!!! REALLY,


BOYCOTT and put an empty stadium right up ESPN'S  ASS. I know WOODY WOULD HAVE, ah but he would not have started a qb that throW's that many picks either. AND we know what would have happened to traitors back then.


Comment 01 Dec 2017

Haskins and both Weber and Dobbins start in the back field would blow their minds!!!  Oh , Haskins had a 23 yard run against tun, his arm more then covers being slightly slower Buckeye receivers rejoice with his arm in game, you must have not watched the tun game, where McLaurin was WIDE OPEN 30 yards down field and JT could not get him th e ball

Comment 30 Nov 2017

Really, how ANY linebacker can grade "B" , Oklahoma, and Iowa, was like we did not even play a linebacker and the tun game was almost as bad, what happened to Baker,  Borland started out great, then slide into the void, he was planted in the end zone by tun running back,  the linebacking Corp is the only concern that whisky could beat the Buckeyes and thus makes the 200 dollar ticket prices out of range

Comment 29 Nov 2017

Espn owning sec, keeps pushing Alabama , when they SHOULD  be below Ohio State, their best win, is LSU, which is below Michigan State, let alone PENN State ,  Sec is weak, conference, big deal a loss is a loss, 2 puts or 30, a team lost, they are supposed to put the 4 best teams that are playing NOW, NOT IN WEEKS PRIOR. Still Ohio State should be able and needs to blow out a weak Wisconsin team to get in.

Comment 18 Sep 2017

JT SET RECORDS BECAUSE HE'S  STILL HERE!!!!!!   Nobody wanted him, not even HERMIN,  think teams are lining up to Draft him, not even Canada wants him, Urban will hire him and he' lol still be here and won us nothing, last week he almost missed two bubble screen passes, for crying out loud, 5 years those should be done blindfolded, FOX video , you can still she it , he almost missed the to pass great play by receiver to save that one.