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Comment 29 Sep 2019
Some people just hate the thought of tuf being negatively talked about. Tuf gets outran, ranover and barely makes plays. Being in position means nothing if you cant make the play. All the plays browning makes and you search for one bad play by browning, and they say that's the reason he isn't starting? Ok
Comment 21 Aug 2019
They always rotate 3...Swift played alot when chubb and Michel were there...and they still do a better job of getting the 4th and 5th back touches
Comment 21 Aug 2019
They will play at Georgia way sooner than at Ohio state. Georgia rotates 3 backs and still gets the 4th and sometime 5th back some burn. We have a hard time splitting time between 2 backs and when Weber was hurt instead of letting another back get those touches they ran dobbins almost 40 times.
Comment 12 Jul 2019
I live in Florida and love every second of it. In Jacksonville all we get is some rain at the most. No reason to really evacuate here but some still do
Comment 09 Jul 2019
I honestly think they only took him because they didnt know how the class would turn out. I bet knowing what they know now they would've never took him. He should get a nudge to look around. That spot could go to a way more talented player