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Comment 5 hours ago
Also based off people that watched the couple of practices they had. Everyone is saying Stroud looks like he will be the next starting qb.
Comment 16 Mar 2020
A while back bill greene said he doesnt think he has the hips to play CB. He tagged bill and said here is the hip speed yall was looking for
Comment 20 Feb 2020
She is actually great at her job. It's the other mod that thinks Clemson gets anyone they want. And when they dont get someone its because they have someone else better
Comment 28 Jan 2020
This is what people keep missing...most players want to play in a state with great weather. Nobody is scared of playing in the cold, that's like saying people in the north are scared to play in extreme heat. Most people would just rather be in the south in general
Comment 15 Jan 2020
This is what would make it so stupid to no accept. If Edward is the only player 100% ahead, there is no reason to not take one of the best backs in the country. Especially when you plan on taking two backs.
Comment 20 Dec 2019

wingo wanted to commit and they wanted to hold off until they got a chance to see him play linebacker. Dont know where your getting this play the recruiting game