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Comment 17 Feb 2014

Ah yes, the "we are so much better than you" is strong with all of those UofM degree holders over at Mgoblog..

Apparently they just don't get that everyone else laughs at them with their 'holier-than-thou-ness'

This quote is especially Michigan Man'esque

"So when Bacari Alexander tweeted a generic "we are going to beat you" thing, perpetually aggrieved DJ Byrnes at 11W tried to make a big to do about it."

Comment 10 Aug 2013

Nonsense. We have no idea why he was let go.

Urban is in a no-win position here (still):

Kid gets in trouble and he punishes him sternly = roster management

Kid gets in trouble and he doesnt punish him sternly = Urban letting the inmates run the asylum