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Comment 05 Aug 2017

They really should just hang an old truck-tire from one of them big ol' All-American buckeye-trees out back...

First one of dem' sum-bitches to throw that doggone football through that-there-tire is your starting quarterback.

I don't see any other way to decide this thing.

Comment 05 Aug 2017

We have a legit 4-horse race at QB. 

I know the JT-purists don't want to hear that, but this is gonna make 2015 QB-geddon look like a Saturday afternoon jobber-match for Professor Tanaka and Mr. Fuji. 

This is going to be no-holds-barred, steel-cage, royal rumble between 4 of the best quarterbacks in the country. Put the kids to bed and close the drapes.

May the best man win!!

Comment 05 Aug 2017

You gonna be surprised. Tate Martell is a winner and a dynamic athlete. I would even go out on a limb and say that his body-type / skill-set is exactly what Urban salivates for... A true dual-threat. 

You know the kids record. Check his rap-sheet. He has been competing against the best footballers in the country for the last 4 years, and has never lost a game. 

Johnny Manziel really ruined the whole "this kid reminds me of Johnny Manziel" thing. But all jokes aside, his game is very similar and one might even say that he has all the potential to be JM without the baggage. I'm excited.

Haskins is a stud, and Burrow is very talented, but don't be so quick to dismiss the little guy. He's a good one.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I can't imagine this team being too over-confident. Not because they are so well disciplined, which I think they are, but I think it's more because every year we seem to lose very winnable games. Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Penn State, somebody always gets us that shouldn't. That coupled with the fact that we got taken to the cleaners in the CFP against a more talented team just 6 months ago.. 

If we were winning championships at the rate of an Alabama, or at least the reigning champions like we were in 2015, preseason AP unanimous #1 etc... That's when I begin to worry about over-confidence.

This team has a lot to prove. They should even have a chip on their shoulder from that drumming we took against Clemson.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

You are hard-pressed to find any corner of this country today that isn't divided on issues just like this.

Probably better to keep that division out of the good guys' locker room. 

Comment 11 May 2017

So he got  a college degree, a championship ring, maybe $50k from the chargers, and some great memories.

He may or may not live out the NFL dream, but he is still playing with house money as far as im concerned. 

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I would assume that's a way for her to passively get involved.. maybe see if the vibe feels right, but still being able to back out if she isn't into it. 

It sounds like Gareon was trying to get her more involved by getting a little touchy feely and at some point after he managed to get to third base, she decided it was time to stop and Gareon just wanted to finish up real quick. 

That's not cool, and I guess it is sexual misconduct on some level, but it also sounds like she might have been able to avoid this as well. Not that I'm victim blaming, but I guess I'm just wondering if there is really even a victim at all. (This is her account of the incident, not mine)

I am assuming until she decided that it hurts and wanted to quit, everything was consentual to that point. A gentleman would just go take care of himself in the bathroom, but in that procarious situation if a guy just wants to finish up, it's kinda like putting a nice chocolate cake in front of a fat kid, and letting him take a couple bites and then pulling it away... that's rough.. your playing with fire.

Not that women don't have a right to do that, and he has no right to finish real quick.. but is it rape?

I think think there should be a different charge, like a misdemeanor sexual misconduct. Not quite rape, but definitely not cool. Either way, what a bone-head for doing this right before he signs a multi-million dollar contract. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I think both his and Haskins skills would translate well to in-game situations. 

I am willing to bet that both of them are tough enough to handle that wheel-route, black shirt or no black shirt.

Being completely sold on JT is fine, but no need to take shots and pretend that these other guys would fall apart if they had to hang in the pocket and take a hit from time to time. 

They both did everything they could possibly do in a spring game. Neither Burrow or Haskins may see meaningful snap this year, but they both should be very proud of themselves for playing their asses off. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

To that point, It would have been nice to see JT running the offense in a game situation for the first time with a new OC and QB coach, considering we all think we are going to see a revamped offense and hopefully a more dynamic play book... It seems like JT would have a lot to work on.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

This is exactly what has had me scratching my head over the last few weeks.

When JT announced he was coming back I genuinely thought he would end up our starter. I just thought his experience in there would be his edge. I knew we had some good QB's waiting in the wing, but I figured that they would need to be significantly better than JT to leap-frog him in the rotation. Even so, I did think we would have a pretty dynamic competition on our hands.

I'm more a fan of looking at it as a clean slate every year and may the best man win, but I knew everything that JT has done for the program on and off the field, and I'm a realist. We, as humans, usually tend to favor those that have earned their stripes and paid their dues as appose to those that have not... And I was ok with one more year of JT, for better or worse.

That being said, it seems very contradictory to what Urban has always preached (The value of competition and not letting anyone get too comfortable). But in this case, where we seem to have 3 guys where you could pick a name out of a hat and you couldn't lose, it seems that Haskins and Burrow aren't even competing for the job, but rather 2nd place is the best they can hope for.

I am not trying to insinuate that the coaches words are anything conspiratory or anything less than genuine, but I do wonder if the 2015 QB-geddon debacle may have messed with Urban's head a little bit. Nobody could have watched that whole thing unfold and came away feeling like Urban was doing the right thing. It seemed confused, unsure, and frankly ameture. It was ugly. I think it effected the confidence of both Cardale and JT, as well as the the entire team. Everyone seemed to be unsure of themselves. I wonder if from that point moving forward, it is unlikely that you will see any QB competition (controversy) play out so publicly under Urban Meyer's watch.

Again, I am not saying that there is a controversy, but I am saying that I hope there is at least a little bit of competition, and even if this is really more of a 3-horse race, we might never know about it. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017
I don't think there is an "anti-JT crowd". Pretty sure all those people live north of Toledo. I think everybody here just wants to see OSU win a championship. I am a huge fan of Chris Worley. I can't explain it. The way he plays, his intensity, I just think he's the man. But if I heard that the guys behind him weren't even competing for his spot, they were just competing for the spots behind him, I would find that to be very cringe-worthy. Competition and accountability are good things. I don't like hearing that anybody's starting spot is set-in-stone. He has certainly earned the right to be the front runner, but we should be playing the guy that is the best QB, not the guy with the most trophies and statistics. We definitely have at least one great QB not named JT Barrett. Maybe 2 or 3. They are all Buckeyes too. They all listened to Urban Meyer's sales pitch and came to OSU to compete for a starting job. I don't think it makes anybody anti-JT because they think we might have a better option, or they at least think we should be looking at all of our options.
Comment 19 Apr 2017

If Kevin Wilson said that last year, it was one of two things:

1. Typical coach speak readying his team to compete againtst him, or just using some innocent hyperbole to justify a loss.


2. He is an incompetant fool.

We can debate the idea of not benching a 5th year seasoned vet that has set more school records than I can count in favor of a guy that has never taken a meaningful snap. We can even debate if JT is the best QB on our roster. What we can't debate is JT being the best QB in the country last year. Even as an opinion that's just silly homerism.

But I just read in another thread the possibility of JT being a first round draft pick next year. I have also read that he might be a candidate to switch to WR for the NFL, so safe to say nothing surprises me at this point.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

These other coaches must love Urban Meyer on the recruiting trail. Last year he decimated the state of Texas, and it seems that in 2018 Georgia is what's for dinner.

He is like an apex predator, like a wolf, stalking his prey... He spots the lame or weak coaching staffs around the country and exploits their home turf. He runs them down until they are tired and then sinks his teeth into the back of their necks.

Charlie Strong was no match perched up on his hot-seat. Now it's Kirby Smart running desperatly for his life in just his second year as head coach.. If your coaching staff is just a little bit gimpy, you better not go anywhere near that watering hole. 

It's brilliant.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

See... I hate piling JT, because if I had a son, I would only hope that he carries himself like JT Barrett, which is more important than anything he will ever do on the football field.. but for the sake of this debate..

His Skill-set leaves way too much to be desired. Vision, arm strength, and ability to throw guys open seem to be a struggle. He was quite shifty as a runner in 2014, but now he runs like he's about 35 years old. The thought of him taking one to the house like he did against Minnesota and Michigan in 2014 seems unthinkable.

He undoubtably will finish his career at OSU as decorated as anybody in OSU football history. But his trophies and records are not translating on the field.

I want to blame it all on the dumpster fire in the booth.. Or on the side-line.. Or both.. Whatever the hell was going on there with Beck and Warriner. I hope that was the only issue, and JT goes out and sets the world on fire this year, but I just don't see it.

And yes, the B1G QBs were bad as usual. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

You nailed it on all three, however I think/hope that we get to see Chase Young before 2019. 

I love the idea of Weber being used situationally. Like I mentioned, Mike Weber will likely play on Sundays at some capacity. He's no slouch.. Far from it.

We have good problems when our issues are having to many weapons.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Chase Young will be the next great one. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But as discussed above, d-line depth, Urban's reluctance to start true freshman, and him not enrolling early will likely keep him out of the starting line-up save for some injuries.

That's ok though. I'm still drinking the kool-aid.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

+1 for the good points.. And good information.

I was on the fence with that one, and I think I'm now sold that it's a long shot. I knew Urban wasn't prone to starting true freshman, but I had no idea there were so few.

I think although Chase Young has potential to be an all-time great, he would likely need some injuries to see any major playing time with how stacked our D-Line is. 

Browning may have a more reasonable path to the field early and often, and had he not suffered an injury I think he would already be making some noise. 

Just a side note: I saw some information that Chase Young has put on like 30lbs of muscle since we last saw him at the all-star game (where he was already an animal) and There is also a video floating around of him running the 40 like a gazell. 

Our defense should be something to behold this year. If we can get the offense thing figured out we should be damn near unstoppable.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I'll take Haskins or Burrow.. To me it's Haskins, to others it's Burrow, but the best argument I have heard for JT is his 26 wins and a bunch of records.. To me those are the last thing I care about. I hate piling on JT, I just think he should be accountable for his performance when you have such amazing guys sitting on the bench. He had a bad year last year, and I think the coaching staff should at least consider other options.

McCall isn't a move pile guy, but neither is Kevin Wilson. I'm fine if my RB makes his money outside the  trenches. He will never be a Carlos Hyde, but that's ok. Their are plenty of RBs that like to make guys miss instead of running over them.

Herman hired Beck for his Texas recruiting prowess. The rest we can debate, but not Beck. He's a bum.