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Comment 28 Apr 2019

Yes, this defensive forecast really doesn’t have the wow factor that we are use to. Not a huge surprise considering our defense was hot trash last year, and we just lost one of the greatest recruiting head-coaches in college fb history.

However, the offensive side of the 2020 class seems like it could be an outstanding group. 

Of course, a surprise Sherman commit or something of that nature would really change things a good deal.

So many challenges for a first year HC with a lot of new faces at the position coaches. A playoff run in 2019 will go a long way in Ryan Day being able to land some of these marquee national recruits in the years to come.

Bottom line, relationships and on field success bring the talent, and Day has not had the opportunity yet in his first year to establish either of the two.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Honestly, we are going from possibly a top 3 recruiting coach.. of all time... to now having someone that has never recruited as head coach in their life. I don't think it's crazy to think that we might see a bit of a drop off.

When it comes to recruiting, we know there are few things that really get kids to sign on the line which is dotted.

1. Relationships (First year head coach, tough to have multiple year relationships already built up)

2. Team Success (Ohio State has cooled a bit nationally since 2014 after winning the title. Also a new HC with no track record to speak of)

3. Position Coaches (I think we have some of the best in the business, but we also have a lot of new faces)

4. Opportunity to Play Early (Ohio State is pretty loaded at the moment after several top 10 classes in a row)

5. Program Prestige (We are still The Ohio State University, so take that for what it is) 

Everything considered, it makes perfect sense that until this coaching staff proves themselves working together and we get back in the playoffs, it's kind of tough to expect a top 5 class.

That being said, everything I see above looks pretty damn good.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

He was a very low ranked 3 star QB until he decommitted from Colorado State, and committed to OSU in December of 2017.Some might say that the heavy recruitment of Garrett Wilson was a big factor in Baldwin's recruitment as well.  

Never the less, It's pretty well known that when you commit to a top-5 program you usually get a nice bump in the recruiting rankings, and even after this bump, he was still a very low ranked 4-star QB. 

Reality is that Baldwin was never the heir apparent to anything at OSU. No shame in coming to Ohio State and testing one's self, but it just so happens that one of the highest ranked QB's in recruiting history just strolled into town. I'm sure he would have felt much better in competing with a guy like Tate Martell. 

He saw the writing on the wall, and probably did the right thing for him and his family.

Not trying to bash the young man, I'm only trying to add some proper nuance to your comment.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

I’m honestly confused as to why anyone would take issue with others comparing the skill-sets of a starting QB vs a back up QB. 

This isn’t like comparing a slot receiver to a deep threat wide out where both serve different functions and will line up at different positions on the field. There is only one starting QB, and of course they all have different strengths and weaknesses, but they should absolutely be compared, contrasted, and measured side by side as direct competition. The difference is that one will run the offense, and the other will hold a clip board. 

Aside from these seemingly obvious reasons why the QB position is so important and exclusive, and we should be able to say that we feel one is better than the other, I also have no idea why you police this debate in the first place. If I want to say that a running back is a better football player than a defensive tackle, why would that bother you?

We all think highly of JT Barrett. He seems like a good person and he did his job admirably when called upon. But the fact is that JT was never in Dwayne Haskins’ league, and by the time he was riddled by injuries his final year, he was clearly not the best QB on the roster, and Haskins was probably the best QB to ever step on the field at Ohio State.

I respect all subjective opinions. If you think They are equally talented or even if you think that JT is just better, those are completely valid and delusional opinions to have. But I can’t get onboard with this overly sensitive nonsense trying to shut down other people’s discussions.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

I find most of what you said to be true, but the real boogie man is in the mirror, not in the SEC. We are not developing talent well and we are schematically terrible on the field.

We are surviving on tier-1 recruiting. In my opinion this is Urban Meyer’s specialty. It’s hard to lose when you have almost all 4-5 star guys out there, but we are still finding a way.

If you watched that game last night you would have thought Purdue was the team with perrenial top-5 recruiting classes. They were just better coached and better prepared.

That being said, the truly concerning thing to me last night was what looked to be a complete almost melt-down of focus. That’s not typical for Ohio State football, and when you go down that road any team can beat you. Scheduling an extra tomato-can every year is not going to make us as good as Alabama.

But I hear you about the weather.. I really don’t think the B1G gets enough credit for dealing with winter conditions for half the year.. still not a valid excuse for shitting the bed against an unranked team.

Comment 16 Aug 2018

Beavers are actually very menacing:

At least one beaver attack on a human is known to have been fatal: a 60-year-old fisherman in Belarus died in 2013 after a beaver bit open an artery in his leg. The incident was described by the media as "the latest in a series of beaver attacks on humans in the country", where a burgeoning beaver population has led to increased aggressive interactions with people. However, others criticized the victim, noting that he likely provoked the attack when he grabbed the beaver in an effort to take a photo with it

Non-fatal attacks on humans have included: an attack on a saltwater snorkeler off the coast of Nova Scotia, which was unusual given that beavers are usually limited to fresh water; the mauling of an elderly woman in Virginia by a rabid beaver; an attack on a Boy Scout leader in Pennsylvania, after which members of the Scout troop killed the rabid animal by stoning; and an attack on a man swimming in Dobra River, Croatia.

Beaver attacks can also be fatal for domestic animals. A dog died during surgery after being bitten by a beaver in 2010 at University Lake in Alaska, where a number of unprovoked attacks against pets were recorded. A husky was killed by a beaver attack in Alberta, which has also had several non-fatal attacks.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

He is an absolute nasty savage.

I feel like we have needed a real pit-bull in the secondary for quite some time. Denzel had a little bit of that too, but Tyreke seems like a guy that would strike fear in the hearts & minds of opponents. 

Mike Doss was that kinda guy.

Comment 07 Aug 2018

I had a guy that use to always come to work banged up. Scratches on his face, busted lip, etc....

He use to always have the same type of stories.. "I was hanging blinds last night and fell"... "my pit-bull scratched me up" (He didn't have a dog)

Everybody knew he and the old lady loved the sauce and use to fight like a couple of feral cats.

I couldn't mind my own business fast enough.