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Joined at the end '12, after watching Amir Williams performances. Became active in early '15, with the only regret that I didn't do it sooner


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/1/2015, period.
    I was there live for many others, like: 39-38 "this my house" And 59-0, in a luxury box. Pepper sprayed on field of The Game '02. In the stadium for 01, 02, 05, 06 wins against tTUN. (unfortunate to be in attendance for '99, '03 tTUN losses). Fortunate to have attended numerous other major sporting events in person.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 90s - "Gary Berry", lol; 2000s - Teddy Ballgame; 2010s - #Brax #EzE
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jamar Butler. So underrated
  • NFL TEAM: Extreme levels of high stakes FFB since 2001
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ live I highly recommend, even for casual fans
  • NBA TEAM: Indiana Pacers for as long as I can remember
  • MLB TEAM: MLB Playoffs >playoffs for any other pro sport

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Comment 6 hours ago

Zach Harrison should start opposite Chase Young for the playoffs. I want to scream this from the mountain tops. The other DEs are fine, but they've shown they're not making enough plays - when Chase young has been triple teamed most of the game for 2 straight games. 

Harrison is a playmaker, and we're gonna need it for the playoffs. START HIM!

Comment 10 hours ago

Side motivations all over the place in this matchup. 2016 debacle is real, and I don't have a problem if the veteran Buckeyes choose to use it as motivation. 

They came into our state and snatched Jackson Carman. Can't wait for our D line to get its chance against him.

And I love Justin Fields getting a chance to perform on a national stage with Trevor Lawrence. Just like high school. The real #1 QB recruit.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

You could just see a Buckeye avalanche coming in the 2nd half. We played about as sloppy as you could in the first half, and still had the lead - even after not scoring the last 4 and a half minutes!

This team could really do something special this season. The B1G is loaded this year, so they'll be super battle tested. Gonna be a fun season

Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Sheesh, I hope you're right. That would be awesome.

But since we scored 34 against MSU and 38 against Wisconsin both at home, I'm thinking those games are more indicative than the last 2 games against cupcakes. Penn State's roster will be the toughest we've faced all season. But hey, if we hang 50 on them I'll certainly take it

Comment 17 Nov 2019

What I found particularly interesting with the Gameday stats was how Kirk and ESPN clearly made a point not to do any Gameday shows in Columbus for a long time right when he left Columbus for Nashville, and also lobbied hard to get Scott Torgerson fired from ESPN radio for tweeting that he "wished Desmond would get fired or die", so he could watch Gameday again. Then of course, went way too hard on TP and Tress for tatgate.

Not sure how I missed that huge 5 year gap as it was happening, but to see it in print was wild. 

Comment 17 Nov 2019

That would be funny, and I'd for sure be chuckling at the network drama if it happened...

But the whole ESPN vs. Fox thing is being led almost exclusively by peeps over 35. Campus kids could't care less who's airing what. Just give them the games, a few pops and hopefully something soft to get into by the end of the night. The generation behind millennials, who are now freshman in college believe it or not, don't even watch live all.