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Joined at the end '12, after watching Amir Williams performances. Became active in early '15, with the only regret that I didn't do it sooner


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/1/2015, period.
    I was there live for many others, like: 39-38 "this my house" And 59-0, in a luxury box. Pepper sprayed on field of The Game '02. In the stadium for 01, 02, 05, 06 wins against TUN. (unfortunate to be in attendance for '99, '03 TUN losses). Fortunate to have attended numerous other major sporting events in person.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 90s - "Gary Berry", lol; 2000s - Teddy Ballgame; 2010s - #Brax #EzE
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jamar Butler. So underrated
  • NFL TEAM: Extreme levels of high stakes FFB since 2001
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ live I highly recommend, even if you dislike H
  • NBA TEAM: Indiana Pacers for as long as I can remember
  • MLB TEAM: MLB Playoffs >playoffs for any other pro sport

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Comment 18 Apr 2019

 I won’t speculate, but I’m guessing something had to of happened. At the end of the day, We had better stay healthy this season.

...and we have to hit on Jack Miller. Kids gonna have to be a cant miss prospect that delivers

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I'm just hoping for firm and fast all week (no more rain), and a loaded leaderboard on moving day and Sunday. The last 3 hours of Sunday at the Masters is some of the best sports watching in the world. 

For first time major winners, would love to see Rickie or Tony Finau win. For first time Masters winners, I root for Rory or Justin Rose over a DJ or Koepka. 

Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters would be the completion of the greatest comeback in the history of sport. Hasn't won a major in 11 years, and hasn't won a Masters  in 14. Would be incredible. 

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Go get your info and learn about the process. Then, bust your ass and get better this offseason - so that you can come back and kill it your junior season.

I won't crush him for wanting to test the waters, but once he hears the truth from NBA scouts, etc hopefully it'll light a fire under his ass so he can get better.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

I'm a little surprised. I'm curious to hear what his expectations were. I guess he is from across the country, so maybe distance became an issue - especially after getting little to no minutes on the court. 

Personally, he seemed to be missing what it took to be a legit D1 big. It seemed to me like he was still 'growing' into his size to where he wouldn't be so awkward in his game. That's probably a bit too harsh to say for a freshman, but it was just my initial read on him when he played.

Hope it works out for him.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

I watched Parris slip and fall, live. All of the air came out of the Woody for a few minutes. He stayed down for what seemed like 30-40 seconds. Everyone including Haskins walked over to see how he was doing, and drills stopped for a couple of minutes.