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"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." ~ Roger Staubach


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Comment 11 hours ago

This information just doesn't get old ... and it has really sent the punditocracy from Clemson's boards in a tizzy  - especially on Twitter - whoah boy.  They act like you just called their mom a slut or something with this information - it is really unbelievable.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

wow ... the delusion of the speed disparity is SKRONG ..... although each side has its homers, this is an amazing list of #hottakes!

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I've tested the bolo-wrap about a year ago (part of a risk management pool for municipalities).  Not sure I really like it.  It's cumbersome, not the most accurate tool, if somebody moves (the suspect or the officer) the barbs could hit an unintended place (like an eye) - and although it only uses half the grains of a .223, it still sounds like a gun is bring shot - which will bring more confusion into the matter.

Comment 27 Nov 2019

While traveling with my boss to a conference a few years back, I happened to be wearing a red block "O" cap .... between the KC and Denver airports I received no fewer than 7 "Go Bucks!" or "O-H" .... I had told my boss we're everywhere and we love our team.  He's from mid-Missouri - we both live in the Columbia, MO area and the MIZZOU faithful, although faithful, are not as numerous or fanatic - so they don't get it either.  I told my coworkers it's hate week this week .... they kind of blankly stared at me ... 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I hear what you're saying ... but do you really think that he would do that?  It's a different league w/different perceptions and realities ... I can't imagine him (as a leader) running the exact same program in the pros as he did in college.  His leadership style would cause him to rethink everything and to come to a different way to run the system .. 

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Then said OL need to pull their head's out and play ... this line has already appeared to refuse to block anyway.