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"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." ~ Roger Staubach


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Comment 13 Jun 2019

If you think about it ... ZS gave him some press, and we gave ZS some attention as he's the one who brought it up.  It's not like anyone from this site, staff, MODs, or otherwise dug this up.  It was on ZS's podcast, which is kind of a big deal given that it's the offseason and it's ZS doing ZS things during said offseason.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Sorry, David ... but with so many other better options in almost any town (count me in as a LaRosa's fan here), PJ's probably won't make the top 10 in many towns - I will say that PJ's and Domino's are my 2 favorite major chain place.  My wife and I make our own pizza - own crust, own sauce - and we do this on the grill - amazing.  This will torch any PJ pizza that you could purchase.  We're able to do the toppings in ways PJ could never imagine ... the profuse amounts of garlic in the sauce, sometimes in the alfredo she makes, or the the onions/pepper/garlic butter combination .... amazing!

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Thinking of the potential here - Is it me, or is Holtmann quietly putting together the makings of potentially some of the greatest teams we have ever seen at tOSU.  Even in light of the great teams from the early '60s and what we have had recently, the potential with the returning players and incoming freshmen is astounding!  If I'm getting too juiced for the bball team, I'll apply the air brakes here, but this is really starting to sound exciting along with the OOC schedule that is either insane or baller.

Comment 28 May 2019

Visiting the "motherland" after a few year hiatus.  We went to Cedar point and dodged a rainstorm up there to have a great Memorial Day at the park - beautiful weather and 75 degrees.  Drove South skirting some storms to wind up safe in good ole West Chester area (Liberty Township where my fam lives)  - man this place has grown back from the late 80's.  Already had some Skyline - going to be getting some goetta, Graeter's, LaRosa's etc ... taking the fam downtown Cincy for some good times, celebrating mom's 75th.  Just don't like those dang Cottonwood trees!

Read the article with the Jourdan Lewis quotes ... wow, wow, wow.  I shouldn't be surprised that the statements are there, but I am.  I'm not saying their gonna lose often this year or lose The Game, but given the prior track record, and the way Harbaugh coaches his staff, and the blown prophecies from TSUN (Revenge Tour, etc.), their grasp of choking the past 2 decades far outweighs their ability to accurately predict, prepare, and play big games.  

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Grew up N of Cincy in the thriving metropolis of West Chester (not thriving at the time I was there).  Dad and brother graduated from UC.  Mom was from the West Side - I just shook my head at Cronin's statements having heard similar remarks from many.  It just made me laugh .... people will be people.  I still love my home town, though I haven't lived there since 1991 when I left for the Army.  Still go back for the family, Skyline, Graters, goetta, LaRosa's, to see my Reds or Bengals ....