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Comment 11 Oct 2018

As my name suggests, I currently reside in the land of 10,000. Minnesota people, and there are not that many, are growing weary of the Gophers ineptitude. This Gophers team is really young. If the Buckeyes don't beat them by 40, or hell, if the Gophers stay in the game, it'll solely be because the Buckeyes are lazy/bored. This is essentially a middle of the road FCS team... it's almost a no win for the Buckeyes because even if they win by sixty points they may not be able to garner much to draw from.

Comment 24 Jan 2018

It was the most befuddling performance I have seen in quite sometime... I remember in 02' the Red Wings and Avalanche played in Game 7 and were incredibly evenly matched for a decade. After the first period I believe the Red Wings were up 6-0... Colorado never recovered...

Comment 24 Jan 2018

As a Minnesotan, and a huge Buckeye fan, I can say that this loss brought me back to this 06' National Championship! Thanks Eleven Warriors for reliving this... in all honesty it aids in the grieving process. I don't believe Minnesota will ever win a Super Bowl. We are not cool enough. Happy to be a Buckeye!!

Comment 23 Jan 2018
As a Minnesotan and lifelong Vikings fan, as well as a Buckeye fan, :) I feel I can speak on behalf of all Viking fans by saying how incredibly impressed everyone was with Pat's toughness and skill level. I was super excited when I saw the Vikings take him at last year's draft. Here is to a speedy recovery!!
Comment 23 Jan 2018
I do agree that OSU's WRs are no slower than Georgia's. Also I'd take our RB's as well. But there was a speed element to their plays that one can't deny. Our play development seemed like a slowed down version of the RPO compared to Georgia and Oklahoma's offenses. We certainly have the athletes but it's the alignment that seemed to be missing.