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Comment 07 Jan 2017
I'm quite sad he didn't have as good a year as his talent can allow. A lot of fault goes to the coaches. It is so odd how he vanished with all of that talent... He probably weighed whether he'd have better opportunities in the NFL or getting passes from JT.
Comment 31 Dec 2016
Urban didn't seem pissed after this game... I miss the Urban that was eating pizza after the BIG loss to MSU. We won it all the next year. We need that back. But frankly, things are rarely as good as they seem but also rarely as bad as they seem. Hopefully this is the case.
Comment 14 Dec 2015

Driving home from work a bit ago I was listening to KFAN; which is the big sports talk here in the Twin Cities. Everyone around here is pumped about the 4 star QB commitment they stole from Oregon, Seth Green. I wanted to call up and tell everyone to thank the Buckeyes for that. The Tristen Wallace recent Oregon commit created the Seth Green Gopher commit.

The moral of the story is several callers don't want the Quick Lane Bowl televised, because they don't want Green to watch the butt-whoopin Central Mich is going to lay on the Gophers... It just made me think how much happier life is as a Buckeye!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!