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Comment 22 May 2018

Great article, but my list would be different:

remove Virgina Tech - This loss fueled the fire that drove that yong talented team to an unimaginable (after that game) championship.  Had to lose to win.

add 2017 Wisconsin - Yes I know we won.  But it was painful to watch as Wisconsin clawed its way back into the game.  My do over request would be to have Haskins start.  Not hating on JT!  But a Haskins offense might have ripped Wisconsin - like Cardale - and gotten us a shot to play for the championship.  Although as I’m thinking about it maybe it’s really Iowa where I wish Haskins could have been put in - to rally team back?

Non OSU do over: 2015 ScUM vs MSU - just replay the last play - that horrible flubbed punt.  Without it we win tie breaker vs UM for Big Ten East Champ rather than losing tie breaker to MSU.  MSU loss was one of the most painful.  Not sure 2015 team doesn’t get through The Grind without wake up call though.  

Comment 30 Dec 2017

The timing for fans stunk.  But inside the program he and his family were open early on based on my read of coverage.  I think it was kept a secret to prevent USC any advantage and to avoid media distraction.  Urban had nothing but good things to say about him and his family after game.  

Comment 20 Dec 2017

Couple thoughts:

(1) This is one of the best recruiting classes in Ohio State history...from a potential perspective.  Couple late switches should not alter an A grade for the class and the coachs’ recruiting.  And, the class is not done.  I believe they can fill out the remaining spots strong at the next signing period.

(2) I see three parts to Urban’s success — (a) bring in talent, (b) then mold them to the culture and develop needed skills, and (c) use them for best results on the field.  I’m sure Carman will be a solid player in college and likely beyond.  But, I’ve doubted he’s a good cultural fit.  Seems to me the Clemson culture is a better fit for him.  

Comment 08 Dec 2017

That’s a good point on out of conference games becoming an exhibition game — not my intent.  

You are right.  I was thinking that a few teams would have to fall out of the power 5 portfolio though and that they would likely come from the Big 12.  And, those Div 1 conferences outside the new Power 4 would join up into a new division and playoff system, which seems fair.

I agree it’s not likely to happen.  Just a quick wish.  If it did, it would be because of the TV contracts and conference networks (e.g. BTN) driving more consolidation.  That’s not impossible.  But those getting pushed out would be losing a lot of revenues for their athletic departments.  Even Iowa State’s revenues are +$70M for their sports programs.  

Comment 08 Dec 2017

I’d stay with a four team playoff starting on New Year’s Day.  BUT, I would (1) consolidate the 5 power conferences down to 4 conferences by eliminating the Big 12 (2) make the conference championship games the play in games to the final four, (3) eliminate teams from doing their own out of conference scheduling, (4) have out of conference schedules set in the spring before the season starts rather than 5-10 years in advance and mix up home/away games and (5) require a consistent set of rules for inside the conferences regarding tie breakers, number of games and 2 divisions.

Each Conference would have to be at about 16 teams with two divisions.  More consistency in schedule strengths and home/away game parity.  

ACC would proabably have to take WV and ND.  Fight would between three other conferences would be for Oklahoma and Texas.  Not sure everyone else makes it into the future Power 4 — Kansas, Iowa State, Baylor?  

Comment 03 Dec 2017

JT is the Arron Craft of Buckeye Football.  Love the kid.  Love the leader.  Love the heart.  Both won a lot of games for us.  Glad they played for us.  Understood why they started.  

But I was ready to move on.  Neither can get you to the championship because of one glaring fault.  Craft’s shooting ability and JT’s throwing ability.  Both had championship quality teams around them.  Both even made their teams better.  But their individual faults caught up to their teams against the very best.  The result was elite eight teams not final four teams.  

Hoping the big ten crushes their bowl opponents.  Hoping clemson and Oklahoma roll in semifinals. Hope both lose in finals.  

Comment 27 Nov 2017

I would usually agree with you.  But I think osu was calling the qb run with the hb as lead blocker away from um blitz.  It hits the hole fast with numbers away from um pressure.  That’s why it worked.   Would love to see this broken down in an 11w film study - to really see if that’s the case. 

Comment 26 Nov 2017

The committee took Ohio State as the Big Ten rep last year.  That’s materially different than taking Alabama over another conference’s Champion. Really don’t think Bama and OSU from last year are comparable.  Sure both would be non conference champions and have 1 loss.  

Last year the committee was picking the best big ten team for the playoff from Ohio State, PSU, and UM. Each was 1-1 in head to head play.  PSU had the worst loss in the three games.  Ohio State and Michigan were ranked 2 & 3 (?) before their game.  Ohio State wins their final game over its rival - a top 5 team.  And osu had a win over big 12 Champion.

Alabam this year loses it’s rivalry game to end season.  Has no wins over a top 10 team, which is partly unlucky considering they had FSU on schedule.  They have no case that can be made to be the SEC pick. 

But if we are not in with a win over Wisconsin we only have ourselves to blame.  Iowa loss is a fair disqualifier to be in top 4.

Comment 26 Nov 2017

Considering Bama and GA did not play I think it’s worse to have Georgia win.  I think it will be harder for the committee to pick two teams from the same conference if one has lost to the other head to head.

Last year OSU took the Big Ten spot as non conference champion.  It didn’t take another conferences spot...which is what Alabama is going to have to do.

Comment 26 Nov 2017

UM looks to be a qb away from being a really good team. All the crap thrown at Harbaugh right now is great...I lived through the Cooper era losses so I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.  But the fact is JH is recruiting vey well.  He has a really good DC who is going to stay with him for several years.  He runs a pro style offense which will attract the talent that’s missing.  Once they get that final piece we are in for a multi year war with them.  

Comment 21 Nov 2017

Auburn would close out this season with two wins over Georgia and single win over Alabama.   Only team to beat either team.  Two teams that were viewed as 1 & 2 for a huge chunk of the season.  And they are SEC champs.  They are definitely in.  

In 2015 yes we had one loss.  But keep in mind that Iowa and MSU were both undefeated going into the big ten championship.   No way we jump either if them.  And the acc, sec and big 12 champs had no worse than one loss and were top name programs.

Comment 20 Nov 2017

Have they said specifically a consussion or concussion prototcol?   From watching the play I thought it was his neck rather than his head.  Just thinking if they are being coy with the injury, maybe it’s wasnt actually a concussion.  

As for this year’s struggles on calling targeting properly...that play doesn’t fit under the targeting rule.  But it should watching it if the goal is to prevent unnecessary head/neck injuries on defensive players.  Not saying the LB should not have taken him to the ground.  But driving him to the ground and then twisting/driving further once on the ground was unnecessary imo.  

Comment 08 Nov 2017

This buckeye team reminds me of UM teams we’ve played in the past.  Those UM teams gave up incredibly stupid penalties (e.g. - a late hit out of bounds) at key moments that contributed to Buckeye wins.  I fear the whole “been addressed” will work for a couple games then be forgotten against UM.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

I’m not sure why defenses would worry about Cambell deep.  Has he had a deep ball completion?  He is mostly a threat near line of scrimmage.

I had no problem using  Weber on kick offs.  Had Hill playing a lot more of reps on offense with Cambell out. Needed to backfill for KO with someone else.  Weber is reliable and performed fine for one game.