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Comment 01 Dec 2019

jim can't really say the truth, as it wouldn't go over well, as simple as it is.  There is a clear gap in physical skills and capabilities between the two teams.  At the present time, I might even go so far as to say that OSU's "2 deep" MIGHT be able to keep up with UM's 1st team.  I definitely do NOT think OSU's 2nd team would get smoked, not at all.  So, all of the coaching, all of the scheming, all of the motivating has very little effect when, literally, every player you lined up against is 10 lbs bigger and much quicker than you are.  It's just a mismatch.  For anybody that saw Wisconsin beat Minnesota yesterday, it was the same thing.  Wisconsin was just MUCH bigger, and adding insult to injury, much faster.  You can't out-coach that.  And, oh yea, I do think OSU also has better coaches, which really makes the situation dire.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

I am 100% dumbfounded.  When it took until darned near 2 weeks before opening day to name Fields the starter, given his KNOWN physical talents, I assumed, or reasonably concluded he had intelligence and/or leadership issues.  After 6 games, his intelligence and leadership qualities outshine his physical abilities.  So, why did it take so long to name him starter?  Sign me, confused in Columbus...

Comment 26 Sep 2019

Given his obvious physical skills, and the fact that he was the overall # 1 college signee just a couple of years ago, I was really puzzled when it took him till mid-August to be named the #1 QB at OSU.  My ONLY conclusion is from the neck up, he had some adjustments to make.  I am 100% glad to be flat wrong, this kid seems like a smart, thoughtful, forward thinking young man, both under center and off the field.  Which makes the mid-August delay even MORE puzzling!  Can't wait to see the rest of the season with Fields.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

ok, here's how this needs to play out.  UFM has another 3-4 years or so of chasing his son around college baseball fields as his biggest fan.  After that's over, Shelley is going tell him, flat out, to get a job, she can't stand having him sitting around watching Oprah.  Ryan Day will have won his 2nd National Championship by that point and he's going to get his itch to make a run at a massive NFL contract.  At that point, UFM comes back to the OSU sideline to finially finish his college football coaching career for a 10 year assault on the record books.  By then Ryan Day will be a seasoned coach in his 50's, looking for anew college chapter.  Thats the story, make it happen!

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Like alot of Buckeye fans, I go into every single season thinking this might be the year that UM ruins our season.  I don't know why, maybe it's tied to winning so few UM games when I was a kid.  And then, like some magical vision, I'll watch an early season UM game, full of Harbaugh's weird interactions with all humans, including his own players, and I see yet another supposed "Harbaugh QB" bumble and stumble thru a confusing game plan and, voila, the prospect of YET ANOTHER WIN over UM seems more likely than ever.  

Comment 07 Sep 2019

He was / is a local kid.  Started in the trenches for THE OSU.  Blood, sweat, you name it.  Came back as an promising young asst. coach, and, basically, agreed to derail his own coaching career at the conclusion of an ugly series of events that he had nothing to do with.  He was replaced with a legend, with a dutiful (once again) agreement to take a rank cut.  He did it out of loyalty, to the kids, to the university.  Fast forward 9 years, there's a new younger version that has been handed the keys, in a much different way, with the full backing of everybody involved.  He didn't even get a courtesy phone call, take it to the bank.  You don't think Luke is fired up?  

Comment 19 Aug 2019

RED FLAG ALERT:  Previous 5 star QB recruit, some put at the VERY TOP (as in number 1) of a recent recruiting class STILL, mid-way thru pre-season practice season, NOT YET declared starter against a former 3 star, local undersized, slow, marginal throwing arm drop back passer, who is more suited for a DIV III program than a D-1 powerhouse.  Something NOT adding up.  It's OBVIOUS not a physical issue.

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Jim is a really weird dude.  He is closing in on the end of his shelf life at UM, although because it is his alma mater, he might squeak out an extra year or two compared to his numerous previous stops as head coach.  In that way, he's got a similar professional resume as does UFM.  There is one very key difference though, UFM wins big games where ever he has ever gone or been.  By contrast, Jim's teams tend to wilt when the heat gets turned up.  At the end of the day, that's the difference between good and great, and Jim and UFM....

Comment 06 Jun 2019

If this were a Universit of Kentucky backup point guard transferring to the OSU hard court group, there wouldn't be much to discuss.  But the fact that Justin Fields (former NATIONAL # 1 recruit) is NOT being named a clear starter at this point raises red flags, mostly from "between the ears" on this kid.  given his size, quickness, strength (arm and other), and reputation, the fact that a former local high school "good" QB, a backup at the university of Kentucky, is being mentioned as in the hunt, is an eyebrow raiser.  Something (???) is clearly not up to par with Mr. Fields.  

Comment 19 Jan 2019

Assuming (??) Div 1A head coaches are state employees, my guess is you could fit a handful of them in the top spots before you get to a NON-Div 1A head football coach, even then you would be transitioning to a handful of Div 1A HOOPS head coaches, and then (??) you would probably work thru a dozen or so Div 1A assistant football coaches (coordinators) and, finally, you MIGHT reach a non-sports related employee, but only then....  You'ld probably be outside the top 30, by the time you get there....  But I'm not entirely certain (??) they are considered state employees (???)

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Respect given for your argument on the benefits of a "...qb battle...", the only thing I would say is I'm old enough to remember the "Germain vs. Jackson" battle in the 90's, and the post NC "..Cardele vs. JT" battle.  In both of those cases, I think you'd have a REALLY tough time saying it "made both QB's better" and resulted in better team performance.  If anything, it diverts time, reps, and attention from (who should be) a primary starter, and you end up with two underperforming pieces of a pie.  It also can, and does, consume alot of emotional energy from the team and coaches as they work thru a more complex arrangement of a starting position.  In spite of the very rare "success stories" of a 2 qb system, more times than not, it's a failure.  IF Justin Fields is clearly a better prospect than Tate (which all indications are), and Tate needs to be a starter, OSU should try to part with Tate on as good of terms as possible.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Not that I care much, but what exactly are the average Michigan fan reactions to this?  I'm puzzled as the defensive front 7 or 8 have been the BEAST of SCUM for the last "short term" (pick your years).  And two key architects have left in 2 days.  Again, I'm good with that, on the surface, as an OSU fan, but what is the "other side of the story."  ??? does anybody know????  It's like getting handed a bunch of money and that person says "no strings attached."    HUH????

Comment 28 Dec 2018

You keep saying "nobody within the facility".  I"m assuming (?) the number of people within the program and facility extends in to the hundreds.  Assuming (?) you've had even the most basic instruction on statistics should shed light on the fallacy of your continued statement of that "fact."  IF the facility encompassed say, 2, heck even 10, persons, you might have some statistical credence, but it does not.  Hence, you are propaganda.