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Comment 26 Jun 2017

Despite the consistent news that JT has improved his passing game, or that Wilson or Day comment about that improvement, why should hold out hope our WR play will improve? I know Smith has asserted Zone 6 has gotten better and "more talented", but we are once again downgrading in experience and actual game stats.

What game play differences can we expect to see in year one under Holtmann vs Matta? 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I don't buy it. Savage is saying that to make Saban look good. He's a homer. Saban was mad because of the play call.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Lol, Smith has no "fiduciary" responsibility to disclose anything of the sort. The offer amounts are approved by a committee before he can even make an offer. Maybe he has a budget but after that's approved it's between him and the coach or potential coach. 

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Sounds like a local Los Angeles team is sour after being burned by Cox, so they dropped a rumor.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

If this is a Hairball ponzi to manufacture a win over us or anyone else, which it reeks of, then I'm expecting some tweets throughout the day that indicate DPJ is anything but Michigan. Not wasting much time with a DPJ commitment watch. Just like Hairball wearing Woody glasses half the season...it's a shame he feels the need to waste time and energy on this stuff. 

Comment 13 Dec 2016

Hard to believe he will leave Michigan.


Week of commitments

In addition to Peoples-Jones, several Michigan targets will be making their decisions this week. Cheshire (Conn.) Academy wide receiver Tarik Black announces on Wednesday afternoon with Michigan the expected choice.

People-Jones is Thursday and highly-ranked Brooklyn (N.Y.) Poly Prep offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson announces Friday. On Monday, Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy center Cesar Ruiz announces his decision and teammate Jordan Anthony, a four-star linebacker, announces the following Thursday.

Michigan is considered a top school or the top school for all five.

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Feels like an offensive black hole. Defense is stuck on the field after back to back 3 and outs. My guess is that our total offensive plays have dropped and our D is tired. Offensive play calling is nothing like it was under Herman. At the end of the day we are still sucking wind from losing Tom. We need a new offensive coordinator. Right now Meyer has to constant dive into offensive play calling and then you've got 3 people thinking about the offense. When we had Tom, he was the mastermind and it was his entire focus without interruption. We've lost our offensive identity and I won't put this on the D, they are young and we are not putting them in a good spot.

Kwon is fine. He's holding up fine and he's all over the plays in the middle. Our D line is making it up field quick and he's left taking on more than one blocker on most plays.

Fire someone....Hire a young offensive coordinator away from an up and comer. Let Warriner move on to a new gig. Let Beck move on. Zach Smith gets put on probation. Ask Schiano to fulfill his two year commitment.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Several times with my Brooklyn contingent. I think they only have one projection screen. There will only be a handful of Buckeye fans so the crowd doesn't have the emotion that Manny's or Iron Bar will have. If the crowd is right, and you get there a little early, they will put the Buckeyes on the big screen with sound. The food is OK, the beer selection can be surprisingly nice, but it's hit and miss. The few times I've been there, they had some good craft beers and I stuck with the IPAs.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

I have lived here for 13 years. Manny's on Second (upper east side) is the defacto Buckeye bar. You'll still hear some refer to it as Blondies. A little history...Blondies upper west was THE Ohio State bar for many years, then they opened Blondies upper east which became THE Ohio State bar. Something happened about 6-7 years ago and Blondies upper east became Manny's on Second. The official Alumni club has since left for a bigger venue, but it's a great crowd and you avoid the Times Sq scene.

I strongly recommend venturing out of Soho to watch the game. The Soho crowd is not a big football crowd and you won't find a bar with the sound of the game outside of Manny's or Iron Bar. The food at Manny's is very good for just bar food. Waffle fries, burgers, wings, all good and consistent.

Let me know if you need any more recommendations.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Not much I can say to the guy who writes one of two pieces of media I consume without fail every single day with just as much intrigue as the first time I read it. Talent is one thing, being a terrific writer and a genuine trusted media rep to young men and families making incredibly difficult life decisions, that's a completely different level.

Thanks and godspeed.